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The Good, The Bad and The Chilly: Stars Share Memorable Holidays Through the years, the late Marilyn Beck and I asked a wide range of celebrities for their most indelible holiday memories, good or bad — and got a great mixed gift bag full of responses. Just like the rest of us, some of the stars have …Read more. The Bald and the Beautiful -- Stars Opt for Hairless Look Throw away your Rogaine, men. These are good times for baldness — at least, to judge by the celebs who sport hairless heads these days. Pitbull couldn't be hotter. We know Bryan Cranston best with the shaved pate he adopted when his "Breaking …Read more. Ask Stacy -- Week of 12/13/14 DEAR STACY: Whatever happened to the Whitney Houston movie that was going to be made? I believe it was for cable. Who will star? — Pat B., Cedar Rapids, Iowa DEAR PAT: Lifetime has "Whitney!" due for a Jan. 17 debut. Directed by Angela Bassett,…Read more. Miley and Nicki Among the Latest Stars Using the Bad Girl Playbook Their antics shock and titillate millions — show business bad girls like Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj, who seem to specialize in ways to scandalize. Have you seen Miley out on the town sporting only pasties on her breasts? Kim Kardashian's …Read more.
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ASK STACY -- 12/20/14


DEAR STACY: The video for the "Baby It's Cold Outside" duet by Idina Menzel and Michael Buble is adorable! Are the children related to the singers? — F.E., Warren Ohio

DEAR F.E: No, British child actors Emily Carey and Harry Collett, who do a great job lip synching their elders in the popular video, are not related to Menzel and Buble. Perhaps Idina's five-year-old son, Walker, and Buble's one-year-old, Noah, will turn up in some future video.

DEAR STACY: I watched the 2004 movie "Ray" and was blown away to see Kerry Washington of "Scandal" doing an amazing job as Ray Charles' wife. Can you give some more background of what else she has done? Also, is she related to Denzel Washington? Is she married? — Angela D., Spokane, Washington

DEAR TRACY.: The brilliant 37-year-old actress is married to former NFL cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha and they have a daughter, Isabelle, born this past April. She is remembered for playing the wife of Idi Amin (Oscar winner Forest Whitaker) in "The Last King of Scotland," as Alicia Masters in the "Fantastic Four" movies, and as Broomhilda von Schaft, (wife of title star Jamie Foxx again), in "Django Unchained." Other credits include the independent features "Night Catches Us," "Mother and Child," and "Our Song." Washington, no relation to Denzel, was born in the Bronx.

She graduated from the prestigious Spence School (also known as Gwyneth Paltrow's high school), then went on to pursue acting at George Washington University, from which she graduated in 1998. After a few small movie roles, she began to climb the Hollywood ladder with parts in "Save the Last Dance" and "Against the Ropes."

DEAR STACY: Since Jan Berry passed away, what has become of his partner, Dean Torrence? - Harley B., email

DEAR STACY: Dean Torrence, now 74, developed a successful career as a graphic artist in the years following Jan Berry's devastating 1966 car crash (the Jan & Dean duo did some touring in the '80s, but never approached their early success). He continues to play Jan & Dean faves with his act, Dean Torrence and the Surf City All-Stars. The long-time Huntington Beach resident also occasionally teaches ukulele classes for fun.

DEAR STACY: I'm an avid admirer of Daniel Radcliffe and the "Harry Potter" movies. I would like to know if Daniel is any relation to Mark Radcliffe, one of the producers of the movies, and how. — Savannah R., Valencia, California

DEAR SAVANNAH: Londoner Daniel is no relation to Oklahoma-born Mark.




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