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Sorry Celebrities Shoot (Their Mouths Off) First, Regret Later Have you heard? After a string of outrageous outbursts — including awards show meltdowns in which he stormed the stages and insisted that 1) Gretchen Wilson, 2) Taylor Swift, 3) Justice and Simian, and 4) Beck were unworthy winners — …Read more. Ask Stacy -- Week of 3/21/15 DEAR STACY: Is Lisa Weil of "How to Get Away With Murder" the same actress who used to play Paris on "Gilmore Girls"? I say yes, but my sister disagrees. Also, can you give some background on her? — Hayley F., Huntington, West Virginia DEAR …Read more. Hunter King Stirs Sympathy for the Bully Interested in starting a conversation about bullying? "A Girl Like Her" gets up close — very, very close — and personal with a mean high school girl who bullies a classmate into constant suffering, employing in-your-face docu-style …Read more. Ask Stacy -- Week of 3/14/15 DEAR STACY: I know Hugh Laurie has been busy with his music for some time, but when is he going to get back to acting? — Longtime "House" Fan, St. Louis, Missouri DEAR FAN: Laurie will be gracing big screens and small screens very soon. He's …Read more.
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Ask Stacy -- Week of 3/28/15


DEAR STACY: I watched Diane Sawyer's "Sound of Music" special on "20/20" and enjoyed it immensely. However, it left me wondering about Eleanor Parker, who was not mentioned. She was perfect in her performance as the baroness. — VM1200, Spokane, Washington

DEAR VM1200: Parker died of pneumonia at age 91 in December of 2013. She retired from her illustrious career after making the TV movie "Dead on the Money" in 1991. Her many credits include three Academy Award nominations for Best Actress, for "Caged" (1950), "Detective Story" (1951) and "Interrupted Melody" (1955). Wed four times, she had four children including actor Paul Day Clemens.

DEAR STACY: I like Terry Crews, but "World's Funniest Fails" is incredibly bad, insultingly stupid TV. As if "World's Funniest Videos" didn't offer enough kicks to the crotch as on-air entertainment. How did this thing get on the air? — Paula W., Chattanooga, Tennessee

DEAR PAULA: The idea of making a show out of YouTube fails had to have sounded great at the outset, don't you think? I can tell you that the Fox show, which was handed an order for eight additional episodes in February, has been coming in well behind all its network competition. But then, it's not expensive to make and presumably expectations weren't that high.

DEAR STACY: What is French Stewart up to lately? — Shirley G., Huntington Beach, California

DEAR SHIRLEY: Have you missed him on "Mom," the Anna Faris-Allison Janney comedy? The one-time "3rd Rock From the Sun" actor plays Chef Rudy on the series.

Before signing on with "Mom," he was appearing on TV every so often on shows such as "Community" and "The Middle." Recent years also found him onstage in Los Angeles, where he's been actively involved with the Sacred Fools Theater Company. In May and June 2012, he appeared at Sacred Fools as Buster Keaton in the original play "Stoneface: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Buster Keaton," written by his wife, Vanessa Claire Stewart. He also played the dual role of Queen Victoria and Sigmund Freud in "Watson: The Last Great Tale of the Legendary Sherlock Holmes." And he served as co-artistic director for the company's 2012-2013 season. He and Smith have a daughter, Helene, who was born in June of 2013.

DEAR STACY: Whatever happened to the girl who played "Matilda"? A wonderful child actress. — Lori B., Clinton, Iowa

DEAR LORI: After making the 2000 dud "Thomas and the Magic Railroad," gifted young actress Mara Wilson — whose credits also include "Mrs. Doubtfire" and "Miracle on 34th Street" — left the limelight. She attended Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, and then turned to other creative pursuits, including writing an off-Broadway play called "Sheeple" and an article for about child stars.




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