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Halloween Celebrity Style


In case you haven't noticed, Halloween has been underway for about a week now — at least in the celebrity realm. George Clooney, who is usually at the center of Halloween doings, was missing this year, as he let Casamigos Tequila partner Rande Gerber and Mrs. Gerber — Cindy Crawford — lead the way with their party in Hollywood a few days ago.

Rande and Cindy went as Gregg Allman and Cher (no points for being up-to-date for you two), while George was overseas dressed up as something scary indeed: a married man. (Reportedly, he and bride Amal had another wedding reception.)

Lucy Hale's all blue Twitter Bird costume at Matthew Morrison's Halloween bash at the Hyde nightclub was adorable — and of course, a big hit on Twitter. Kate Hudson's Dia De Los Muertos face paint was stunning in its strange beauty.

Of course, it helps a lot to have a professional doing one's makeup job, whether over-the-top sexy or special effects gore. For stars for whom a mere costume isn't enough, who go the

prosthetics route — hiring a pro to come to their home costs $200-$300 an hour.

Celebrities have always provides heaps of costume ideas. For instance, this year, there is great potential in Gary Busey's recent assertion that "I've seen ghosts. ... One popped out of my soup! Ghosts are real ... and they love soup."

Or how about the Sinead O'Connor-Miley Cyrus tiff. "No human being on earth would be photographing, filming or watching my childlike looking daughter dressed as a stripper with a load of cash stuck in her mouth," asserted the Irish singer on her website recently. And, as celeb watchers know, that's not the first time she's called Miley out for pushing along the sexualization of young women in music. Miley's cash-in-the-mouth photo, she said, was the "exact opposite" of female empowerment.

Which may well be true, but it's hard to take it all that seriously when thinking of Sinead's buzz cut and that gigantic tattoo of Christ's head surrounded by hearts and roses on her chest. Sinead and Miley, a Halloween costume duo in the making!

Or do what Miley did — go as Nicki Minaj: a neon colored wig and makeup and a skintight outfit and voila! Extra points if you can find a rubber anaconda to wrap around yourself.

Of course, not all celebrity costumes are winners. Kanye West's terrorist costume a few years back was certainly among the worst. But we can't forget Jennifer Coolidge, who admitted to us that the year she went "as a zit" was a bust.

"I don't think I'll ever do that again. Don't go as something hideous because it won't be a fun night," she advised. The funny lady did much better when she dressed up as a glamorous

Russian spy. "That was just a really good outfit. It was for a combined Halloween party with like George Clooney and the South Park guys.

They threw one of the best Halloween parties I've ever been to in my life. There were a bunch of really attractive men in Halloween outfits. It doesn't get any better than that. I remember seeing George and thinking, 'Wow, this is a good Halloween.'"

There is never a bad Halloween if you're costume party queen Heidi Klum, who has dressed as everything from the Garden of Eden apple (complete with serpent) to a blue multi-armed Hindu goddess. This year, Lisa Vanderpump will become a Halloween Queen as well, as she is set to be crowned the honorary Queen of this year's West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval. Check it out tomorrow night with about a half million of your closest Halloween friends.

What are some of the celebrities' own favorite get-ups? Here are a few we've collected through the years:

Paris Hilton

"Nicole Richie and I always dressed like twins, and one year, in sixth grade, we were Tinkerbell, the fairy. That was my favorite." (In fact, Hilton has done Tink as a grownup — a sexy, skin-baring Tinkerbell, that is.)

Michael C. Hall

"I had a really sweet Stormtrooper costume when I was like 8 or 9 years old. It was the kind where you get in the box, then you have the mask with the rubber band, and the rest is a plastic top and little plastic legs. I really loved that one, though I must admit I fantasized about having a real full-on Stormtrooper costume."

Jeff Foxworthy

"I remember having this mask — you know, the kind that made your face sweat and was fastened on with rubber bands. This was a Casper the Friendly Ghost mask and I loved it. However, the eyeholes weren't big enough and I was running from one back yard to another when I hit a clothesline and was knocked to the ground. All the kids grabbed the candy and ran off. If that wasn't my favorite costume, it was the most memorable."

Tom Arnold

"I was the oldest of seven so I didn't have the pass downs. We didn't have a lot of money so I had to create my own costumes. Obviously I wanted to be Superman so I used magic markers and a blanket to make it. I thought it was really cool so I wore it every year. It became really tight and really uncomfortable because I got pretty big. I remember offering it to my brother and he said, 'Are you out of your mind?' Turns out he was gay so he made really elaborate costumes for himself and my younger brothers. Nobody wanted my costume. I wore it until I was 14. We still trick or treated at 14 to get free candy. I was maybe even older. In Iowa adults do it for drinks, so I probably did it till I left Iowa."

Kevin Nealon

"My favorite one I wore was one that I made myself out of paper mache in college. It was kind of the H-Man. I wore it to a costume party and I won first prize. I left it in my garage for a couple of years and when I went to look for it, the rats had gotten to it. They had devoured practically the whole thing because paper mache is made out of flour and water. So they attacked my award-winning mask!"

Carrie Preston

"When I was in the fourth grade, I thought it would be a great idea to go as [Vincent] van Gogh so I stretched this beret out so it would cover my left ear because you know he cut his ear off. I put a mustache on and my mother helped me make a painter's smock. I was definitely the only van Gogh girl or really van Gogh anybody in Macon, Georgia. I should bring that costume back."




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