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King Edward Coronation Memorabilia Collectible Q: I enjoy reading your column, and I wonder if you have any idea what several items in my collection are worth. This is a picture of one of the commemorative pieces that I have. My parents bought quite a number of "royal" souvenir items that were …Read more. Union Cases Designed For Daguerreotypes Q: This is a photo of a picture case that I have. It measures 3 3/4 inches by 3 3/4 inches and is decorated with an intricate design on the top and around the edge. Inside is a picture of a girl. I think the case is plastic and have been told there …Read more. Bottom's-Up Mug Q: Enclosed is a photo of a heavy mug that has a bronze finish and a clear glass bottom. It stands over 4 inches tall and about 4 inches in diameter. Around the base is the word "Manning," along with a word I can't read. There is also the number "…Read more. Tiffany Clock Was Made In Europe Q: Many, many years ago, my mother gave me an old clock that was my grandfather's. I have enclosed a photo of the clock for you to see. I'm almost 60 years of age, so I know it's at least that old. It never worked, but would chime if you pushed the …Read more.
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Dining Set Is Cosmopolitian


Q: This is a picture of a dining table and matching buffet that came down through my paternal grandmother, who was born in 1902. There is a label stating that it was manufactured by the Marietta Chair Company in Marietta, Ohio. Also on the label are the words "The Cosmopolitan — No. 874." It originally had a set of six chairs with leather-type oilcloth covers decorated with beautiful parrots. The parrot image is also on the buffet. There is a built-in leaf in the table so it can be extended. There are pulls on either end of the table that when pulled reveal the gear mechanism that operates the extension.

We love this table and buffet and continue to enjoy them daily. What can you tell me about the set and the manufacturer?

A: The Marietta Chair Company was established by James Brumby in Marietta, Ohio, in 1856. They started out making wooden barrels and in 1874 began producing chairs and rockers as well as a full line of furniture. They eventually had showrooms and a warehouse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The buildings were designed by architect Charles Bickel. The Great Depression took its toll on The Marietta Chair Company, and it went into receivership in 1936. The showroom was purchased by Senator Heinz History Center in 2012. After extensive updating to meet the criteria set by the Smithsonian Museum, the history center opened in 2014.

Your dining set was made around 1920 and would probably be worth $400 to $800.

Q: This mark is on the bottom of an antique coffee pot that I inherited around 30 years ago.

It originally belonged to my great-grandmother in the 1930s, and I would never sell it, but would like to learn more about it. It is decorated with yellow, red and blue blossoms, fruits and an exotic bird. The background is lavender. My mother told me it is a chintz pattern. It is in mint condition.

Anything you can tell me about the pattern, maker and value of my coffee pot will be appreciated.

A: You have an example of the chintz pattern, "Florida," that was made by A.G. Richardson in Tunstall, England. Their "Crown Ducal Ware" chintz patterns were made from 1915 to 1974. Rich floral fabric patterns that were imported from India were the inspiration for the chintz earthenware. In the early 1900s, around six English potteries produced a myriad of transfer print floral patterns.

Your coffee pot would probably be worth $125 to $175.

(SET IMAGE 2) amc022715bdAP.jpg (END IMAGE 2)

(SET CAPTION 2) Crown Ducal Ware was made by A. G. Richardson. (END CAPTION 2)

Address your questions to Anne McCollam, P. O. Box 247, Notre Dame, IN 46556. Items of a general interest will be answered in this column. Due to the volume of inquiries, she cannot answer individual letters. To find out more about Anne McCollam and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at



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