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July 22, 2017 6 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Quinn has regrets about how she left things with Eric, especially knowing that he is now under the influence of Sheila. Eric takes the blame for Steffy's actions toward Sheila, stating that his granddaughter is definitely a product of her grandmother, Stephanie. Spotting Sheila going to Eric's hotel room and fearing she is keeping Eric against his will, Steffy pulls a pistol on her. Only suffering a flesh wound, Sheila makes points with Eric by making sure no one knows about the shooting. An irate Steffy interrogates Eric about why he left Quinn and is holed up in a hotel with Sheila. Eric pleads with Steffy to keep his whereabouts a secret from Quinn and Ridge. Upon Steffy's persistence on getting the truth from him, Ridge divulges a truncated version of his side of the story regarding his recent interactions with Quinn. Sally confesses to Thomas her concern and insecurity about Caroline being back in his life. Bill lays out the many reasons why Thomas should leave Sally and Spectra Fashions and reunite with Caroline and Douglas. Brooke becomes a sounding board for a troubled Ridge when he tells her of Steffy learning about his affair with Quinn. Angered from her conversation with Ridge, Steffy goes to Forrester mansion to confront Quinn about hurting Eric. Sally invites Caroline to lunch at Il Giardino to firmly remind her that Thomas is currently taken; Caroline had her chance and blew it. Caroline asserts to her new rival that she is not giving up on Thomas without a fight. While admitting to Brooke his regret of carrying on with Quinn, Ridge vows to fix everything and to put the family back together. Without revealing anything about her affair with Ridge, Quinn cries on Wyatt's shoulder about the problems that she is currently having in her marriage. Sheila witnesses Steffy's arrival to Eric's hotel room and is uneasy with anticipation about the reason for the visit. In an attempt to get Eric to return home, Steffy fills him in on her conversations with Quinn and Ridge and their present emotional states. The designers and staff of both Forrester Creations and Spectra Fashion prepare themselves for the competition in Monte Carlo between the fashion houses. Brooke strikes a nerve with her sister while asking about Katie's love life. Caroline confesses to Bill and Steffy her regrets about moving to New York instead of staying in Los Angeles to unite her family. Bill vows to do everything in his power to reunite Caroline and Thomas while getting rid of Sally once and for all, with an ulterior motive of finally building his skyscraper. Sticking to his promise to his niece, Bill comes up with a plan that he is confident will serve Caroline and himself very well. He wants Caroline to think there are health issues.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Anjelica finds Marlena's lookalike Hattie. She and Hattie hatch a plan to destroy Adrienne. Hattie will pretend to be Marlena. "Marlena" will break thongs off with John. "Marlena" will then hook up with former flame and father to Eric and Sami. In the end, Anjelica thinks her scheme will make it possible to reunite with Justin. Heartsick that Sonny may go to prison for killing Deimos, Adrinne wonders if Sonny may have done the deed. Lucas is unhappy when he sees Justin and Adrienne share a hug. Adrienne tells them both to grow up and flounces out of the restaurant. Steve tells a suspended Kayla he will prove her innocence. Abby confronts Dario with the knowledge he hacked into the Princess Wilhelmina records and she is turning him into the police. Showing Abby a photo of Chad wiping fingerprints off the dagger that killed Deimos warns her to keep quiet or he will go to the police about Chad. Kate realizes Abby was the informant. Brady is not happy when he finds Eric and Nicole too close for comfort. Nicole admits watching Eric work with clients at the Horton center he is not the monster she thought he was after his drunk driving cost Daniel his life.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": When Spencer disappears after he tells Charlotte that Valentin killed his father. Valentin is arrested. Swearing to Nina he would never hurt a child, he begs Ninao believe him. Locked in a basement, Spencer tries to escape. Alexis agrees to represent Spencer in his lawsuit against Valentin. Julian goes to Alexis in hopes of making her believe he was forced by his crazy sister Olivia to do the deeds. Just as Alexis agrees to testify for him at the trial she is order by the court to be a witness for the prosecution. A thrilled Finn, cleared of still using drugs is back on the hospital staff. Enraged that she was let go and given severance pay from the hospital Leisel plots revenge. At the cemetery, Ava runs into Carly and Sonny. The duo curse her out and warn her if she gets plastic surgery on her disfigured face Sonny will make sure she dies.

Looking at a mirror at home, Ava says it is her fault for all that has happened — Morgan's death and her scars, Sonny admits to Carly is not easy to get rid of his mob ties. Landers is offered a permanent spot on a podcast.


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