By Lynda Hirsch

January 19, 2019 6 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Crushed because Beth was stillborn, Hope does not think she will ever get over the loss. Brooke says the baby will always be a part of Hope's life. Sally, trying to make Hope feel better, brings her a rescue puppy. Hope is outraged that Sally thinks a dog could replace her baby and orders her out. Later, Sally and Hope hug as Sally apologizes for being insensitive. Liam tells Steffy he will always be there for Kelly. Reese, in need of money to keep Zoe safe, hatches a plan with a woman named Florence. Florence goes to Taylor and tells her she wants her baby adopted. A thrilled Steffy bonds with the baby and decides to name her Phoebe, after her late twin sister. As Kate, Will and Bill bond, Thorne is feeling like the odd man out.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Cane goes to Devon for help, begging him to let him use his plane to confess to Lily. Devon refuses, telling Cane that learning the truth would shatter Lily's spirit and he should keep it to himself. Telling Cane prison has changed her, Lily says she will be like the woman he married. Lily is upset when Cane does not support the seminars she is holding.

Nikki and Victoria tell Nick and Victor everything — except for Phyllis and Sharon's involvement — and Nick and Victor forge an unlikely alliance, vowing to protect their family. While the Newmans discuss their plan of attack, Phyllis calls Sharon to do the same. She warns her that they're on their own and they could easily be thrown under the bus. Sharon agrees that she can't trust the Newmans, but then reveals that she doesn't trust Phyllis either. She has no plans to rely on anyone except herself.

Billy is further beaten down by Phyllis, who is furious that he borrowed the company jet without permission. Billy tells Phyllis the truth about why he took the jet, opening up about his troubles with Victoria. Phyllis surprises him by offering insight into Victoria's feelings and advising him to get up and fight for the relationship he wants. Meanwhile, Victoria leans on Sharon, who helps her to realize that she has to work on discovering her own self-worth, especially when she's still harboring so much pain from J.T.'s abuse.

Arturo and Rey begin to grow closer as brothers, but Mia continues to jeopardize things, going so far as to tell Abby about Arturo's late-night visit to her apartment. Determined to break free of Mia's influence, Arturo prepares to tell Rey what she's been up to, but Mia cuts him off by proposing that she and Rey renew their vows. Rey loves the idea, even asking Arturo to be his best man, so Arturo keeps quiet, not wanting to ruin his brother's happiness. Mia makes sure to rub the vow renewal in Sharon's face, but Sharon remains outwardly happy, despite her inner heartbreak.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Learning Xander is alive, a knife-wielding Eric confronts him. Sarah arrives and stops Eric, who sobs over Nicole's death. Sara is horrified when Rex admits he slept with Noelle, her sister. A wary Xander agrees to sleep with Leo — if Leo can help get business information. Arrested for trying to kill Marlena, Xander is released when the tape that shows him in the act is deleted. Stefano's charges are dropped. Chad agrees to let Gabi continue with her clothing line for Arianna's sake. Hope is furious when Rafe tells her Sami needs him to help with EJ and he plans to join her out of the country. When Jennifer tells Jack they had a wonderful life, he questions her. If it was great, why did they divorce twice? And how can she be with him, as he is a rapist? Jennifer explains Jack was abused by his birth father when he was a child. He says that is no excuse. She says no, but it is a reason. Eva walks in as Jack is about to kiss Jennifer. Trask tells Haley that JJ cannot know they are related.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Anna is thrilled when her vision returns. Finn tells her she lost her sight because she has a virus that has never been seen in North America. Nina does not give Valentin an answer for his marriage proposal. Aiden is bullied on social media with homophobic slurs. Preparing for his death, Oscar tells Joss he wants to make very moment count and complete his bucket list. Kristina tells Sam that Shiloh is no longer angry at Sam for conning his late father out of millions of dollars. While fighting with Sonny about where his watch is, an enraged Mike punches him in the jaw. Jordan wants Lucy to cancel her book event, as she fears it may entice the serial killer. As Laura is celebrating her mayoral win, Kevin (really Ryan) comes on the scene. Laura refuses his request for a divorce. Gail's will leaves money for a mental health clinic, but there is a mysterious catch. Lulu wonders why Kevin had nine names on Ryan's serial killer list when Ryan only killed seven people. "Kevin" tells Carly to back off when she asks him about the patient she heard tapping Morse code at Ferncliff. Scotty tells Ava her plan to leave Port Charles with "Kevin" and Avery is a bad idea. Franco is angry when "Kevin" drops him as a patient.


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