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April 29, 2017 4 min read

HE'S BACK. We hinted a few weeks back that Tony Geary (Luke) might be part of Jane Elliot's (Tracy) send off. Now it is official. Jane Elliott is retiring after playing Tracy for over three decades. On May 4, Tracy says goodbye to friends, family and Port Charles. Luke will be part of her new life. Geary agreed to a mini cameo, as he and Elliot are close friends in real life. It had been reported that the show and Geary could not come to terms for his short return. That was a cover-up. Not a great one, since a cast mate of the duo instagrammed a photo for Geary on the "GH" set. Publicists long for the day when all they had to worry about was clients speaking too freely during an interview or talking too much on the phone; ah, the good old days before anyone could get on the internet and spill too may beans. On Friday, "GH" revolved around Tracy. If you missed it, check it out on your DVR or at ABC on Demand. The show is a magical romp down memory lane. Tracy goes on trial to see if she will get one more try at being a "good person." Snippets of Tracy through the years, with clips of Alan, Lila, Edward, a young Scott, Ned and Monica; Luke confessing his love for Tracy, the day Tracy withheld her father's heart medication and many other memories are wonderful. Mix that in with a camp "court room" — Sonny as Judge, Diane as prosecutor and Scott as her legal eagle make this must-see TV experience.

The 2017 Daytime Emmy awards take place on April 30. They will not be televised, but they will be available via Facebook or twitter. Just sign on to the daytime Emmy awards line. Also, SoapCentral is planning its own special podcast for Dan Kroll's 18th year on the red carpet. There will be interviews and opinions as only SoapCentral knows how to do.

It appears that Peggy Mccay is no longer part of the "Days of our Lives" cast. Mccay first started as Caroline Brady in 1987. She has not been seen on the show for almost a year. For a while, characters would mention "Ma," but even that stopped a few months ago. Her son Roman appears to have quit the police force to take over the Brady Pub. Mccay's last major storyline was when Caroline appeared to be in the stages of dementia. A miracle drug cured her. Sadly, Mccay, though not suffering from dementia, had become frail. Next to my mom who got me watching soaps, Peggy Mccay is the woman who gets the most credit for helping me find my writing career niche. My mom, a very smart businesswoman, watched two soap operas a day — "Search For Tomorrow" and "Love of Life." Mccay played Vanessa Dale, the heroine of "Love of Life." Just like Rose, my mom, Vanessa could handle business, baking and being beautiful. I was three years old the first time I saw her. For five years I dined on alphabet soup and a dose of Vanessa's words of loving wisdom. Of course, I wanted to be just like my mom. If that could not be, (mom was a hard act to follow) I would settle for Vanessa.

Then I met Mccay. Mccay had longed to become an actress, and She got her wish at 20. Her first Off-Broadway role garnered her an Obie award. Mccay, who never married or had children, was a powerhouse of ideas. Some of them got her in trouble. Nominated for best daytime Emmy actress, Mckay sent videotapes of her works to academy voters. She was chastised by the academy and told that sending of the tapes gave her an unfair advantage. Fast-forward 20 years and that is how everyone does it! The joy of working with her on a project was amazing. One of her favorite stories was about the time a primetime show she was on was about to be cancelled. Mccay called the show's sponsor and got them to go for another year.

Good news for "The Young and the Restless" fans: Jess Walton (Jill) is headed back to the set in a couple of weeks. Walton took some time off to await the birth if her latest grandchild.

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By Lynda Hirsch
If you want to see the 44th Daytime Emmy awards on Sunday April 30 8-11PM, you can catch the show on the internet via Facebook. Keep reading