By Lynda Hirsch

September 23, 2017 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": In spite of Steffy's noble attempts to get her husband to reconcile with his father, Liam firmly stands his ground to not back down regarding Bill. Ridge and Quinn share a tender moment as they disclose with each other the current state of their respective lives following their affair of the heart. Sheila applies pressure on Charlie to assist her in getting Quinn out of Eric's life for good. Brooke questions the foundation of her marriage to Bill. When learning that Sheila is still in town, Quinn vows to remedy that situation. Going to the hotel, Quinn tells Sheila to get out of town. Having been summoned by Liam to Spencer Publications, Wyatt confronts his brother about how he was able to obtain the title of CEO from their father. Annoyed by Wyatt's line of questioning, Liam gives his brother the opportunity to stay and deal with the change or to leave the company altogether. Brooke turns to Ridge regarding her frustrations with Bill, but refuses to give him any details as to why she is upset with her husband. Bill confesses to Steffy the collateral damage that has taken place due to his actions that are in addition to losing his company and his son. Sally and the Spectra group tour their offices to check out the recent renovations following the destructive fire. Wyatt and Justin discover a piece of information regarding Liam's business dealings with Sally and Spectra Fashions. While looking for his wife, Bill finds Ridge, who has a list of taunting questions regarding why Brooke is so upset. An irate and confused Steffy interrogates Liam about getting into business with Sally. Liam doesn't think that his professional association with Sally is any of Steffy's concern. RJ confronts Brooke about her marriage to Bill and if there happens to be any chance of their family reuniting with Ridge. Steffy wants to make sure that her message to Sally about dealing with Liam is heard very loud and clear. Wyatt warns Liam that when their father finds out about his partnership with Sally and Spectra Fashions, he is going to become infuriated to the point of seeking retribution. RJ attempts to get Brooke to admit that no other man in her life comes close to being her destiny than Ridge. Tired of Ridge's jeering, Bill threatens Ridge to stay away from Brooke and out of their marriage. Coco unsuccessfully questions Sally about the identity of the person who helped raise Spectra Fashions from the ashes.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Rushed to the hospital for alcohol poisoning, Lucas is furious when he wakes up in restraints. The intervention from Maggie, Kate and Jennifer does no good as he refuses to go to rehab and checks himself out of the hospital. Brady is outraged when Chloe lets it slip that Eric has feelings for Nicole. Brady insists that Eric fire her. Not wanting to hurt Nicole or Brady, Eric decides to leave Salem. Admitting to Abe she has feelings for Eric, Nicole does not want to hurt Brady but cannot deny her feelings. Hattie agrees to keep Bonnie's secret. Adrienne is placed back in the hole after she pleads with the guard to let her go. Marlena tells John she thinks Adrienne was working with Hattie After Lucas's tongue lashing, Sonny admits to Paul he feels guilty about moving on after Will's murder. Fired from the FBI, Eli hopes to get a job on the police force. Roman tells Abe he does not want to come back to the police department, as he feels his place is running the pub. Rafe and Hope are vying for the job as top cop. Rafe is unhappy when Hope will not set a wedding date. As Chad and Abby discuss their upcoming wedding, he is blindsided when she says no sex until they re-marry. Gabi and Eli grow closer. Claire and Theo are happily reunited. When the government auctions off the club, Chloe gets money from Brady to buy it. Julie, recalling how much Doug loved running the nightclub so many years ago, decides to put in a bid without telling Doug. At the auction Chloe and Julie go against each other. When Myron arrives and out bids them, Julie and Chloe combine their money and buy the club. JJ tells Lani being a police officer is exactly what he wants to do with his life.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": In Russia for her facial surgery, Ava is curious about a man in a wheelchair who does not talk and stares out a window. Despite being told to stay away from him, Ava starts jabbering at him. When she mentions Port Charles, he grabs her. The man pulls off his glasses and reveals Jason's beautiful blue eyes, Sam agrees that "Jason" should go to a long term facility while he remains in a coma. Carly and Sonny discuss that this Jason is different from the Jason they knew before. Learning that Finn went to Paris to get drugs, Anna blackmails him to get information on Cassandra. Anna thinks Cassandra is involved with the mystery diamond. In Monaco, Finn uses his medical abilities to get closer to Cassandra. Griffin is conflicted about his feelings for Ava, Franco is determined to find out about the connection between his imaginary friend and Jason. Scott tells him to leave it alone. Franco is upset when his adopted mother skips town before she answers his questions. Franco's gallery showing brings in a ton of money. Franco's killer past hits him in the face at the showing when one of the relatives of a woman he killed shows up at the exhibit and accosts Liz. Liz is not harmed but Franco cannot escape his past even though a brain tumor caused his horrific actions. Kristina and Parker do not know where their relationship is headed but agree they cannot play games and must be honest. Jordan is unhappy when it appears Curtis plans to work for Sonny. Michael tells Carly he does not think Nelle had anything to do with the death of her fiance. Lulu is impressed when Valentin helps a friend of Charlotte's get medical help. Valentin tells Lulu about his physical problems as a youngster. Just when Lulu and Valentin appear to reach an understanding, Lulu learns he got Ava to recant seeing him shoot Nik. Nina tells Nelle she has a job for her.


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By Lynda Hirsch
"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": While warning Liam of the consequences and attempting to be supportive of her husband, Steffy questions whether he really wants to ruin his relationship with Bill forever. Keep reading