By Lynda Hirsch

August 18, 2018 3 min read

Actress Patrika Darbo ("Days of Our Lives," "The Bold and the Beautiful") is used to taking home awards not giving them back. That is just what happened earlier this when her daytime Emmy for the win was re called. Darbo was very vocal about her displeasure, stating, "The inequity in this year's Daytime Emmys based on ageism, gender inequality, and perceived favoritism is, in my opinion, a big blow to the Emmy brand. The TV Academy, who administers the Prime Time Emmy Awards, is very clear that Emmys are awarded to those who achieve excellence in television. I'm beginning to wonder what NATAS feels the Emmys stand for. For the sake of the overall Emmy brand, I feel an outside audit of the submission and voting process of this past Daytime Emmy Awards would be a show of good will by NATAS and would help to restore integrity and confidence in the Daytime Emmy Awards."

Jennifer Bassey, the other actress who came in second for her role on "Anacostia," was thrilled when she got the call about the win. A day later she was called back and they said her submission was flawed and she was not getting the award. Insiders say she was in tears after the second call. All four network daytime dramas did not cry — they called for a boycott of the awards.

NATAS responded to the possible boycott: "Today I received correspondence raising concerns about some elements of the 2018 Daytime EMMY Awards and concerns over its administration. We have great confidence in the integrity of our EMMY awards system, and believe it effectively honors the best work being done in Daytime Television today. That having been said, we always take concerns about our systems seriously ... and out of an abundance of caution I have instructed that outside counsel be retained to evaluate these concerns and conduct an independent look at them."

NATAS appears to have more than that issue. For the past several years, the awards have not televised because they could not find any network or cable outlet wiling to take it. TV is awash in award shows. Awards given to folks for the best two-second bit in a music video get their shows on the air, but NATAS can't? Yikes.

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