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By Lynda Hirsch

July 23, 2016 4 min read

Nick Stabile, who stepped in at "General Hospital" as Nikolas when Tyler Christopher took a break from the show, has taped his last episode. On July 19 the show ended with Nikolas being shot and falling over a balcony. For the past few months, Nikolas has been like a pinata. He has fallen to his "death" two previous times. Each time, like Wile E. Coyote, he shook it off and was back in fighting form. No word when (or if) Christopher is returning. The actor, who has been with the show on and off for 20 years, won the Emmy for best daytime actor last year. Evidently, none of that was enough to ensure he was going to get the new contract he wanted. The star and the show continue to work toward an agreement. Hopefully, they will reach one. Christopher deserved that Emmy, and he deserves a good contract.

Jeffrey Vincent Parise, who played the now-dead Carlos is back at "GH." He has returned as a haunted and haunting ghost. This time he is playing the villain's not-so-villainous brother, Joe. Yeah, yeah; it is an old twin trick. But in this case it is great, because Parise is not only hot looking; he is also a hot actor. No word on whether he is a good twin or an even-eviler twin. One thing is for certain: The character will create issues for the recently reunited Michael and Sabrina.

On July 21, Kin Shriner (Scott) and Lynn Herring showed what acting and chemistry is all about. They really are the dynamic duo. The characters share passion, pain and a love for Scott's child, Serena. Lucy served as the baby's surrogate. When Scott's wife was dying, Scott had lots of connections in Port Charles — Laura's twice-ex-husband, Franco's father and Ava's sometimes lawyer and the former district attorney. Scott, in need of a job and money, asks Lucy for both. She really would if she could — but she is broke. Two broke grifters: The story ideas are endless. Please, "GH," do not make the scene between the two just a time filler. We have to see more of these guys. Plus, it is fun to see how Shriner has messed with his hair. For 20-plus years, Shriner changed hairstyles. Most of the time it looks as if he went at it with a weed wacker.

It has been confirmed that "Days of Our Lives" star Drake Hogestyn (John) took a nasty tumble out of a tree on his property. The injuries caused internal bleeding and other medical issues. No one is being specific. The accident happened in May. He is not yet back on the set. The show has been on hiatus, and so far he is not back on the post-hiatus shooting schedule.

Next month "The Young and the Restless" celebrates its 11,000th episode. In the past week, the work of the show's new executive producer, Mal Young, has aired. So far, so good. It is obvious that he plans to take the show in some different directions. Will it be North or South? Whatever the case, the good news is it looks like it's headed for the road not taken. The show is certainly at a fork in the road, and it will be an interesting journey.

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