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January 14, 2017 4 min read

The soap world is abuzz about NBC possibly canceling "Days of our Lives" for reporter Megyn Kelly's new show. For now, no one will confirm or deny. The show turned 50 in November, and we can confirm that the show has reached another milestone: on January 10, the show aired its 13,000th episode.

Ken Corday talked with Glamour about the show's longevity. "They [his parents] would be flabbergasted. My father unfortunately passed away before the show was a year old, and he didn't expect it to go more than a few years, which is why he convinced Macdonald Carey and Frances Reid to sign on in the first place, so they could go back to doing theater. My mom and dad would be extremely proud. They would both be over the moon." He revealed that many favorites will return, including Patsy Pease, (Kim) and Charles Shaughnessy (Shane). "There are more surprise returns from the past to come. Leann Hunley (Anna) will be back in Salem." She was seen on air January 8. Her return is involved in whether Stefano dead or not. (He is.) The search has Rafe, Paul and Marlena on the hunt for answers. What they find is a bitter Anna, who blames Stefano for the long ago death of her beloved.

Corday teased at his excitement about a new storyline coming up for Nicole, which he calls "A big surprise, and a great part of Nicole's past and life experience in Salem. It's a baby story, and those seem to work well for us." We now know that he was talking about Chloe being a secret surrogate for Daniel and Nicole. He talked about the storyline to come, which he was most excited for viewers to see. "The one with Chad and Abigail and JJ and Gabi. They are very vibrant and good actors, the young future of the show. I'm very excited about the story Nicole will have coming up with Chloe and Deimos and with Brady and another huge return from the past." We know that Eric's (Greg Vaughn) return to town involves a heroic deed that saves the life of a key character. We think that character is Hope.

As a young man, Eric had an affair with Nicole. At the time, she was a wild child. He left town, and when he came back, he was a priest. Although Nicole still loved him, the now reformed Nicole became involved with his best friend, Daniel.

Due to the evil machinations of Kristin, Eric was placed on leave by the church. Unable to cope with what he thought was a meaningless life, Eric turned to drink. The besotted Eric was in a car crash that led to Daniel's death, his stepbrother's need for a heart transplant and Jennifer's addiction to pain pills. Sentenced to five years in prison, he went to see Jennifer.

When Eric left town, Nicole said she would never forgive him. We do know that when Eric returns he takes a heroic turn, which saves someone's life. We think that someone is Hope, who is on the run from jail and half dead from a knife wound.

We are thrilled that Vaughn is back. He is one of the best-looking actors in day and night alike. He also stars in many Hallmark movies.

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