By Lynda Hirsch

October 22, 2016 4 min read

If "Young and Restless" fans are ambivalent when it comes to Hilary — the character, not the presidential candidate — in the next few weeks the character's lust for power and the ease with which she can do all things evil will be proven. She has GC BUZZ reveal a secret that destroys almost everyone in Genoa City. Nikki, Paul, Sharon, Dylan, Faith and Nick will find their lives destroyed. Hopefully Devon will get that the girl he married is downright dirty. With Steve Burton (Dylan) announcing he is exiting the show in December, fans wonder if he will die, leave town or experience another PTSD episode.

With Burton out at "Y&R" there are rumors he might head back to "General Hospital" and reprise the role of Jason. Billy Miller is in contract negotiations with "GH." Miller does not have to leave to make room for Burton. In my mind, here is how a return of Burton as the real Jason could shake up everything. Presently Sam is pregnant and married to Miller's Jason — what a bombshell this would be if Burton is the real Jason! It will also cause chaos for Sonny, Spenelli, Monica and all who have come to love the guy they have accepted as Jason. Think of Jake. How do you tell a child: "Guess what? He is not your biological dad — this guy is!" With Liz now involved with Franco, her heart — which has belonged to Jason since she was a teen — would be torn. Sam would still have to deal with Jason, as he is Danny's biological dad. Miller and Burton are actors who would be up for the plot. Behind all this mess would be Helena — dead or alive. Close your eyes and you can see Helena cackle with glee over her latest plot to destroy the citizens of Port Charles. To revitalize a soap, there is no need to go on a killing spree. Instead think of a show as a prism or kaleidoscope — just make a slight twist and everything changes.

Two "GH" favorites return to the canvas for November sweeps. Ingo Rademacher (Jax) comes back. He will play a part in Joss's realization that Sonny is not a good guy and further the storyline of Nelle's parents selling her kidney to save infant Joss's life.

Kimberly McCoullough (Robin) will interact with her parents, Anna and Robert. Hopefully she will bring her daughter Emma with her. Of all daytime drama kids, she is the best. Sweet, smart and savvy. Too bad not many of the Port Charles adults have those traits.

James Patrick Stuart's Valentin also pops up at "I hit the ground running," he reveals. "I really do like the people over there very much and I absolutely love Frank [Valentini, executive producer]. He really runs that show and I have never seen anything like it, certainly not in daytime. I've seen so many producers that just disappear upstairs and deal with big, important decisions but you don't see them on the floor and that is the exact opposite with Frank. He is all up in your stuff at every turn, making it happen, and I love it."

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