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By Lynda Hirsch

August 20, 2016 3 min read

Things have not gone entirely swimmingly at the Rio Olympics. The same can be said for "Days of Our Lives," which was pre-empted for the Olympics.

During its 50th anniversary, "Days" was on the high diving board of Nielsen ratings. After that, the ratings took a swan dive. Ken Corday, the show's executive producer, says he believes fans were turned off by the show's turn to the dark side. Corday knew the viewers were unhappy. They showed disapproval by tuning out and complaining on social media. Nothing could be done for over half a year, as the show's taping schedule is good for the budget but not so much for tweaking the program.

The show that airs the day after the Olympics is still the work of the past writing staff. In that episode, bad guys Clyde and Xander break out of prison and head to Salem, where they will be up to no good.

But starting Sept. 6, viewers will see the work of the show's new head writing team, Dena Higley and Ryan Quan. Both have worked as writers for the show for several years. In fact, last year Higley was hired to co-write the show with Josh Griffith. For personal reasons, she took a leave of absence a few weeks after she started the position. When she was back at work, Griffith was gone and Quan, who worked on the writing staff, was now her fellow head writer.

Corday told Soap Opera Digest that Higley and Quan's new material will completely transform the show. "I have been wanting to do this interview for about six months, because we wrote the shows coming up and taped them six months ago, and I knew then I'd be very excited about the show because it is a reset," he says. "Dena and Ryan have done a wonderful job of resetting it and getting it out of that dark place it was in." Without going into detail he offers there will be drama, romance and lightness.

Ashley Brewer (Ivy) returns to "The Bold and the Beautiful" on Aug. 29. Written off the show in March, she has made one quick return visit. This time it will be a longer stay. Back to work at Forrester Fashions, she will interact with Quinn.

If you cannot get enough of Tristan Rogers you will have a wonderful month. He is playing Colin on "The Young and the Restless." He makes a return visit to "General Hospital" as Robert Scorpio. According to a tweet by Rogers, during his "GH" run he will be involved in three major plotlines.

"The Young and the Restless" actress Eileen Davidson (Ashley) is heading back to "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Davidson is the nice one who tries to keep everyone calm. Good luck with that.

While things will not be all sunshine for Theresa and Brady on "Days," they will be reunited with their kidnapped son, Tate.

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Lynda Hirsch on Television
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Lynda Hirsch on Television -- Gossip

Lynda Hirsch on Television -- Gossip

By Lynda Hirsch
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