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Marc Dion
Marc Dion
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Bullets and Babies


When it comes to the Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of babies.

If you believe that, I'd as soon you said it as filling me with gabble about caliber and automatic versus semi-automatic and guns not killing people.

Blood deserves honesty.

Not that anyone's massacred a bunch of babies; just a bunch of 6- to 10-year-olds, although I'm sure the day is coming when some tortured nut-job will break into a hospital preemie ward and pump a couple dozen rounds into the incubators. That's the way it's trending.

So that's your cost, that's your blood that waters the tree that bears the noble, quotable fruit of the Second Amendment.

And for that price, you get your gun collection. For that price, you get your fantasies of defending your home against drug-crazed invaders. For those shiny, unspent coins of baby lives, you get the right to a bumper sticker reading, "Gun Control Means Using Both Hands." Get the T-shirt, too. Gun control is a big issue, and it deserves a bumper sticker AND a T-shirt.

What more is there in America? What could possibly be so important that it deserves anything more than the sincere, yet roguishly funny bumper sticker/T-shirt combo?

I have no medical facts to support this assertion, but I imagine the blood of children is thinner than the blood of adults, lighter and more freely flowing. At 55, I picture my blood as being sluggish coffee, overloaded with cream and sugar, sliding through my corroded veins like dirty water in a narrow, roadside ditch.

The blood of children, I think, must leap and quicken like champagne running into and then bubbling over the top of a joyously clean glass, as life's celebration begins.

Don't think of the most recent shooting as blood coming out of small, dear bodies. Think of it as the children's blood going out to nourish the right of all Americans to keep and bear not just arms, but a huge profusion of military weapons designed to kill batches of children, whole bouquets of babies, bodies like crushed, tender flowers.

Sometimes I run over a flower with my lawnmower, some small purple or yellow bloom that blew into my yard as a seed and took root, opening into a brave nickel-sized blossom in the spring.

I don't mean to kill the flower. I mean only to mow my little patch of America, my green bit of sea-to-shining-sea, that piece of my property rights that I have every right to defend with anything from a revolver to a machine gun.

When that 20-year-old from your neighborhood steps on an improvised explosive device in some dirty Afghan canyon, you know well what to say. So does the preacher at his funeral and the editorial page of your newspaper.

"He died defending our freedom," is what every voice says, a ringing but well-worn endorsement of purposeless death that can be denied only by the insufficiently patriotic or the overly religious.

So don't think, when you think of a grade school massacre, of a white knee bent unnaturally in death's scatter. Don't think of once quick blood drying in fine, blond hair.

Think of a school full of brave little soldiers, Americans who died to preserve your rights.

Too bad nobody told the children.

They'd have been proud.

In a small way.

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well and beautifully said, sir.
Comment: #1
Posted by: thomas lehnert
Sat Dec 22, 2012 9:06 AM
When it comes to the Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of babies.
That is like saying" Congress should act in its own self-serving interests" as it does with special interests.

Comment: #2
Posted by: Gregory Powers
Sat Dec 22, 2012 3:11 PM
I wonder how thin the blood is a baby still in the womb? Perhaps people ought to think of the blood of aborted babies and especially the partial birth abortions who are literally inches away from LIFE and are then brutally murdered.
Comment: #3
Posted by: Danny Boy
Sat Dec 22, 2012 4:29 PM
How many babies are abused to death with an angry adult's bare hands?
Was that supposed to be a rant against guns? Do you have the magic wand that will make all the guns disappear on command? How about knives and clubs and cars and life itself? Do "gun-free zones " stop the crazies and the angries? Or do they give the nuts a free pass? How many guns did Timothy McVey have? The problem isn't so much what is in someone's hands as what is in their minds, hearts, and souls (if any).
Comment: #4
Posted by: partsmom
Sun Dec 23, 2012 8:58 PM
Sir;... The real terrible thing about death is how demeaning it is... Life is meaning, and the uncertainty of the unknown that lies beyond the cold veil of death is surmounted by loss of meaning to death, no matter for what cause one dies...
We do not care what dreams died with those who gained our independence or who fought for every freedom and more than we enjoy... The very fact that they died and did no longer live robbed them of their breath and voice made them meaningless in our lives... If we consider what our lives mean to us, the extent to which we value them, then we can find meaning in the sacrifice of our best lives, but it is we who find that meaning, and not they... There are many who will live out the balance of their lives finding meaning in the lives lost by these poor children, and this is fact, but the meaning is lost to those children with their lives...
Some years back a nut who shot up a Christmas mall said in a note: Now, I will be famous... No... Now you will be dead, forever dead, justly dead, and too late dead; but the fame you seek will have no meaning and you will have no meaning either...
We all die... Death is just about the least sort of injury you can do anyone under the circumstances because so many are forced to live lives robbed of meaning, and in that meaning is our happiness...We give our lives which is meaning to us -to have our lives, but when we are continually shorted by the exchange, in the end we die, and if conscious must recognize how meaningless we are become... You see where the old are pushed out of the way, marginalized, ignored... As they fall by the wayside we take up their lives finding them incredibly dull and demanding, and justly consider the lives we are handed as no great blessing, all obligation, and no right, and no power...When we look at the patriots who once fought for freedom which was not just war but work, extreme suffering, want, duress and disease, and for the promise of freedom which is the greatest wealth those people wagered their lives to own that we now find meaningless because of the freedom we know the past enjoyed has been denied to us...
The Emperor Caligula once killed a man to inherit his fortune only to find he had nothing but debts; and he lamented that the man died for nothing... What choice had he??? But to choose death before slavery, or to choose death before dishonor if knowing those left behind would know little of honor, and little of liberty would be insanity...Those people who gave up their lives for our liberty gave their meaning and their lives to us that we might be free and know the value of it... Being not free we cannot estimate its value, so that now when people die in the name of freedom it is for an illusion that they sacrifice...
With such sweet sorrow are lost children mourned that we forget too easily that the loss of life to youth means loss of love and issue for them...If we should chance to notice that there is a want of freedom and surplus of money, so that many struggle, and obvious needs go unattended while others have wealth beyond their wildest dreams of avarice, then clearly our liberty, the greatest of wealth has been converted to money...
Why can the mad not be protected, treated, and housed with dignity??? That will not do because today we must crown another billionaire with a wreath of gold plated dollar bills...Why can't little children be protected by the very ones who find their own protection so illusive??? The government that cannot do the job for want of funds looks wary upon anyone with the desire to see that job done...What can be done when government does all within its power to justify its own existence against so much contrary evidence, and the people feel they must defend themselves from the government and the crimminals government has so long nurtured???
Don't worry now, folks, but your fellow citizens are arming themselves and looking sideways at the state which would inhibit their ability to do just that...Insurection is in the air; and about time; but we have to recognize that the lives of children are not collateral damage, but the very thing we are fighting for... We want to see our children have the happiness and meaning and society denied to so many of us for so long...
Do not give these madmen a victory over patriots... To think of those people growing into a last stand mentality over the deplorable condition of our society so far fallen from its possibilities are nuts- is wrong... The nut shot up a school... The patriots, on the defensive for now, are holding their fire...With that said; let me remind all that the way to have a meaningful life is not to take it from others... To find yourself moral and good, worthy of happiness, and willing to demand happiness from life is the beginning of revolution; but that revolution demands no victims...Counter revolution demands life... Reaction is born of violence and in violence lives...
Comment: #5
Posted by: James A, Sweeney
Mon Dec 24, 2012 11:48 AM
Remember, "Gun Control" is never about guns, but always about control, since those in authority who would take the guns from the general population have no intention of giving up their own! It's easy to sit in a gated, guarded (by trained men with guns) community and preach to those who are forever excluded from that "club" about how "guns" are somehow evil, when any fool knows they're nothing more than a man-made machine, harmless in every way because they have no knowledge or intent of their own, nor can they act in any way except by the hand of mankind.
Have pity on the "blood dancers" who quickly appear to shuffle through the blood of innocent victims, every time some atrocity is committed, to advance their political agenda, normally from a viewpoint of little or no knowledge about the subject they run their mouths about.
Loathe the murderer, not the tool he uses...
Comment: #6
Posted by: GRusling
Thu Jan 3, 2013 12:32 PM
Good men do not murder babies; mad men do! There are millions of good, honest men and women in this country who collect and own guns for many reasons. The acts of a few nut jobs should not deprive them of their rights any more than the acts of a hand full of terrorists should deprive us of our rights .
If a person has cancer we don't kill the patient we treat the disease. If a nut job kills innocent children we don't remove the rights of the citizens, we should be treating the disease of the mind that would allow someone to look into the eyes of an innocent child and pull a trigger. We have long stopped doing that, and the ACLU and other liberal organizations would put the rights of a few who need treatment or confinement above society as a whole.
There are those out there, Marc who would ban your pipe as an instrument of death and disease; I have been on the battlefield of tobacco and smoking bans, and know the enemy well. It is about control not rights. There is no constitutional gurantee that you or I can smoke a pipe, but there is one that says we can "keep and bear arms."

Mick Ratliff
Comment: #7
Posted by: Mick Ratliff
Tue Jan 8, 2013 10:34 AM
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