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Jackie Gingrich Cushman
Jackie Gingrich Cushman
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Setting the Record Straight


My father, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, has been in politics as long as I can remember.

And as long as I can remember, media coverage about him has contained misstatements of facts. The vast majority are simple mistakes that are easily corrected, understood and rewoven into an ongoing storyline.

But one of them seems to have taken on a life of its own, and simple corrections have not sufficed to set the record straight. Why does this happen? I can't be sure, but I suspect that the narrative created by these untruths proves to be so much more compelling and more dramatic than what actually happened that it proves irresistible.

I'm talking about the story of my father's visit to my mother while she was in the hospital in 1980.

For years, I have thought about trying to correct the untrue accounts of this hospital visit. After all, I was at the hospital with them, and saw and heard what happened. But I have always hesitated, as it was a private family matter and my mother is a very private person. In addition, for the four people involved, it was one of a million interactions and was not considered a defining event by any of us.

My mother and I have both recently run into quite a few people who hold an inaccurate understanding of this hospital visit. Many think my mother is dead.

So, to correct the record, here is what happened: My mother, Jackie Battley Gingrich, is very much alive, and often spends time with my family. I am lucky to have such a "Miracle Mom," as I titled her in a column this week.

As for my parents' divorce, I can remember when they told me.

It was the spring of 1980.

I was 13 years old, and we were about to leave Fairfax, Va., and drive to Carrollton, Ga., for the summer. My parents told my sister and me that they were getting a divorce as our family of four sat around the kitchen table of our ranch home.

Soon afterward, my mom, sister and I got into our light-blue Chevrolet Impala and drove back to Carrollton.

Later that summer, Mom went to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta for surgery to remove a tumor. While she was there, Dad took my sister and me to see her.

It is this visit that has turned into the infamous hospital visit about which many untruths have been told. I won't repeat them. You can look them up online if you are interested in untruths. But here's what happened:

My mother and father were already in the process of getting a divorce, which she requested.

Dad took my sister and me to the hospital to see our mother.

She had undergone surgery the day before to remove a tumor.

The tumor was benign.

As with many divorces, it was hard and painful for all involved, but life continued.

As have many families, we have healed; we have moved on.

We are not a perfect family, but we are knit together through common bonds, commitment and love.

My mother and father are alive and well, and my sister and I are blessed to have a close relationship with them both.

My sister and I feel that it is time to move on, close the book on this event and focus on building a great future. We will not answer additional questions or make additional comments regarding this meaningless incident, which occurred more than three decades ago.

As I said, my mother is a private person. She will not give media interviews. She deserves respect and should be allowed to live in peace.

To find out more about Jackie Gingrich Cushman, and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit




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Well, I suppose for a family to save face, something would have
to emerge. But a13 year old is not mature
enough to understand. And saying this so many
years later, and I thought I had a good memory.
On Newt, to forgive using religion, is really sad.
He would not make a good President, so he should get
off the stage before he gets on.
Comment: #1
Posted by: Taho Hugh Birdwell
Fri May 13, 2011 12:23 PM
@Taho Hugh Birdwell

So you're gonna just hold on to the "death bed divorce" meme despite the fact that Gingrich's very own daughter says it's totally fabricated B.S., huh? You're like the Birthers who still can't accept that Obama was born in Hawaii.
Comment: #2
Posted by: Chuck Long
Fri May 13, 2011 12:58 PM
So Newt wouldn't ask his daughter to tell his version of the story?

So she's calling her own mother a liar to advance her father's career.

Newt's ex-wife told the Washington Post in a Jan. 3, 1985, profile:

"He walked out in the spring of 1980 and I returned to Georgia. By September, I went into the hospital for my third surgery. The two girls came to see me, and said Daddy is downstairs and could he come up? When he got there, he wanted to discuss the terms of the divorce while I was recovering from the surgery ... To say I gave up a lot for the marriage is the understatement of the year."
Comment: #3
Posted by: Jim Brown
Fri May 13, 2011 8:02 PM
So Newt wouldn't ask his daughter to tell his version of the story?

So she's calling her own mother a liar to advance her father's career.

Newt's ex-wife told the Washington Post in a Jan. 3, 1985, profile:

"He walked out in the spring of 1980 and I returned to Georgia. By September, I went into the hospital for my third surgery. The two girls came to see me, and said Daddy is downstairs and could he come up? When he got there, he wanted to discuss the terms of the divorce while I was recovering from the surgery ... To say I gave up a lot for the marriage is the understatement of the year."
Comment: #4
Posted by: Jim Brown
Fri May 13, 2011 8:02 PM
Thank you for setting the record straight. People can be attracted to the spectacular lies we tell about each other. I feel bad for you and your mother. I'm not surprised about the popularity of the lies, though. Unfortunately, your father's entire political career is based on using smears to promote his own personal social causes.

Now, that the melodrama of his family life is behind us, we can focus on Newt Gingrich's real problem: his bigotry. He has relentlessly illustrated how black, other, primitive, African, you know, different President Obama is from most Americans.

I'd be more than happy to address the reality that your father has immersed himself in: the reality of the racist elements in contemporary Republican political discourse.
Comment: #5
Posted by: Gary Norris
Fri May 13, 2011 8:27 PM
Also, Jackie: Can you tell us about how your dad refused to pay alimony and child-support payments. It's a matter of record The First Baptist Church had to take up a collection to support the family your dad deserted back then.
Comment: #6
Posted by: P.View
Sat May 14, 2011 7:45 AM
Why are you lying for your dad Jackie?
Your mom tells a different story: He can say that we had been talking about it [divorce] for 10 years, but the truth is that it came as a complete surprise. Source: The Inner Quest of Newt Gingrich." Vanity Fair. 9/1995.
Comment: #7
Posted by: P.View
Sat May 14, 2011 7:49 AM
Why are you lying for your dad Jackie?
Your mom tells a different story:"He can say that we had been talking about it [divorce] for 10 years, but the truth is that it came as a complete surprise." Source: The Inner Quest of Newt Gingrich." Vanity Fair. 9/1995.
Comment: #8
Posted by: P.View
Sat May 14, 2011 7:51 AM
You didnt have to explain anything Jackie...the judgement around here is not surprising...its just sad..people act like they are all perfect..everyone makes mistakes...Our country is about to fall off a cliff...i really do not care about anyones personal life...if a candidate can turn this country around...get people back to work..all of the personal stuff shouldnt matter....we are in big trouble...and who someone slept with or didnt sleep with will not matter when we turn into another Greece
Comment: #9
Posted by: nunya
Sat May 14, 2011 8:12 AM
The devil is a liar. Don't do this to your poor Mom's memory. Power and ego is an ugly combination. The humble truthful servant is more important. I am old enough to remember this whole thing, I am old enough to remember your Mother. This makes me so sad, as a Mom, a wife and a long time Republican I ask you to stop this. Tell your Dad to run on merit and truth if he really seeks to serve our nation, if he as truly changed.
Comment: #10
Posted by: Godisgood1
Sat May 14, 2011 8:19 AM
I am sorry darlin but I don't believe you. At this moment in time you would say anything to get your dear father elected.
Take it somewhere else. Now do you want to try to tell us why your Dad was sitting on that bench with Pelosi? Don't bother we won't believe that either.
Comment: #11
Posted by: JRD
Sat May 14, 2011 8:20 AM
Holy cow you people are sick! What a bunch of feces-slinging pieces of garbage. You should all be embarrassed for yourselves. And I'm not in any way referring to the author of this article, merely to the commenters.
Comment: #12
Posted by: jimdandy
Sat May 14, 2011 8:30 AM
Divorce is difficult for all families that go through it, regardless of the circumstances. There are always two sides to every story and many times on reflection and after the passage of time, our attitudes change.
Regardless of Newt's personal issues, I find him experienced in government and business, dedicated to finding solutions, committed to standing up for our principles and our country and courageous enough to put it all out there for microexamination (the good, the bad and the ugly). He will have my vote if he is the nominee.
Comment: #13
Posted by: Linda
Sat May 14, 2011 8:46 AM
We need a "thinking reformation" here in the USA and Newt offers that thinking....that's why I like far as a 13 year old being mature...I'd put my 13 year old up against any one who has commented on this site.....For people to assume that all people raise morons is stupid in its self. Also, Newt and his family are not perfect, but who is except Christ (if you believe). I would love to see Newt in the White house, but he needs a strong running mate like West....................Obama is by far the best BSer we have every placed in that position...He truly has a gift. It is time for a change, a real change. BS vs. Real Solutions.....that's the choice. Now which will it be?
Comment: #14
Posted by: Robert
Sat May 14, 2011 9:08 AM
I appreciate your efforts to correct the record of an instance in your families' past, but the record of your fathers' unfaithfulness to a vow he made before God remains. So how many does this one make? three that we know of. The man who was the minority whip & rose to being two heart beats away from the presidency is still the same flawed man. He is a great thinker, teacher, historian, & writer but he has Bill Clinton syndrome. He coulda been a contenda, he could have been a great leader, but his personal deamons will not allow him to overcome himself.
Comment: #15
Posted by: personhoodCO
Sat May 14, 2011 9:12 AM
Jackie, this was a very brave move on your part. This should put it to rest but we know it won't. Of course we all also know that those leveling the worst attacks are, in fact, from the Left. Why? B/c they fear Newt and know that he will run circles around them, out maneuver them and show them for the pond scum that they really are. Darvin Dowdy
Comment: #16
Posted by: Darvin Dowdy
Sat May 14, 2011 9:22 AM
This is not the lie I'm concerned with. The one that bothers me is the "global warming" fable that Newt has bought into. It's all a bunch of baloney. -BF
Comment: #17
Posted by: Bigfoot
Sat May 14, 2011 9:48 AM
Why did she ask for a divorce? Because he was such a good father/husband? And I can't quite go for this "untruths about my dad" whining, your dad said an awful lot of terrible things about people.
Comment: #18
Posted by: Tom
Sat May 14, 2011 7:28 PM
Re: Chuck Long Well, no, she doesn't really contradict any of the original story (which never claimed the wife was 'on her death bed' just that she was in the hospital still recovering from surgery when he came in with the cchildren, and started to discuss the divorce with her. the one most gruesome detail, that he actually asked her to sign his version of the agreement right then and there, may or may not be true, but it is never addressed here.
she doesn't demonstrate that " the whole thing is bs" at all. although in her heart she may feel so. I wouldn't blame her for that. it's her dad. But i would not have him for my President.
not even for my after-dinner speaker.
Comment: #19
Posted by: brendan
Sat May 14, 2011 8:37 PM
You are about as compulsive a liar as your father!
Comment: #20
Posted by: Jon R White
Sun May 15, 2011 3:13 PM
Please don't prop up this narcissistic lying dirt-bag. Thank you.
Comment: #21
Posted by: murmur55
Sun May 15, 2011 5:25 PM
Re: Jim Brown

So a woman angry over a divorce has never told a lie ? Some of them do and later regret it. You might even know one.

PS. I wouldn't vote for him but he deserves the truth told about him and this sounds like it.
Comment: #22
Posted by: Mike_K
Sun May 15, 2011 6:55 PM
Re: Darvin Dowdy
Please just skip the sanctimonious B.S. Newtie is a liar and a demogogue. Wasn't he the guy who managed to shut down the government the last time? You republicans never learn a thing.
Comment: #23
Posted by: rray
Tue May 17, 2011 9:59 PM
Are you saying that your mom, who is a private person who does not give interviews, did not give the interview to the WP in 1985, that she misstated the facts, that the WP misquoted her, or what?
One might expect that "setting the record straight" about what your dad discussed with your mom in the hospital might throw some light on what they discussed or even if they talked. Your "here's what happened" account doesn't claim your dad did anything more than "took my sister and me to the hospital". Did they talk? Did you hear everything they said? If you really intend to set the record straight on folks say about what he said and what she said in the hospital room, you need to shed some light about what they said in the hospital room.
If you want people to just shut up about it already, don't blow a bunch of smoke and pretend you're being private.
Comment: #24
Posted by: Dave
Wed May 18, 2011 9:22 AM
Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm not into politics that much, but this will definitely make me give your dad more consideration if he runs.
Pay no mind to authors who have criticized you here. It's such an wicked act, to try to turn a child against their own father. It's sad that anyone could be that hateful. If your dad understands how that awful system works, maybe he can do something to fix it. If you talk to him, tell him to take it easy on organized labor, too. If I didn't get bargained-for benefits through my work, my kids would be hitting up the taxpayer for them.
Comment: #25
Posted by: vince canter
Tue May 31, 2011 9:31 PM
Re: Chuck Long
Those of us who live in Carrollton (as I do) know that the hospital story is true. Newt's daughter was 13 and her recollection of events doesn't match with what others know to be true about her dad. Then and now he has been insensitive and opportunistic, and those are his GOOD qualities Of course his daughter would defend him. Someone needs to defend her mother, though.She was the one who had to endure Newt's unkind actions.
Comment: #26
Posted by: M
Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:11 PM
Mrs Cushman
Please thank your Father for me, he and a few others came to this nations rescue when it was sorely needed, a lot of people didn't understand what was going on then with Hillary care, the economy, and other problems our nation was facing, I would like to wish your father good luck.
Comment: #27
Posted by: Boxofteabags
Wed Oct 5, 2011 8:35 PM
God is a forgiving God, why is it people that have no idea between the truth and fiction are willing to stand in judgement?Remember there is no one on this earth that walks in perfect stride, we all sin! and if he and his family have moved on why can't America? It is no ones business what happens between a man and a woman, except for the man and woman and the children they share. casting stones shall be returned...Newt 2012!
Comment: #28
Posted by: Bev H
Mon Oct 17, 2011 8:42 PM
Sure. Let's (re-)elect someone who sat in an anti-American, anti-semetic, anti-caucasian "church" for 20 years. Was married by the "Reverend" and called him a strong influence in his life. Someone who stereotypes all people who disagree with him. Someone who calls out private individuals by their name while holding the most powerful office in the world. Someone who cloaks his past in secrecy. Someone who "wrote" a book that demonstrates clear racism. Someone who is anti-western culture and anti-capitalism. Someone who believes HE can define fairness when it comes to your hard earned money. Someone who supports violent, destructive protestors but chastises productive, peaceful ones.
Someone who has already FAILED. Yeah, let's do that. And we can do that because of how someone may or may not have handled a divorce?
Comment: #29
Posted by: Mark Jeffers
Sat Oct 22, 2011 7:35 PM
Of course her father is an evil, lying scum who abandoned his family.

And President Obama is still full of Hope and Change, graduated from the top of his class in Columbia, wrote both his autobiographies his own self, never met that guy in the neighborhood who murdered three of his Weatherman friends with a bomb, didn't hear a word Rev. Wright had to say, and is passionately dedicated to racial peace and harmony.

And anybody who disagrees with the above is a RACIST! RACIST, YOU HEAR ME!!?!!

Comment: #30
Posted by: Odgred Weary
Sun Oct 30, 2011 8:11 PM
Many of the comments here are vile. To the haters - hahahahahaha - to the Christian "posers" all deserve a good ass kicking.... and that's what Newt will the substantive campaigning, to the nomination, to the debates with Obama, to the inauguration, and for 8 years in the White House. Go Newt!
Comment: #31
Posted by: patty
Tue Nov 1, 2011 6:56 PM
What a sick bunch of people. You people would rather hold on to your long-loved hatred than to believe the truth from someone who clearly knows. What ugly people you are.
Comment: #32
Posted by: Steve
Tue Nov 1, 2011 8:56 PM
Thank you for posting this.. I have forwarded this to those who are taking fresh look at Newts bid for POTUS.. I would however ask you delete the horrible posts..YES YES free speech but usually those with open minds can't write positive remarks because these sites get infiltrates by opponents people or the horrible LEFT.. We have to stop them this campaign because THEY ARE POISEN ..They can't find forgiveness or happiness unless they smear or call you names..Time to CRUSH it..We have a right to speak also.. Again blessing to all..I was a Palin supporter and have admired the way your father has command of his speeches..and his endless far many of us are almost ready to commit..we too had questions like this..Thank you
Comment: #33
Posted by: bellez
Wed Nov 2, 2011 5:46 AM
To the people on this commentary thread: What a bunch of hateful, small minded people. First off - to call the Gingrich's daughter a liar because you prefer to believe a lie is despicable. Second - the Gingrich divorce is not our/your business. You do not know the details of their marriage, life or divorce. Divorce in and of itself is extremely painful to the whole family. Things are said to strike and hurt the others. We do not know what occurred – only the family does. For this child to open up to the public is admirable. Leave her be. Thirdly - To those who are going on about a vow to God – Who elected you God, judge and jury? Last I knew – those roles belonged to God. Tend your own garden and see if you can produce fruit or weeds.
Comment: #34
Posted by: Dolphie
Wed Nov 2, 2011 12:01 PM
More likely, the WaPo lied in their story. It would not be the first time.
Comment: #35
Posted by: Robert
Wed Nov 2, 2011 2:44 PM
Hate to be the one to rain on some many parades but what the daughter and ex are saying agree with each other.

The meme is that Newt demanded a divorce whilst his wife was recovering from surgery. He is what the WAPO article had to say...."He walked out in the spring of 1980 and I returned to Georgia. By September, I went into the hospital for my third surgery. The two girls came to see me, and said Daddy is downstairs and could he come up? When he got there, he wanted to discuss the terms of the divorce while I was recovering from the surgery ... To say I gave up a lot for the marriage is the understatement of the year."

Please note the wording, "discuss the terms of the divorce"; not "I Want a divorce". This in no way contradicts Mrs. Cushman's recollections. In fact, the two statements dovetail.
Comment: #36
Posted by: geo
Wed Nov 2, 2011 3:51 PM
Re: Dolphie
Amen Dolphie! I am appalled at the amount of judgement and criticism people have of Jackie. Were they there? Regardless, who are THEY to assume the truth?? Those who blatantly disregard this author should be ashamed of themselves. Who made you GOD, JUDGE, and OVERSEER ??? Everyone reaps what they sow, no matter what your faith, belief, or lack thereof. No one is perfect, especially every politician running for office, but I think it's necessary to look in the mirror before casting stones.
Comment: #37
Posted by: jjf
Wed Nov 2, 2011 6:57 PM
Re: nunya Exactly, if we can elect someone who can turn things around and set America back on the track it needs to be on, why, I don't particularly care what he did, short of murder. In any event, I don't see Newt as being that cold and uncaring, he has a loving relationship with his daughters, surely that accounts for something.
Comment: #38
Posted by: Maggie
Thu Nov 3, 2011 4:40 AM
Re: Taho Hugh Birdwell
Either a tumor is benign or it's not. Those are medical facts, not (mis)perceptions of memory.
As to forgive "using" religion being "sad".... forgiveness is a basic tenant of Christianity. From the Lord's prayer, "... and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us". Forgiveness is not always easy, but practiced faithfully, is a wonderful way to live one's life.
According to this article, written by someone who was involved first hand, the media has been wrong about the events cited all these years. My first hand experiences with the media corroborate those tendencies. Perhaps you could go back and re-read the article with a less cynical eye.
Comment: #39
Posted by: WyCoSkyLark
Thu Nov 3, 2011 7:04 AM
Re: Godisgood1Read it again.... She says
"So, to correct the record, here is what happened: My mother, Jackie Battley Gingrich, is very much alive, and often spends time with my family. "
Comment: #40
Posted by: Kathy
Thu Nov 3, 2011 7:54 AM
Thank you for writing this, Jackie. Your father is a brilliant historian and I believe he would make an excellent president just when we need him most. Divorce is tough stuff, but it is a part f life and it does happen. It sounds like both your mom and dad are living happier lives after it. Bless you.
Comment: #41
Posted by: LibertyLakeRD
Thu Nov 3, 2011 9:42 AM
Re: jimdandyWellsaid. These are the same people who gave Clinton and Ted Kennedy a free pass in their personal lives.
Comment: #42
Posted by: Tom Price
Thu Nov 3, 2011 9:57 AM
Re: Chuck Long
Chuck Long observes, in response to Tahoe Birdwell, that: "You're like the Birthers who still can't accept that Obama was born in Hawaii."
Just like so many cling to the falsehood that Al Gore once claimed to have invented the internet.
Unfortunately, "Juicy" stories stay in the memory longer, regardless of truth. And the media, irrespective of political bias, LOVES juicy stories, regardless of truth.
So just remember that the next time you hear somebody accuse Gingrich of divorcing his wife as she lay dying of cancer. OR, the next time you hear somebody accuse Al Gore of having claimed to have invented the internet. OR, the next time you hear some moron insist that Obama wasn't born in Hawaii. Remember that there is no shortage of morons and retards in the world.
Comment: #43
Posted by: davids64
Thu Nov 3, 2011 7:01 PM
Bravo Jackie,

I applaud your courage for standing up for the truth. My father was a public figure, and I myself ran for Congress - when they can't beat you, they try to destroy you. The uneducated, easily mislead opion of the American public is too often manipulated for the benefit of politicians on both side of the aisle.

If people took the time to think critically about the information accessible to them, we would have a more effective (and efficient) political system.

Keep the faith,
Rob Merkle
Comment: #44
Posted by: Rob
Thu Nov 3, 2011 9:35 PM

To err is human, to forgive is divine. Speaker Gingrich is worthy of being our next President of the United States. He embodies teachings and faith of my beloved father. Don't be afraid of the truth everyone. It will all serve its purpose in time. I believe in Speaker Gingrich and want to be with him, not just for him, as he leads us into security and prosperity. God bless you Jackie.

Pax et Bonum,
Joyous Optimism
Comment: #45
Posted by: joyous optimism
Fri Nov 4, 2011 12:06 PM
i'm not afraid to use the "N" word (Newt, that is). this country is about to drown. we need a thinker with a republican congress to make some drastic changes. ?baggage so what what baggage did the "blue dress man" have. what about Obummer's baggage.
Comment: #46
Posted by: oke e doke
Fri Nov 4, 2011 8:43 PM
Re: Robert
As far as "thinking" goes, who can be thinking when praising Newt's "Contract with America". Was he and the other career politicians not thinking of the contract with America they all swore an oath to? That would be the Constitution--that's the ONLY contract with America any of them should be honoring. No, Newt is a career politician who was on temporary leave. He just wants his old job back that he thinks he is entitled to.
Comment: #47
Posted by: Jill
Sat Nov 5, 2011 5:47 AM
To Jackie, thanks for setting the record straight. Your comments should be respected. I am saddened by the viciousness of some of the responses - some so determined as to double post. It tells me the vicious posters do not care about truth or our country just hatred of those who are political opponents.
Comment: #48
Posted by: Interested
Sat Nov 5, 2011 6:29 AM
For what it's worth, this is the first I have ever heard that Newt's first wife is alive and well. Good for her and may God watch over her. All the coverage of him I have ever read is that Newt appeared in his wife's hospital room with the divorce papers while she was dying of cancer.........And to think that I have used that fraudulent incident in his life to try to explain why Newt would never get a fair shake if he should ever run for president.......
Comment: #49
Posted by: Vincenzo
Sat Nov 5, 2011 2:13 PM
Re: Jim BrownQuite the contrary, she is calling the MSM liars for the blatant misrepresentation of the facts which she is trying to put out...........
Comment: #50
Posted by: Vincenzo
Sat Nov 5, 2011 2:17 PM
Re: geo" This in no way contradicts Mrs. Cushman's recollections. In fact, the two statements dovetail. "

To the ignorant, facts is just a five letter word........
Comment: #51
Posted by: Vincenzo
Sat Nov 5, 2011 2:23 PM
This article makes me quite sad for Jackie Gingrich. She seems to be calling her mother a lier in a very callous way. She is also discrediting herself due to the overwhelming evidence surrounding this story that shows her recount is not truthful.
Comment: #52
Posted by: VoteSmart
Sun Nov 6, 2011 8:59 AM
Those who long to hold to the notion that Newt cold-heartedly dissed his wife and family will never be convinced otherwise, not even by those directly involved.

They would much rather coninute the lie, than to answer one simple pondering......either Clinton is not responsible for the success of the 90's, and Newt is......or Obama is a bald faced liar who misrepresents to the American people every time he takes to the podium.

Clinton raised taxes, and by less than halfway into his first term, the reaction to his policies brought on Gingrich, the Contract, and the Repubs taking BOTH houses. Obama would have you believe that a simple Repub majority in the House (alone) has impassed every attempt he has made to improve our economy.

Stands to reason that if Boehner is responsible for the failure now, then Newt was resposible for the successes then.

Any Dem who lauds Clinton, or blames Boehner...... should be backing Newt for President.
Comment: #53
Posted by: DC
Mon Nov 7, 2011 1:02 PM
Re: jimdandy BINGO.........well said, it just doesn't fit the MSM long held story.
Comment: #54
Posted by: rexhandsom
Mon Nov 7, 2011 8:01 PM
Why is it so many people want to hang on to their version of the truth, even though their truth has no resemblance to what actually happened.
Comment: #55
Posted by: Jerrell
Tue Nov 8, 2011 4:34 PM
I have watched Newt on each debate. I am very impressed and will be voting for him if he is the nominee. We all make a lot of mistakes in our lives and thank God there is forgiveness and restoration.
Comment: #56
Posted by: Linda
Tue Nov 8, 2011 6:07 PM
Family matters are extremely complicated and should be private. Would you all want your family matters aired and judged on the basis of media accounts? I think not. Who are you to judge him on private matters when you cannot possibly know what and why anything happened? We need intelligent, experienced leaders very badly. Newt is one of them. Just listen to his ideas and the depth of his understanding of the issues and judge on that basis. The issues are too big today to elect people who don't understand these issues and have no knowledge of history and government.
Comment: #57
Posted by: Mary-Jo
Wed Nov 9, 2011 8:16 AM
I have personally met and attended meetings with Newt Gingrich and I couildn't care less about his past life and any indiscretions he may have had. He is by far the most brilliant, knowledgeable, creative person in Washington. I wouild love to have him debate Obama - he wouild clean up the floor with him.

All of you who are ready to condemn his past life should look back a few years at Mr. Clinton's many indiscretions - both as governor, running for the Presidency and also as President. It was Newt's contract with America that saved his Presidency - all Clinton did was sign into the brilliance of Newt.

the American voters should take a good long hard look at the candidates and Obama and on an intelliectual, positive creative level, it is Newt hands down and I hope the stupidity of some of our voters does not give us the same heartbreaking years of Obama/\'s Presidency. He has ruined this country - made us a Nannny state and we are headed for a Socialist Government unless we get smart and vote him out
Comment: #58
Posted by: Anne M. Rubeo
Wed Nov 9, 2011 1:12 PM
Are some of you saying that a man who would humiliate his wife and family should not be president or could not be a good president? What about JFK. What about Bill Clinton, he had oral sex with someone in the oval office. You can't get much lower than that. I am a conservative but I think President Clinton did a good job during his two terms in office, even though as a husband he sucked! Everyone has skeletons in their closet, everyone.
Comment: #59
Posted by: Teresa Noland
Fri Nov 11, 2011 1:17 PM
"Ye without sin, cast the first stone".....
Comment: #60
Posted by: Judith Mitchel
Fri Nov 11, 2011 8:46 PM
In reading this truthful account on the issue, I am stunned by the rabid fiction that dems have churned out to distort this reality.
I finally understand the affinity between democrats and Muslims:
They both justify lying as it serves to further their agendas.
Comment: #61
Posted by: ElizabethMC
Sat Nov 12, 2011 1:56 AM
Re: Taho Hugh Birdwell You are so wrong! I would rather have a man that divorces his wife than one that gets under a desk in the Oval Office and teaches our kids what 'Oral Sex" is. People are calling Bill Clinton a Statesman? Balogna, he is a crude little man with no morals. I would Vote for Newt with his intellect, his DC Savvy, and his ability to understand the issues!
Comment: #62
Posted by: Nancy
Sat Nov 12, 2011 12:55 PM
Newt is the Knowledgeable person to be our next President! I would be proud to stand beside such a man that values the US and it's Citizens. He knows what he is doing! He can stand toe to toe with the best that DC and Potus has to offer! Because he and his wife had problems years ago makes no difference. Better a man that divorces his wife than one that crawls up under the desk and on anything in the WH and teaches our children about Oral Sex before they should even know that there is such a thing. JFK, Clinton are little bitty men with little bitty attention spans and their little "heads" think for them! Does not matter about what is going on in the world as long as they get their "fix" in the oval office or any place else!
Comment: #63
Posted by: Nancy
Sat Nov 12, 2011 12:59 PM
Re: P.View Which First Baptist Church was that? First Baptist of what town or city?
Comment: #64
Posted by: mary
Sun Nov 13, 2011 10:44 AM
Re: Jim Brown -
He "walked out" because she was requesting a divorce... What is so hard to understand? She requested the divorce. The proceedings were underway, and he discussed them with her at the hospital. End of story.
Comment: #65
Posted by: puckerupamerica
Mon Nov 14, 2011 8:37 AM
I did some rough counting of the opinions expressed here: a)pro Newt and b) against Newt/his daughter. So far group b has a small lead. The big surprise from group a is that great majority is women. Women still enjoy putting other women down and calling them liars. No wonder there are no more women in leading positions.
Comment: #66
Posted by: Rita
Mon Nov 14, 2011 2:51 PM
Do you guys think before you spew? It doesn't make sense that a man would ask a woman on her "death bed" for a divorce. If she is dying, he wouldn't need to divorce her. Try using a little common sense here, people.
At least we know a few things about some politicians...we know NOTHING about Barry! No friends, no ex-girlfriends, no ex-boyfriends for Michelle...they just appeared, with no past. I'm just saying...
Comment: #67
Posted by: Loretta Young
Tue Nov 15, 2011 5:39 AM
Re: Bigfoot Newt has explained that his motivation was to show that Republicans can be concerned about the environment too, but that's not what came across, and all it did was get conservatives pissed off and the Liberals didn't believe him either. So, his intent for doing an ad with Pelosi about being concerned about global warming was an attempt at goodwill, essentially. Personally, I accept he had good intents, just as he has explained, and do not hold it against him at all for trying to be warm and welcoming to those who he was seeking to show a friendly side and understanding for their concerns to.
Comment: #68
Posted by: PatriotSon
Tue Nov 15, 2011 7:46 AM
You people with your vile posts are disgusting. Of course Clinton, Teddy "Swimmer" Kennedy, and the Socialist, unrepentant terrorist ties to Obama, that's nothing. Luckily most of America is wide awake and know the MSM for what it really is ... and do not believe them anymore.
We need a leader who can run circles around Obama-Teleprompter which Newt will do. I don't care about his personal life, it seems his family has moved on, I care about saving America. Newt is brilliant, a great historian (something missing from this current administration, who could care less about anything called the "Constitution") and can get this country back on track.
Comment: #69
Posted by: Jessica
Tue Nov 15, 2011 7:49 AM
What with all the commentators spewing hatred at Newt Gingrich (and at his daughter) by quoting Gingrich's wife after their (unhappy) divorce, it might be time to get a grip, use your brains (check out Loretta Young's "common sense" at #67), and figure out the obvious:

the poor-wife-on-the-deathbed-being-served-divorce-papers story
(or should I call it the MSM narrative?) is too good (sic) to be true!

It might also be time to take a look at the testimony of a feminist veteran of the 1980s fight for the rights of a woman to be believed (which brought about a culture of “women don't lie”) whose perspective changed somewhat when her own son was falsely accused decades later of attempted sexual assault:

"If you think that women don't lie to get back at men,
how naive can you be? [And] who is going to protect our sons?"

(Cut 'n' paste that phrase and google it
it you want to read the feminist's testimony…)
Comment: #70
Posted by: Asteriks
Wed Nov 16, 2011 4:00 AM
What with all the commentators spewing hatred at Newt Gingrich (and at his daughter) by quoting Gingrich's wife after their (unhappy) divorce, it might be time to get a grip, use your brains (check out Loretta Young's "common sense" at #67), and figure out the obvious:

the poor-wife-on-the-deathbed-being-served-divorce-papers story
(or should I call it the MSM narrative?) is too good (sic) to be true!

It might also be time to take a look at the testimony of a feminist veteran of the 1980s fight for the rights of a woman to be believed (which brought about a culture of “women don't lie”) whose perspective changed somewhat when her own son was falsely accused decades later of attempted sexual assault:

"If you think that women don't lie to get back at men,
how naive can you be? [And] who is going to protect our sons?"

(Cut 'n' paste that phrase and google it
it you want to read the feminist's testimony…)
Comment: #71
Posted by: Asteriks
Wed Nov 16, 2011 4:00 AM
I feel for you and support you and your father Jackie, as a daughter who has also wanted to do the same thing and has, for her own father. I wrote this on my own fb page as I felt led to write it the moment I woke up this morning: "It's a losing strategy to try to make hay out of Newt's failed marriages. Americans on the whole measure character and honesty by how you own a failure, make amends for it and then move forward. Without a shadow of a doubt, Newt has done this both in his private life and in how he has reevaluated the failures of the our government and what has worked in the past; and as a Believer who hears this nonsense that some how being divorced "disqualifies" a minister from ministering to the Body of Christ, all the time by loons and zealots out there who have no understanding of who God is, I can tell you that when God appoints you to a post, He already knows your past, present and future so He is done with the interview process and wants you to focus on getting His job done that He hired you for! I say Newt 2012 to bring America back from the brink!" AND, I will add this: The silent MAJORITY in the United States of America are those who FORGIVE human trespasses. It is only the one percent fringe zealots and loons who are anti-every thread of decency that has woven together the great quilt that is AMERICA who attempt to undermine our liberties by spreading hate. My prayer is that we continue to be silent no more and as in the mid-term election, make our voices heard loud and clear in 2012 by ousting the worst president the US has ever known! God Bless Ms. Cushman to you and your entire family. NEWT NOW and NEWT 2012!
Comment: #72
Posted by: Angela
Wed Nov 16, 2011 8:37 AM
Re: Chuck Long Here's a deal -- get every single GOP and right wing nut to admit our President was born in this country and I'll drop this. Until then, I'll continue to believe what I want.
Interesting how she's never come out before now.
Comment: #73
Posted by: runforfun54
Wed Nov 16, 2011 2:06 PM
Re: Chuck Long Here's a deal -- get every single GOP and right wing nut to admit our President was born in this country and I'll drop this. Until then, I'll continue to believe what I want.
Interesting how she's never come out before now.
Comment: #74
Posted by: runforfun54
Wed Nov 16, 2011 2:06 PM
Ignore the haters, Jackie. Haters are a dime a dozen. Your father is light years ahead of our man-child president in every way. It's no wonder Obama's useful idiots fear Newt.
Comment: #75
Posted by: AvgJoe68
Sat Nov 19, 2011 4:10 AM
Jackie... I believe you. Memories do matter. If these trouble truth [as others see it], let them be always for the good. One alone knows the truth and His judgement is truth.
I'm a father of one son and three daughters and an "Honorable" wife. [You get the title Honorable after you are elected to public office.] Many posting here must think themselves Mark Antony, come to bury Caesar. I made lots of mistakes raising my children... the 60's, Dr. Spock and my own fears and distractions. Still, it makes my heart sing, as a father, to find any daughter reporting a "close" relationship with her father. As Shakespeare says: You are twice blessed, for you are blessed in receiving what your father has for you and doubly blessed in the joy you give to him [which is like no other to a father].
Note to Newt: "If the end brings me out right, what's said against me won't matter. If the end brings me out wrong, 10 angels swearing I was right won't matter." [You'll know the author.]
Comment: #76
Posted by: Goldwater Guy
Sat Nov 19, 2011 8:02 AM
Re: Odgred Weary
Your opinions are proceeded only by your ignorance so please refrain from disrespecting President Obama with your words of wisdom.
Comment: #77
Posted by: chubbey
Sun Nov 20, 2011 6:53 AM
I don't understand why having a conversation of opinions over others' lives has to take on such bias hatred?! Can't we have respect for each other without bashing one an-others points of view; and keep the views intelligently sound with comments that show good character?! Republican or Democrat keep watch over your character!
Comment: #78
Posted by: tonibets
Mon Nov 21, 2011 10:54 PM
Re: Chuck LongThats a great reply. They suffer from the similar birther syndrome.
Comment: #79
Posted by: Jim
Tue Nov 22, 2011 1:14 PM
Re: BigfootHe admitted that was a big mistake onhis part.
Comment: #80
Posted by: Jim
Tue Nov 22, 2011 1:17 PM
I have no problems with Jackie's account, but I do have a problem with you sanctimonious Dems that have no trouble voting for a moral scoundrel (Clinton) and a blatant Socialist (Obama) for President of this Great Country! You are obviously threatened by Gingrich and his superior intellect to unseat the WORST president in modern history. Obama's only legacies will be his corruption, repealed Obamacare and thank God, a "one and done" President.
Comment: #81
Posted by: Bill S.
Wed Nov 23, 2011 8:18 AM
Re: Gary Norris
your comments to what his daughter wrote are just prove how ridiculous left wing liberals pathetic coward....
Comment: #82
Posted by: barbara wall
Mon Nov 28, 2011 8:15 PM
Re: jimdandy I know isn't it a pathetic group of liberals harassing Newt's daughter for no other reason than to be mean and nasty..unbelievable...they never cease to amaze me....
Comment: #83
Posted by: barbara wall
Mon Nov 28, 2011 8:18 PM
Re: Bill S. I totally agree with you!
Comment: #84
Posted by: barbara wall
Mon Nov 28, 2011 8:23 PM
Re: Taho Hugh Birdwell
Newt Gingrich's daughter is well beyond age 13 when the controversial hospital visit occurred. Since she claims to have a close relationship with both her parents one can safely assume she now understands what went on during the hospital visit and that both parents were made aware of her statement before it was made public. All the sordid statements concerning the visit should be dismissed as inaccurate as she implied.
Comment: #85
Posted by: Joel Martin
Tue Nov 29, 2011 11:50 AM
Thank you for speaking out on behalf of your mom and dad. I admire and respect Mr. Gingrich. He has our vote and is in our prayers. Bless you and yours.
Comment: #86
Posted by: hope c
Wed Nov 30, 2011 7:14 PM

Exactly the person i described....sad creature.
Comment: #87
Posted by: hope c
Wed Nov 30, 2011 7:17 PM
Re: jimdandyAMEN!! The past PRIVATE lives of these people is their own business. Who are we to judge if Jackie Cushman is telling the truth? were any of us involved in their PRIVATE lives THREE DECADES AGO? It is difficult to not get angry and as far as Obama and his certificate of live birth goes well NO COMMENT!
Comment: #88
Posted by: Patricia
Wed Nov 30, 2011 7:19 PM
Thank you for providing insight into what has been a widely mis-reported story.
None of us is perfect and I am personally not interested in hearing family stories that are none of my business, particularly at such a difficult time, but appreciate you setting the record straight.
I AM interested in seeing a superb leader with vision moving into position to unseat perhaps the greatest failure as a President our great country has ever had to endure.
God speed to you and your family and particularly to your father in his efforts to take over the reigns of leadership so desperately needed by our country at this time.
Comment: #89
Posted by: Dan Gunther
Wed Nov 30, 2011 7:35 PM
I remember liberals spreading this mess around; it was around the same time that the liberal press was busy demonizing Ronald Reagan. Yes, Ronald Reagan, the president in which Obama now quotes and who was voted the best president in modern day history.
Comment: #90
Posted by: carl marcus
Wed Nov 30, 2011 8:49 PM
Re: Taho Hugh Birdwell
If you have such a good memory, you would have remembered that Newt's contract with America saved President Clinton's legacy, let alone got him elected again. Yes Bill did sign it, to his credit.
Why don't you just go to one of obama's fund raisers and bow down to him, if you can afford it; I'm sure you're happy where the country has gone since obama got in - that is IF you are a crazy radical, a union leader, a liberal government worker, a trial lawyer, or an anti-semite.
Comment: #91
Posted by: carl marcus
Wed Nov 30, 2011 9:02 PM
Re: Godisgood1Lady did you read the article? Her mother's memory? Her mother is still alive. This has nothing to do with being President. Clinton had an affair in the White h House and he was married. Kennedy had affairs on his wife. His daughter was there and I think she knows better then any of us do and I don't think she would lie and hurt her mother if it wasn't true. I'm sure she talked to her mother before printing this article. She wants you to make a choice on facts not lies or untrue stories. Who cares anyway it is his personal life and none of our business. Everyone makes mistakes and bad choices in life, so who are we to judge.
Comment: #92
Posted by: Rennelle Mosher
Wed Nov 30, 2011 10:39 PM
Re: Jim Brown
You just said the magic words, Washington Post. The left news media lies and you are without a doubt, one who salivates over rumors. My father, once a strong Democrat and Federal Law Enforcement Agent, warned me in the sixties about the power of the press. He died a Republican. You are very much like the O.J. jury. They would not admit his killings if they had stood there and watched it.
Comment: #93
Posted by: terry
Thu Dec 1, 2011 2:41 AM
It is clear from the timeline that Newt was seduced by a teacher when he was 16 and she was 23. She should have known better. It is not surprising the marriage failed. Newt has repented of his errors, and has never accused his first wife of what was clearly inappropriate behavior.
Comment: #94
Posted by: barbara oleary
Thu Dec 1, 2011 6:41 AM
Lots of folks have made mistakes which Newt acknowledges he's made. If what I've read is true, Newt married his 26 year old h.s. teacher at a very young age. Perhaps she should accept some blame for a marriage that most likely should never have occurred instead of everyone who knew her taking her side!
Comment: #95
Posted by: LaLa
Thu Dec 1, 2011 9:57 AM
I believe you. This is the first time I have heard the true story from someone who was there. Thank you for sharing your personal life with us.

I am thinkinf of voting for you Father.
Comment: #96
Posted by: Vicky Bennett
Thu Dec 1, 2011 10:32 AM
Re: Jim Brown I believe the daughter. The mom was most likely very upset at that point, and she may now change her story.

She wanted the divorce. She was not dying of cancer.

Obviously the LEFT WING media have it wrong again.

NEWT 2012
Comment: #97
Posted by: Vicky Bennett
Thu Dec 1, 2011 10:34 AM
Re: LaLa I believe Newt knows he is half to blame for this.

As of right now Newt has my vote. I would love to see him and Obama debate without a telepromter.... Priceless
Comment: #98
Posted by: Vicky Bennett
Thu Dec 1, 2011 10:35 AM
It may be time to close comments and erase them - not worth the time to read many of them, people spilling mainly what they want to believe. The political brainwashing in this country is bizarre, and these comments are ruthlessly so.

No one knows the truth in a marriage but the two people in the marriage and maybe, maybe the children of the marriage, and even then there is conflict over what the truth is. How many divorces have you seen where the truth is the same for both parties? Further, divorce is painful and moreover, private, and if your family has reconciled this situation, then it should be put behind you with some sense of dignity...and that's what you've done here.

It was good of you to set the record straight, I only wish you would have done it on GRETA:) LOL Happy Days to you! And God Bless America, and God Bless Newt for giving up his privacy to help this country. It will take a great deal of shoveling, and I do believe he can do it! I'm sure he thanks God that he has a family who's behind him!
Comment: #99
Posted by: M.Krey
Thu Dec 1, 2011 2:50 PM
Re: Robert

To communism???
Comment: #100
Posted by: NLanigan
Sat Dec 3, 2011 11:25 AM
Much to do about nothing.

After hearing the wrong story so many times it sounds as though this one is missing something big. After reading the actual account it seems like the main brunt of the story has been removed. I could swear I read that Newt broke the news of his affair with a younger woman to your Mom as she lay on her death bed, dying from cancer. At least this was the story the media has spread.
Comment: #101
Posted by: Robert M
Sat Dec 3, 2011 2:51 PM
Re: Godisgood1

"Don't do this to your good Mom's Memory" Can democrats not read? Her Mother is alive and well. Democrats are like stone, nothing will change their negative opinion, not even the truth. The crazy responses from democrats proves more and more that liberalism really is a mental disease.
Comment: #102
Posted by: Robert M
Sat Dec 3, 2011 2:58 PM
It seems a large amount of time is spent on things that don't matter -- It was a private family matter and should not be part of a political agenda. If we all had our lives examined under a microscope, what story of ours would be twisted over the course of 30 years? Politicians are not GOD. No one person in this life is perfect. Why do we expect our President to be? If you think you and your family can stand the heat of a microscopic examanation of your entire life, and that you can do a better job than those who currently serve, get off your high-horse and do something other than whine. As my parents taught me, "...someone is always going to have something mean and nasty to say, no matter how you live your life; you know the truth."
Comment: #103
Posted by: Donna D.
Sun Dec 4, 2011 8:30 AM
Re: Mark Jeffers - Right on Mr. Jeffers! Well said!!!
Comment: #104
Posted by: Sharon Morton
Mon Dec 5, 2011 10:46 AM
Re: Nancy - Right on Nancy.
Comment: #105
Posted by: Sharon Morton
Mon Dec 5, 2011 10:57 AM
Re: Bill S.Right on.
Comment: #106
Posted by: Sharon Morton
Mon Dec 5, 2011 11:02 AM
I think that Newt can be saved. Our President is beyond salvageable.
Comment: #107
Posted by: Catholic Psychdoc
Tue Dec 6, 2011 5:59 AM
Re: Chuck Long - Chuck is the Hawaii that's in Asia?
Comment: #108
Posted by: Al
Tue Dec 6, 2011 1:43 PM
Irrespective of family matters, the person in the white house should be a strict constitutionalist. Neither Newt or Obama come close to that. Ron Paul is the only candidate in the race for president in 2012 who is that strict constitutionalist. I will vote for Ron Paul and support him all the way to the white house in 2012.
Comment: #109
Posted by: Edwin
Tue Dec 6, 2011 4:34 PM
I don't care what Newt, Mitt, or any candidate running against Obama has done, I will vote for the candidate running against OBAMA, the worst President this country has ever elected. Mr. "Empty Suit" Obama, the do nothing but campaign for the 2012 Election Obama. Obama has been nothing more than a Puppet for the Democratic Party.
Comment: #110
Posted by: P. Detterich
Thu Dec 8, 2011 10:38 PM
Re: Joel Martin

How do you figure she was well beyond 13? She was born in 1966. Do the math.
Comment: #111
Posted by: WadeHM
Fri Dec 9, 2011 4:04 PM
I don't think anyone should be judged on their past. However, you people seem to forget the fact that it was good ole faithful Newt calling for the impeachment of Clinton for being unfaithful. WOW! What Hypocracy! I just don't trust someone who has been kicked to the curb by his own CONservative party/Good Ole Party! Not to mention the fact that he met his last 2 wives while campagining. So, let's imagine he became president, and had the power of the white house backing him. He could possibly meet 3 or 4 more new wives.... Wakeup people, NOONE can find any dirt on Obama, and that's why CONservaties are so eager to make him a 1 term president. Americans are smarter than people give them credit for, and those people are gonna be the people that make Obama a 2nd term president. You don't have to be a genious to know that the rich have gotten richer and the poor, well poorer. Give credit where credit due! Newt has convinced some, but it will take a whole lot more to convince his old buddies in Congress. If you couldn't do what it took to make a marriages work, then how can you possibly do what it takes to make America work???? I just don't think ole Newt understands commitment, sacrifice & compromise. You have to know and possess each and every one of those things to be a man of integrity. It takes a man that possesses those qualities, a man of great integrity to uphold the most respected job in the country!
Comment: #112
Posted by: stephanie
Sat Dec 10, 2011 9:31 AM
Jackie - I am here to say I am sorry that you have to endure some of these things these heartless people have spoken to you through this post. It takes a lot of guts to come forward and do what you have done. I know what it is like to come from a broken family. Its not all good nor bad. I can see the gleem in Newt's eyes when he talks about you two girls. I do believe him when he states that he has a fantastic relationship with his daughters. As far as your Mother, she did what she had to do. I am going to vote for Newt because he has been around for a long time. I dont care about baggage, or personal life tramas, I believe that he can do the job . What my grand children and great grand children are going to endure while us ole folks pass away is horrible and it has been done with one person and that is Obama. I pray that we get some relief from the horrible things that Obama as done the past three years and a great person as Newt can take over and make it better. God bless you Jackie and your sister.
Comment: #113
Posted by: Jeanne
Tue Dec 13, 2011 6:17 PM
As a Christian who believes God calls us to a higher standard, I understand how horrible it must be in His eyes when we do things in life contrary to His will (sin) but I also know from personal experience how God forgives us and restores us to right standing with Himself. The Bible tells us that He even forgets our sin and doesn't hold it against us anymore. The Bible uses a particularly apt word picture to describe this event! (Psalms 103:9-12) He will not always strive with us, Nor will He keep His anger forever. He has not dealt with us according to our sins, Nor punished us according to our iniquities. For as the heavens are high above the earth, So great is His mercy toward those who fear Him; As far as the east is from the west, So far has He removed our transgressions from us. (NKJV) "As far as the east is from the west"! That describes an boundlss separation, an endless distance between us and the sins that distanced us from our Heavenly Father! That's a wonderful concept but obviously one that is hard to emulate. It seems most of us want justice for others and mercy for ourselves! I can't know Newt Gingrich's heart but I do know this - there isn't anyone running for public office who doesn't have a past. There isn't anyone running who doesn't need forgiveness for their past and there never will be! If we aren't careful, we will allow the media to set the standard for conservatives to be elected so high no one can run! I'm not advocating that we need low standards - just fair and equal standards and the public's acceptance that we have the right, and even the responsibility, to accept a person's public confession for past discretions and forgive them and then, move on!
Comment: #114
Posted by: Mark
Tue Dec 20, 2011 9:41 AM
Seriously? When you're 13, there is so much your parents do not tell you. It's quite possible that you were lied to and often by either one or both parents regarding their divorce. You're an adult now, and you must realize that adults do not always share the truth with their children in an effort to shield them from pain. But now it's time to grow up. Your father, as much as you love him, does not treat women well in general. He's a serial philanderer and that's not your fault. Too bad Callista will get a taste of her own medicine, if she hasn't already.
Comment: #115
Posted by: Katelyn Jackson
Mon Dec 26, 2011 10:05 PM
Re: Taho Hugh Birdwell: Oh, get off your high horse! She may have been 13, but she most certainly would remember where she was when she first heard her parents were getting a divorce! Teenagers don't forget things like that. The media has spun this "gossip" into something that has a life of its own, and anyone who believes it after reading what the daughter published on behalf of herself and her mother, is plain dumb!
Comment: #116
Posted by: Canadianlady2
Tue Dec 27, 2011 10:30 AM
Re: Godisgood1
Umm, her mother's memory? DId you not understand that her mother is alive. Do none of you understand that her mother approved and agreed with this article? Be you liberal, conservative, green or blue, people believe what they want to believe. Truth is often used and rarely understood.
Comment: #117
Posted by: Ellen
Tue Dec 27, 2011 11:24 AM
Re: Jim Brown
Maybe you need to cite the source of your information instead of just placing it here for us to believe.
Comment: #118
Posted by: denise
Tue Dec 27, 2011 11:37 AM
Re: jimdandy
Their stone throwers
Comment: #119
Posted by: denise
Tue Dec 27, 2011 11:40 AM
To all you folks who can't read very well please go back to the beginning of this article. She is not calling her mother a liar she is calling the media a liar - "And as long as I can remember, media coverage about him has contained misstatements of facts."

"But one of them seems to have taken on a life of its own, and simple corrections have not sufficed to set the record straight."

They've tried to correct the story but the media ignores them. Anyone who has ever dealt with the media has been misquoted it happens constantly! They have their agenda (each reporter) and they write what they want to. If you push them on the misquote a correction shows up in small print somewhere where no one sees it. It happens so often it is simply not worth anyone's time to pursue legally for all the little misquotes - after all think about this - when Mrs. Gingrich was misquoted what would the damages have been that She or Newt could sue for? Nothing.

Buch of not very thoughtful folks out here.
Comment: #120
Posted by: Larry
Thu Dec 29, 2011 9:56 AM
So, did you write this, or did dad and you just signed your name. Your dad filed for divorce, and he failed to support his ex wife, despite her health issues. He is a poor excuse for a man.
Comment: #121
Posted by: AndyZep
Thu Dec 29, 2011 1:54 PM
Re: Ellen
there are a few replies on here that are too funny, including yours Ellen. Her mother, stands by her recollection of events, let me be clear on that, her mother does not stand by her daughters, all of a sudden while dad is running for President story, she stands by what she herself has put into the media. Do not get this twisted, Newt cheated on his wives, he didn't pay child support as he should have (that's public record) and he did what her mother says. This is not a matter of whether or not you are a Newt hater or not. It is a matter that it is such a shame for her to try to be all of a sudden covering up for her dad. I am wondering when she will say her dad was a great family man for commiting adultery as well. Too bad Newt had to get in her ear and ask for this, too bad she is trying to make her mother look like a liar, and too bad she supports an adulterer, father or not.
Comment: #122
Posted by: pat
Fri Dec 30, 2011 11:37 AM
Re: Jim Brown Exactly. Straight from the Horse's ( EX-Wife's ) mouth. I believe her. And, she put him thru College, working as a Professor-all the way to PhD, while he never held a job, the whole time. Sorry, not Presidential Material. Immature-even now.
Comment: #123
Posted by: Bonnielouise
Fri Dec 30, 2011 7:05 PM
Re: pat : Pat-You said it much better than I did. Her Mom's 1985 interview said it all. While it is exciting to see Dad in the White House-this is so disloyal to her Mom. I feel so bad for her. Humiliated when asked for a Divorce after God knows what, and now this ridiculous story. Guess what-we were not born yesterday. This is just mean. Her Dad is even meaner.
Comment: #124
Posted by: Bonnielouise
Fri Dec 30, 2011 7:10 PM
Re: Bigfoot, I don't understand.. Global Warming a bunch of baloney? I find it hard to believe we have sooo many people out there that are blinded or just lackadaisical... People reference the FEW scientist that say its a HOAX... And geared to make money and deceive the world... Just like nicotine is not addictive.. remember a 12 panel group of scientists stated "I do not believe nicotine is addictive"... sure and we should have just taken there word for it.. here is some basic math...

150 B.C-- 150,000,000
1800 A.D-- 900,000,000
Ask your self- How many depended on fossil fuels before 1800 A.D
As of today World Population is est. 7,000,000,000...
Same question... 1/3 of the population is dependant on fossil fuels.. 5,250,000,000
So.. you still think we don't have that much of an impact on Planet Earth warming...
What I tell all people who think we don't pollute.. SUCK ON A TAILPIPE
Comment: #125
Posted by: TuckerMaxx
Sun Jan 8, 2012 12:42 PM
Comment: #126
Posted by: ANN
Tue Jan 10, 2012 7:58 PM
Re: Godisgood1
You pompous ass! It is in the nature of people to make mistakes, to sin and fall, and our responsibiity as God fearing people to give individuals the benefit of the doubt and not out right condemn them! Newt has made his peace with God and that should be enough! It is your judgementalism "Godisgood1" that drives Christians like me crazy! " ...You who are without sin, be the first to cast the stone." Newt brings solutions to the table that people should listen, discern and come to conclusions based on their merit.
Comment: #127
Posted by: Ray
Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:30 AM
Re: Mark
Right on Mark!
Comment: #128
Posted by: Ray
Fri Jan 13, 2012 2:16 PM
Re: Bigfootnewt gingrich said that was the stupidest thing he ever did and won't do that again either. he said it was a mistake.
Comment: #129
Posted by: Roy
Fri Jan 20, 2012 12:19 AM
Re: Jessica and don't forget the attack on Herman Cain to which you don't here anymore of those women hmm wonder what happened
Comment: #130
Posted by: Roy
Fri Jan 20, 2012 12:27 AM
I truly do not believe it is anyone's place to judge someone on how they have chosen to live their lives and what decisions they have deemed appropriate. However, one cannot help but to do this when you realize hypocrisy and a lack of integrity is at the root of a person's character. To use an old adage, "Those in glass houses should not throw stones", and I believe Mr. Gingrich has thrown his fair share. What happened to America's outrage when former President Clinton's affair with Ms. Liwinsky was dissected by anyone with a brain? I felt then as I do now that what takes place in a marriage is private and personal and only those parties can truly know what occured. And even then the perspectives may vary. I just would like to know why it mattered so much during the Clinton term yet it seems to not mean much now. What battle lines have been drawn and what exceptions have been made?
Comment: #131
Posted by: Iris
Fri Jan 20, 2012 8:07 AM
I think the people saying it's no one's place to judge someone's life are lying through their teeth. Tiger Woods was judged harshly, Bill Clinton was judged harshly, Jesse James was judged harshly, ect. Give me a break. What goes on in a persons personal life can most definitely be an accurate reflection of what could possibly go on in their public life. If he'll cheat on his wives and daughters, he'll cheat on the American people. It's that simple. This man is HIGHLY INTELLIGENT, knowledgeable, can hold a debate better than the majority of politicians, but make no mistake, the man is an outright liar who doesn't deserve to be President of the United States of America. It's nice that his daughter has taken up the reigns to defend her father, but it doesn't discount the truth which has been available to anyone who cared to look into Newt's sordid past for years now. This is nothing new. I believe the former Mrs. Gingrich over her daughter who was 13 at the time. How could she possibly remember the intimate details of her parents parting? She' cannot possibly.

We need a man or woman of moral character who doesn't disparage the very idea of family values by defying everything that it represents in his every day life.
Comment: #132
Posted by: Kelly
Fri Jan 20, 2012 4:40 PM
Re: AndyZep

Frontline 1996 did an interview with Newt's inner circle and they claimed Gingrich not only abandon his 1st wife and kids, but he refused to pay child support and alimony. This info is coming from his former campaign treasurer, press secretary and minister. They had to take up a collection to feed his two daughters. Now how sad is that!
Comment: #133
Posted by: Sassy
Sat Jan 21, 2012 2:22 AM
Re: Larry

Jackie Cushman is the liar....FRONTLINE 1996 "The Long March of Newt Gingrich" did an interview with Newt Gingrich's internal circle and they said he was cheating on her mom with various women. Also, after he abandoned his sick wife and two daughters, he refused to pay child support and alimony. Which they had to take up a collection can goods and money to feed them and keep the utilities on in the house.

This info came from his former campaign treasurer, press secretary and minister. The media isn't distorting what occurred, these are interviews with Gingrich's friends.
Comment: #134
Posted by: Sassy
Sat Jan 21, 2012 2:46 AM
Re: Larry

Jackie Cushman is the liar...FRONTLINE 1996 "The Long March of Newt Gingrich" They interviewed Newt's former campaign treasurer, press secretary and minister and they all said he abandoned her mother while sick and refused to pay alimony and child support. A collection of can goods and money was taken up to feed them and keep the utilities on.

The media is not distorting what has already been made public many years ago. Gingrich said it is all lies today, however these are his friends speaking on his bad behavior.
Comment: #135
Posted by: Sassy
Sat Jan 21, 2012 3:08 AM
Yeah if I was your mother diagnosed with cancer and knew my husband was cheating on me while I was going through such a stressful situation such is cancer, I would request a divorce from that unfaithful, oathe breaking jacka** too!. Your mother was quoted saying your father was putting her under stress when she shoudnt be...your father is running for President...tends to be a time where families sweep matters under the rug and then of course you think we the boters are stupid and will just eat it up.

Your father cheated on 2 wives....the 2nd time was while he was trying to impeach Clinton for doing the same with Monica Lewinsky....hypocrisy at its finest.

And no offense...but the word of the memory of a 13 year really believe your eyes were open to the full truth? You dont think your parents would lie to you to hide the painful truth? Or that your own mind is protecting itself by remembering what you want to remember? Your story has not weight...when your father has a pattern for cheating it doesnt matter when they divorced....he cheated on her and his 2nd wife and then preaches about family values!?

What a joke....and God forbid he wins the White House...he is a cheat, liar, hypocrite and an overall slimball after writing 22 rubber checks courtesy of taxpayer money. Then taking money from his non profit charitable organization for his own peraonal use as campaign money. Yeah that money was supposed to be for inner city kids and cost him a visit from the congressonal ethics committee and he was slapped with $300,000 in fines!

Oh and should I mention that while your father was being a hypocrite for making himself an advocate for family values while cheating on 2 wives, he also continued the pattern of hypocrisy by speaking out against Fannie Mae....but wait as he spoke out against them he was taking $1.6 million from them to be their lobbyist.

Standing up for your father and hiding his sins because he is running for President makes you a sell out and just as bad as doesnt fall far from the tree.
Comment: #136
Posted by: sarah
Sat Jan 21, 2012 3:51 AM
Reading these comments defending Newts past behavior as somethingto be ignored saddens me. When you are President you take an OATHE to defend the Constitution. He has shown a pattern for disrespecting OATHES!

He took 2 oathes to 2 different women to be faithful and stay with them through sickness and through health, to be faithful, til death do they part....hmm he broke both of those OATHES, so why should any intelligent American believe he will suddenly respect the Oathe of office when he broke 2 oathes before!?

He cheated on 2 wives!! Will he himself boasted himself as a family values advocate and then tried to oust Clinton fron office for cheating...while Newt was cheating...

He has shown a pattern of hypocrisy and integrity.

On top of stealing money from the taxpayers, stealing money from a charitable organization which he was fined over a quarter of a million dollars for by the ethics committee. And while he was speaking out against Fannie Mae he was taking $1.6 million from them to be thwir lobbyist.

Judge a man by his actions not his words....

This man you try to defend as spent decades saying one thing and doing another....thats what you want from your President!?


And you think that if he wins arguably one of the most powerful positions in the world he is all of a sudden going to change his way and start being honest!m

Okay well keep living in your fantasy land...its that kind of thinking that got us into this mess and its MY children who will have to pay gor your ignorance...
Comment: #137
Posted by: sarah
Sat Jan 21, 2012 4:29 AM
Ill apologiz now for my atrocious grammar and mispelld words now...hard to type and then proofread while im typing on my cell phone with a wriggly baby in my arms.
Comment: #138
Posted by: sarah
Sat Jan 21, 2012 4:42 AM
It is amazing to me that people are so willing to accept the immoral actions of this man. He may have found God and repented for his past sins, but really!!! This man is an immoral liar. His current wife is as bad as he is. She was his mistress for 6 years... this shows her lack of moral character also. What is it that we are looking for in our President and First Lady? Newt has shown that he is a power monger. He wants POWER. Showed with his first decision to marry his former high school geometry teacher who was 8 yrs his elder only to have an affair with his second wife and end an 18 yr marriage. Again he has an affair on his 2nd wife with a woman 26 yr younger than himself and ends another 18 yr marriage. This man has no boundaries... he started his adult life with a woman who has in a position of trust (his teacher) and now has a wife who he had an affair with while he was in a position of trust! NO THANKS TO NEWT and his mistress wife!
Comment: #139
Posted by: marilyn
Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:20 AM
Re: sarah
#1 - He has asked forgiveness from God and his family and been forgiven.
#2 - He accepted financing from a GOPAC for producing a 20-hr satellite TV college course and was fined $300,000.
#3 - He was reprimanded for accepting a $4.5 million book advance from HarperCollins publishers and gave it back.
#4 - He did not run for Speaker of the House in 1998 by his choice, so he was not thrown out.
#5 - The Bible states that if you look at a woman in lust you have committed adultery in your heart. How many men in this out of control society has not committed adultery?
#6 - Sen. Hillary Clinton accepted a $7 million book advance and the silence from the Congress and the MSM media was deafening.
I am amazed that Obama has been given a pass on his drug use, smoking and non-production of ANY school records or passport, valid SS# or Sel. Serv. #, yet Repubilicans are required to disclose every facet of their lives. When will the American public start asking the important questions regarding Obamas background and stop arguing over actions by any Republican?
I respect Jackie for her statement and accept her words, because I WAS NOT there, and neither was anyone except the four people who mattered. A 13 year-old is not too young to know what is going on in their home. I was only 14 when my parents divorced and knew exactly what the reasons were. Children are not deaf, dumb nor blind where the relationship between their parents is concerned. They know!
Evidently, some people feel they have the right to sit in judgment on another persons soul, since they do not accept the act of seeking forgiveness. Only God can judge our heart and know if the request for forgiveness is sincere, not the people who seem to think they are "without sin", so they can cast the first stone.
Comment: #140
Posted by: Sandra
Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:51 AM
Re: marilyn
His second wife was a mistress also, so how can she complain?
Comment: #141
Posted by: Sandra
Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:53 AM
Re: Sandra I'm not saying she has a leg to stand on. It is my opinion that a mistress deserves what she gets, a cheating husband who will replace her when the "next best thing" shows up. That is not the point I was making, Newt has serious ethic issues. I am not looking for another Bill Clinton. I am looking for a leader who has moral convictions. He may be a good debater, but I believe all good liars are good debaters.
Comment: #142
Posted by: marilyn
Sun Jan 22, 2012 6:06 PM
Re: Sandra -- Just one point regarding your 6 points... #1 you state, "He has asked forgiveness from God and his family and been forgiven". How do you know he was forgiven? Apparently, his 2nd wife has not forgiven him nor did he ask her for forgiveness. Furthermore, I do have the right to sit in judgment of a man who wants my vote to lead me and my country. I am not doubting that he has asked for forgiveness. I can forgive, but I am not a fool... I do not have to forget. He is not the quality of man let alone a leader that I want to represent me and my country.
Comment: #143
Posted by: marilyn
Sun Jan 22, 2012 6:17 PM
When my daughter was 13, she was so mature, a 17 yr old JR in another HS asked me if he could date her. He thought she was 18!! He turned white as as sheet when he found out she was only 13. So there are some 18 yr olds who are mature for their age. And I have no doubt she knows what happened between her Mom and Dad that day. I've never believed he 'asked for a divorce' on her death bed. Besides, I thought she was still living. Another thing, too: who are any of us to chastise someone when none of us are perfect? And I think GOD still forgives, something many humans have a hard time doing, let alone forgetting.
Comment: #144
Posted by: Barb
Sun Jan 22, 2012 6:57 PM
Re: Taho Hugh Birdwell - Who the heck are you? God? How dare you make these statements. Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. I guess that would be you, right?
Comment: #145
Posted by: Jeanne Chapman
Mon Jan 23, 2012 1:00 PM
Re: nunya - You are absolutely right. I guarantee that most of these negative comments come from hostile bitter women who have an axe to grind or self-righteous hypocrites who have a closet full of sin! I hope everyone in this country has your idea! This country needs to turn around or we will see many more divorces, broken homes and parent-less children. Then no one will be able to run for office. It happened decades ago people get over it and get on with it! It's not going to bring your husband back!
Comment: #146
Posted by: Jeanne Chapman
Mon Jan 23, 2012 1:04 PM
Re: Godisgood1 - Did you fail to read the article and just judge because you think you are perfect godisgood1? HER MOTHER ISN'T DEAD! I guess you think she is lying about that as well....
Comment: #147
Posted by: Jeanne Chapman
Mon Jan 23, 2012 1:14 PM
Re: Mark Jeffers- Yea Mark! You get it! Our country will wake up in a socialized nightmare if our current regime is allowed to bowl their way through our constitution. There is a reason that he won't release his college transcripts! It's funny, poor Rick Perry's were found, displayed and mocked within 1 day of his announcement to run. No one can seem to find the current dictator's nor can anyone find ANYONE who seemed to know him in college.....
Comment: #148
Posted by: Jeanne Chapman
Mon Jan 23, 2012 1:19 PM
After reading the majority of the posts above, I'm seriously concerned about the vile a spurious remarks made about Newt and his daughter. If you people consider yourselves "Christian", you need to really think about the meaning of that word. If Newt has asked forgiveness from God, for his sins; who are you to question that? He is answerable ONLY to God; not to you. Be concerned about your OWN relationship with God, unless your conscience is scrupulously clean and sin free. Thoughts count, by the way.
Comment: #149
Posted by: pye101
Wed Jan 25, 2012 2:28 PM
Re: Taho Hugh Birdwell
I'm astounded that you feel more qualified to know what went on in the hospital room than the young lady that was there.
This has NOTHING to do with him being qualified to be President.
Leave it alone.
Talk about the actually issues facing America and how you , who seem to be some sort of expert would solve them.
Thank you,
Comment: #150
Posted by: barbara
Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:03 PM
gingrich and his supporters are filthy lying devils
Comment: #151
Posted by: bv
Thu Jan 26, 2012 7:49 AM
wonder wat u think feel about how their father divorced their mother while she was in the hospital dying of cancer. great father you have. or did you forget that. because he is running for president and there is something in it for you. sorry girl your father has no morals and is not fit to be president.
Comment: #152
Posted by: gerry
Thu Jan 26, 2012 2:50 PM
Re: gesorry i mad ea mistake your mother did not have cancer, thank god for that. but still your father evnetho he has a few good ideas i do not think he is fit to be president. he has been lest thn truthful during the campaign about his dealings iwth fannie mae. he cares more about the republician party than he does about the working american class.
no newt for president
Comment: #153
Posted by: gerry
Thu Jan 26, 2012 2:58 PM
i sure hope having your family in tthe white house means this much to you.Your poor mom MAY GOD HOLD HER IN HIS ARMS.BECAUSE HER FAMILY RATHER HAVE DAD PRESIDENT
Comment: #154
Posted by: shirley shaw
Fri Jan 27, 2012 3:17 AM
The 2012 American Revolutionary Newt Gingrich
The current state of America reminds me of similar event.
Americans are standing on the edge of the Delaware River at sundown on Christmas Day 1776; fatigue, hunger, wet gunpowder and freezing temperatures ravage the body and spirits of these patriots. Resources are almost non-existent and failure is eminent, following a series of hard-fought defeats. Across the river are food, armaments, ammunition and dry clothing; in short, everything we need to endure and continue to fight for the cause of freedom and liberty. I draw the comparison from history, but the Americans standing on the river this winter evening are the voters of the 2012 Presidential election.
We the people find ourselves in similar discord. Our nation is ravaged by unemployment, a lack of opportunity, stressed foreign relations, loss of American jobs to foreign countries, weakened national security, uncontrolled poverty, the collapse of Medicare and Social Security and last but not least, the radical, socialist Obama Health Care Plan that was unjustly forced upon the American people without due representation; a stark reminder of another landmark event in American history.
With these serious issues facing the American people, the current administration is offering more government dependence, higher taxes and an ever-increasing, astronomical debt to foreign communists who will eventually collect on our debt, with payment of American land.
These brave men on this winter night made the decision to follow General George Washington to fight for freedom, independence and the ideals of the America they wanted for themselves and their children. They all together swore Victory or Death. On that winter evening, the Delaware crossing and the subsequent nine-mile march would be slow, arduous and not without risk. The enemy was highly skilled, powerful and possessed almost unlimited resources. Just as these men questioned whether freedom and liberty were worth the sacrifice, I ask each American voter to dig deep and decide Victory or Death in 2012, to make the decision to get into the boat and entrust the future of our Independent America to another revolutionary, Newt Gingrich. Together, 235-years later, we will navigate our way through treacherous waters and steer our country on the course toward Freedom, Independence and Virtue; in short, the ideals that once were and will be again.
I say to you, America, Victory or Death!

Lisa Rodivich
Wichita, Kansas

Comment: #155
Posted by: Lisa Rodivich
Fri Jan 27, 2012 10:35 AM
All that I ever heard was that Newtie presented his wife with divorce papers when she was in the hospital with cancer. Nothing about her dying of it. Okay, all right, she had a benign tumor, good, great for her. But what about the fact that his second wife Marianne says that Newt tried to get her into open marriage? Yes, I can forgive him for that, but, I don't think that he should be prez, for it shows his lack of morals. He was cheating on Marianne with Calista, for God's sake, t'was the SECOND time he'd cheated on a wife! That, plus the Freddie Mac deal proves that he couldn't, wouldn't , be a good prez of our land. As for Obama, I don't care for his views on abortion at ANY stage of the pregnancy, but, he's never, ever cheated on Michelle. Ah, this lady doesn't really like Romney that much, but, if he's nominated, I'll vote for him over Newt and Obama.
Comment: #156
Posted by: Cindy
Mon Jan 30, 2012 9:08 AM
Re: Bev H
I believe that God is forgiving but He is no patsy. He will forgive if one mends their ways and sins no more. He will not tolerate habitual sinning. Newt wouldn't know contrition if it bit him in the behind. Colista was a slut for eight years screwing a married man. Interesting that Newt compares himself so closely to Ronald Reagan our only divorced President who also had a child out of wedlock with Nancy.
Comment: #157
Posted by: Carl Echols
Sun Feb 5, 2012 2:01 PM
When my son needed surgery recently to have a fast-growing tumor removed, I got the very BEST surgeon in the hospital where I work. Yes, I knew he was steppng out on his wife, but ALL I cared about was the very BEST chance for my son to survive.. I feel this way about my country. We need someone to shake up Washington. I will vote for newt and let GOD judge Newt for his sins
Comment: #158
Posted by: shirley
Wed Feb 15, 2012 6:58 AM
Re: P.View
Lying and lack of morals seems to run i the Gingrich girls, look your father didn't pay child support yet talks about a spring board for the poor. Girls go home , live you life and accept your fathers has no moral character. when you defend him you are calling your own mother a liar, your step mother a liar and for what for a moment of fame. Have some backbone and moral character of your own---your father is a creep
Comment: #159
Posted by: Jeanie
Wed Feb 22, 2012 12:16 PM
Re: P.View
Lying and lack of morals seems to run i the Gingrich girls, look your father didn't pay child support yet talks about a spring board for the poor. Girls go home , live you life and accept your fathers has no moral character. when you defend him you are calling your own mother a liar, your step mother a liar and for what for a moment of fame. Have some backbone and moral character of your own---your father is a creep
Comment: #160
Posted by: Jeanie
Wed Feb 22, 2012 12:16 PM
Re: I cannot believe that her comments don't satisfy you. This is what happened in their family, at that time in her life and at 13 you do know what is happening. My parents divorced when I was around the same age. How could you say that? That was a sad and bad time and no one knows unless they are going through something like this. No one has the right to judge or really know what is happening, b/c it is too big a situation, don't undermine people who KNOW what you think they don't. What is it to you anyway?
Comment: #161
Posted by: Lorena Christensen
Tue May 1, 2012 12:05 AM
Re: Jeanie, you don't their family do you? The media does and the girls don't? You sound ridiculous. He did not lie about his affairs and he has mentioned that he was sorry for his past. I guess you must a perfect person, to judge him right? I don't justify his cheating on his wives, but that was a long time ago and people can change when they realize that they were wrong for doing what they did. He has admitted that. I guess you didn't get that Memo did you? You are calling The Gingrich girls liars when they were there for their parents' throughout their divorce. Give it up already and maybe you should go home and keep watching the news media, b/c they always tell the truth.
Comment: #162
Posted by: Lorena Christensen
Tue May 1, 2012 12:12 AM
Re: Cindy, I guess that makes Obama a great president, b/c he didn't cheat on Michelle? What have you been smoking? He has brought more debt to our country than we can handle, he has pretty much sold our souls to the devils in the middle east and our country has a lot of lazy ass people who want to occupy everywhere and do nothing and are worth a lot of nothing as well, he has given a lot of food stamps to a lot of people who don't deserve it, the list goes on and on. Newt has made mistakes, has he denied them at all? Think about that for a minute. That is his private life and times he is not proud of. He is he advocating that cheating is great? NO! So, I take it you are flawless? I think we know that answer to this question. Don't judge him like that. He has said he was sorry that he was not at his best at those times. I give him credit for trying a third time at marriage. Has he cheated on Callista? NO, he has not. I think he has learned his lesson. I don't think he meant to hurt those women out of malice. Forgiveness is what God wants us to bestow on Newt!! He needs our support and encouragement to embrace marriage, as he has now for 13 yrs. He doesn't deserve to find happiness? I hope that you find it in your heart to think about what you are doing by judging him like this. IF you care.
Comment: #163
Posted by: Lorena Christensen
Tue May 1, 2012 12:25 AM
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