Revelations Show That Trump Was Right to Fire Comey

By Adriana Cohen

September 2, 2017 3 min read

What if the Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather fight had been called 30 seconds into the first round for a phantom punch? Fans would have revolted.

That's what happened during the FBI's sham investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails, according to explosive new revelations. James Comey and his crew threw the fight.

This week, high-ranking members of the Senate Judiciary Committee informed us that the former FBI director drafted a statement last spring exonerating Clinton — before more than a dozen key witnesses were even interviewed, including Clinton herself.

It proves two things: The political fix was in from the get-go, and President Donald Trump was right to fire Comey, no matter how controversial his ousting was made to appear.

On Friday, the president tweeted, "Wow, looks like James Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton long before the investigation was over ... and so much more. A rigged system!"

And rigged it is.

How can any legitimate body of justice make a determination of innocence or guilt without having first interviewed 17 key witnesses with intimate knowledge of the activity in question — Clinton's use of rogue servers, in this case?

But rather than haul in critical witnesses for questioning — before deciding the outcome — Comey gave Clinton's inner circle immunity. It's no wonder he failed to act when former President Bill Clinton met with then-U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a tarmac in Phoenix days before Hillary's make-believe interview.

It gets worse.

The head-scratching immunity deals Comey doled out — like candy on Halloween — restricted the FBI from being permitted to review Clinton's emails and servers.

Add it all up and members of Congress, including Rep. Jim Jordan, are now calling for the appointment of a special counsel.

On Friday, the congressman from Ohio told me: "There are a lot of questions that remain unanswered about the actions of Loretta Lynch and James Comey during the Clinton email investigation. These latest revelations are highly concerning. The American people deserve answers. It's past time for a special counsel to look into Lynch, Comey and the Clinton email scandal."

Jordan is right. It's time to start over. A failure to do so would forever tarnish the reputation and legitimacy of our justice system.

The FBI has become politicized. And that's a dangerous scenario for all Americans. I don't care how you vote.

Adriana Cohen is host of "The Adriana Cohen Show," heard at noon on Boston Herald Radio. Follow her on Twitter @AdrianaCohen16.


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