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Ben Shapiro
Ben Shapiro
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How to Beat Obama


With President Obama's approval rating hovering at 49 percent according to the latest Rasmussen tracking poll, it is becoming increasingly clear that he is a formidable threat for re-election. Gas prices are through the roof; the economy remains in shambles; the situation in the Middle East has never been so tenuous. And yet nearly half of all Americans think Obama's doing a decent job. Which shows that nearly half of Americans are either dependent on the government or devoid of common sense or both.

It gets worse for conservatives. Obama's lead in Virginia has been growing, not shrinking. The latest Quinnipiac poll has Obama beating Romney 50 to 42 percent. In Ohio, it's no better — the most recent polls have Obama up by 12 points. In Florida, Obama leads Romney by a 46-43 margin.

It's still early. But Republicans had better figure out some new strategies or they will be left in the dust by the highly-organized, beautifully-tuned Obama campaign.

Conventional conservative wisdom says that the Republican nominee will be fine come November. The economy is bad, say the pundits, and therefore Obama will lose as a matter of course. There's only one problem: That's never happened before. Bad economies help Democrats. That's because the unemployed typically want more government care, and the currently-employed tend not to think the economy's all that bad.

Triangulation is also troublesome. Seizing the middle in this election cycle will be difficult, since Obama has staked out a record of not raising taxes, leaving Guantanamo Bay open, and "cracking down" on Wall Street. Even if we recognize that Obama's record is deeply leftist — his spending, his appeasement-oriented foreign policy, his dislike for traditional American values — we will have to convince the American public that he is radical.

That's an uphill battle in the face of a heavy media assault.

The biggest problem of all is that Americans seem to like President Obama personally. He can be charming; his family is certainly beautiful. He is also vain, rude, arrogant and nasty, of course — but the media has covered up those characteristics. Despite his political approval ratings varying widely over the last several years, Obama's personal approval rating has never dropped — it has remained high throughout.

Therein lies the problem.

It's a problem that can be laid at the feet of John McCain, who refused to define for the American public just who Barack Obama was, preferring instead to attack his arguments. That's a mistake in a presidential election, where you have to define the personality of your opponent before attacking him on policy.

Conservatives cannot make the same mistake in this election cycle. They must define for the American public just who Barack Obama is. Who is he? He's a man who never met a radical he didn't like. He's a fellow who thinks that American society is irreparably racist, irrationally bigoted and immoral beyond measure. He believes that fundamental change is necessary because America is a fundamentally nasty place.

When we seek to vet this president, we must look at all of him: not just the pretty pictures and not just the obvious policy failures. We must figure out what makes Barack Obama tick. It's only once we do that that the American people will know their commander-in-chief fully enough to lose faith in him. And he richly deserves that loss of faith.

Ben Shapiro, 28, is a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, and Editor-At-Large for the Breitbart websites. He is the four-time bestselling author of "Primetime Propaganda." To find out more about Ben Shapiro and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at



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Ben, how to beat Obama, you ask, put up the GOP nominees that your party is endorsing, what a group !!!! piece of cake, see ya at Obama's re-election celebration in November...............

Comment: #1
Posted by: Bloom Hilda
Wed Mar 21, 2012 5:06 PM
Yeah Broom, Obama is a good candidate! People love uncompromising, lying, corrupt, hyperpartisan, incompetent, elitist Presidents who cling to ideas that failed all around the world last century! If Obama was so great, desperate Liberals wouldn't spend so much time trashing candidates who all have accomplished much more than Obama had when he ran in 2008 and have even accomplished more than the Obama running in 2012.
Comment: #2
Posted by: Thetruth
Sat Mar 24, 2012 2:11 PM
Thetruth, you reinforce the old adage if you're Republican you are either rich or uninformed.
Comment: #3
Posted by: Steve
Sat Mar 24, 2012 6:37 PM
Really Steve do tell? Feel free to refute anything I said, please tell me that Obama is a compromising President with fresh ideas that haven't failed anywhere else. The corrupt, failed stimulus that was nothing more than a wasteful payoff to his big donors? How about the disaster known as Obamacare, which needed lies, threats, bribes, and playoffs just to get members of his own party to pass? What about cap and trade which even his own party wouldn't pass? Did you even know that historically the bigger the recession the greater the recovery, that is of course until Obama came in with outdated, failed policies from last century. Please explain to me how Democrats help the poor? If they do, then why does every blighted area consistently vote Democrat and without fail those areas get poorer and crime-ridden? You must be someone who belonged to a public sector union, did little work, were overpaid, and now you are retired at a young age, stealing money from the same hard working people you criticize. Come on Sheep Steve, let me hear you defend Obama, I can use a laugh after working hard all week.
Comment: #4
Posted by: Thetruth
Sat Mar 24, 2012 8:59 PM
Thetruth, I see you think it's ok to call other people out but don't like the same treatment done back to you. I read your comment and respect that you work hard all week and could use a laugh, I suggest a mirror or just reading some of your own rants because you don't have an inkling of the truth.
You want me to tell you something? Why should I? Who are you? I'd gladly tutor you for a fee, but before I take on a student I do a general knowledge, critical thinking assessment and you don't pass. Be glad you have a job and good luck with your anger issues.
Comment: #5
Posted by: Steve
Sat Mar 24, 2012 10:02 PM
Again a post from Steve that is all fluff with zero substance just like your empty suit idol Obama. I am still waiting to see the first intelligent statement from you, sorry telling someone who disagrees with you that they are rich or uninformed without one word of substance to back it up isn't going to cut it. Again feel free to actually comment on the stimulus, Obamacare, cap and trade, Obama's lies, the economy, unemployment, etc, I can use more of your mindless, comedy.
Comment: #6
Posted by: Thetruth
Mon Mar 26, 2012 7:50 PM
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