New Year's Trends

By Christopher Crown

October 31, 2020 4 min read

In the wild, whirlwind year of 2020, you probably shouldn't be going out on New Year's Eve, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't go all out with your New Year's wardrobe! Many families and friends are planning on having small, in-house New Year's Eve parties this year to reduce exposure and maintain social distancing. So, hosts will still want to look excellent.

Top-level fashion advisers and moguls are already laying out some of the upcoming trends for this year's New Year's Eve festivities, so if you're looking for new ideas or ways to spice up your classics, look no further.

Rachel Hinch, the former associate style editor at Baltimore Magazine, recommends finding fun, over-the-top styles, fabrics and accessories that you wouldn't wear any other time of the year. Jessica Pels, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, also has some ideas that you can only get away with on New Year's Eve.

Sequins are a traditional and timeless New Year's Eve look, but they've become trendier over the last several years. Look for dresses, hair bands, jewelry, jumpsuits and shoes coated with these glittery adornments. Some companies are even making menswear such as blazers and ties with a healthy dose of sequins, according to Hinch. Additionally, Pels recommends using stick-ons as part of your makeup. From upper eyelid or brow to cat-eye and cheek decorations, a tasteful sweep of small sequins or stars makes a great accent for your makeup and outfit, creating an exciting party look.

Similar to the flare of sequins, almost all fashion predictions to ring in 2021 include glitter and impressive makeup. Dale Arden Chong, a contributing editor for Who What Wear, has many recommendations for dazzling New Year's Eve add-ons. His suggestions include glitter-filled lip gloss and "gun metal" colors for makeup and accents. These shiny but harder colors give a "metallic smoky eye," says makeup artist Molly R. Stern, and are a "more festive take on the classic evening eye. This look delves into more rich tones with an iridescent sheen to catch the light." Pels also recommends ample glitter and coloration around the eyes and lips, specifically pitching an intense gold lip and corner-of-the-eyes combo.

To go with all this fancy sparkle and shine, drive it home with a decadent fabric, says Hinch. When else will you get to wear velvet and silk? Deep emerald green, royal blue and rose red are very trendy right now, so Hinch recommends full velvet dresses or attire with velvet accents for a romantic feel. Additionally, silk slip dresses and midi skirts can add a classy feel to more formal at-home parties. Try combining them with a stylish blazer or a cozy sweater, depending on your event.

Finally, get your hair right. Chong recommends fun, flowing hairstyles adorned with bright, eye-catching accessories. Right now, you can't go wrong with tinsel and shiny pins, states Chong, but chains are an edgy newcomer to the game. Wrap chains (think more thin, elegant jewelry and less chain-link iron) in a diamond pattern around braided hair for a bold and flashy look.

At the end of the day, find something fun and flashy that makes you feel festive. New Year's Eve is one time to truly let loose and go wild with your fashion statements, so find all things shiny, colorful, metallic and bejeweled and get creative. Take your time with your makeup and outfit. Plan it all in advance and piece together a look that you're truly excited about. This New Year's Eve should be about you, anyway: Dress like you're the trendsetter!

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