Let It Glow

By Kristen Castillo

November 3, 2017 5 min read

Forget watching the ball drop while wearing casual clothes or pajamas this Dec. 31. Instead, ring in the New Year in style.

Try out these up-to-the-minute hair and makeup trends for New Year's Eve 2017.

*Glitter Girl

It's not hard to add a little (or a lot of) sparkle to your holiday look. That's because glitter is everywhere this year.

Expect to see metallic eye shadows a lot this season, including shades like bronze, deep green and purples, as well as metallic pink and red.

Louis Philippe, an independent makeup artist in New York City, says eyes should be totally dramatic and smoky, such as mixing black and gold eyeliner.

"The more glitter in the gold the better luck for the following year," he says, noting false eyelashes are de rigueur.

Some retailers are even selling gold lashes. And glitter hair sprays are popping up, too, so you can add a spritz of shimmer to your do.

*Unfussy Hair

Unstructured hair works this holiday season. "Very lose and extremely undone waves and sleek pony tails with a defined center or deep side part are trendy," says Ryan Sanger, master hair colorist and educator of Bomane Salon.

David Scott of David Scott Beauty and David Scott Cosmetics Inc. says topknots, what he calls, "easy sexy hair," are a go-to look.

"This classic style will be easy to do: twisting hair while spraying hairspray on hair, tuck hair as not to see ends, finished," he says.

*Merry Manicure

Say cheers to the New Year with an "it" manicure. Deep shades such as burgundy, black and navy are in vogue this season.

Up the glitz with a metallic polish in shades like rose gold, silver or lavender. Or go full sparkle with a glitter polish in gold, purple or red.

*Kissable Lips

It's traditional to welcome the new year with a kiss, so make sure your lips are ready for a smooch.

Keep lips soft and kissable by moisturizing to prevent cracks. Use a lip balm daily. Then your pout will be ready to pucker up.

"When doing that special night out, don't forget to use a glam lipstick," says Scott, who suggests an attention-getting lipstick that will turn heads at a party.

Red, the always-bold lip choice, is very fashionable this season.

Here's how Philippe makes red lips pop: use a lip liner slightly darker than your choice of pure red lipstick; draw the lip line thick several times. Then use a lip brush to the liner with the lipstick

"This gives the lips a third dimension," he says, encouraging, "pout as if (you're) about to kiss the world."

*Make it Matte

Forget gloss as you're waiting for 2018. No one wants to have remnants of your shiny, goopy gloss on their lips just because they gave you a smooch.

With matte lipstick, your style will stay in place for hours, mess-free.

"If you do this correctly, the world will appreciate it when you kiss it and you will not waste time in re-applying," says Philippe.

*Celebrity Style

If you need beauty inspiration this holiday, check out social media and magazines to see what trends your favorite celebrities are rocking.

Sanger's list of stylish celebs includes the Kardashians, Gigi and Bella Hadid, and Rihanna.

Look to Jennifer Lopez for a timeless approach, says Scott, explaining the actress has an elegance that's easy to do. For example, her hair is versatile, looking good "long and sexy or up and sleek."

"Dress and style yourself however you feel most confident," says Sanger. "Confident makes everyone look prettier.

Stuck on what to wear? Philippe recommends, "Tons of love, gold glitter, black and red!"

*Fashionable Arrival

Make sure your NYE look arrival syncs up with your schedule. You want to make a flawless entrance to the party!

"Time of arrival at a New Year's fete is somewhere between 10:30 p.m. and 11:05 p.m.," says Philippe. "Arriving before or after will not crack any necks."

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