Living It Up

By Teresa Iqbal

July 12, 2016 4 min read

Weddings have become an opportunity for couples to impress and entertain their guests by showcasing their personalities. Couples are not only putting more thought into their wedding activities but also investing more money as weddings have transitioned to experiences for guests.

Capturing the moments that are to be cherished for years to come at the top of the priority list for couples. With the advent of social media, professional-grade photographs have become all the more important to couples who are looking to broadcast their journey from engagement to the much-anticipated "I do's." Photographers are paid to not only take the photos but also edit them, often bringing a specific style to mirror the tone of the wedding.

Couples are also paying big bucks to make the task of documenting such a special day with family and friends as unique and exciting as possible for everyone. Photo booths have become extremely popular and couples have an array of options to choose from. Whether a professional photo booth company is hired or a DIY backdrop is fashioned, with the addition of goofy props, plenty of laughs are guaranteed.

These pictures can also make a great guestbook activity. Guests are able to use props such as chalkboards to create personal messages to the couple, which can then be compiled into one photo album. One guestbook activity includes an elegant pi?ata that is filled with messages from guests which is to be broken by the couple on their first anniversary. A Mad Libs-style questionnaire or a private station for guests to record a sweet video message are also fun and interactive ways that guests can share their love for the couple.

Whether to have the chicken, beef or vegetarian entree is no longer the only food choice that wedding guests are being given these days. Many couples are using food as a way to express their personality while treating their guests to something beyond the typical reception dinner. Hiring food trucks is a popular of choice for couples willing to shell out big bucks on their big day. Dessert trucks showcasing cupcakes, donuts and sorbet are all great accompaniments to dinner. Many couples and their guests hope to spend all evening on the dance floor, so offering sliders or pretzels or other snacks is a great way to keep everyone energized and content well into the night.

Other food activities include beer and wine tasting, often executed during the appetizer hour when guests are mingling and waiting for the couple to arrive after the ceremony. Couples can make this experience even more special by brewing their own beer or keeping the craft brew choices local. Food buffets also offer an opportunity for couples to treat their guests and not have to worry about allergies or special food concerns. Some of the more common buffets include candy tables, dessert bars and s'mores.

Live entertainment adds that "wow" factor any wedding day. For example, mariachi performers offer a fun and personal way to serenade guests during dinnertime. Guests may even find themselves being entertained by the wedding party; it's becoming increasingly popular for the wedding party, including the wedding couple, to choreograph a dance routine for the reception. Even the father-daughter dance may surprise guests by being a choreographed dance routine rather than the expected slow dance.

For couples who find rice too bland as a wedding send-off, some are turning to firework sparklers, colorful streamers and confetti, all of which are visually interesting and allow for a much more exciting way for guests to get involved in sending off the couple to begin their new life together.

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