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By Sharon Mosley

March 11, 2013 4 min read

With a bold stroke of blue eye shadow, the swipe of red-hot lipstick or the sleek look of a back-combed updo, it's easy this spring and summer to get instant updates to your wardrobe without buying one new dress. Instead, concentrate on giving your makeup and hair a new twist. Here are the season's latest beauty trends from the runway:

--Red-hot lips. This red carpet look is definitely inspired by the Hollywood sirens of yesteryear. This spring, the reds are giving major lip service to fashion's beauty buzz. The brighter reds are moving into the season. Think hotter crimsons and punchy fuchsia pinks. Skip the gloss and go for more of an opaque matte finish to give your face a fresher feel this season.

--A blue mood. Color is brightening up fashion runways, and it is also showing up in eye shadow palettes. Don't be afraid of experimenting with the new sea of eye colors in the indigo blue palette -- one of this year's favorite hues. Makeup designers went to the extreme with the blue mood on the runways studding winged eyelids with crystals. But to get the effect without going all out, try a liquid liner in aqua to get just a touch of the blues. And if you cool off your eyes with blue, skip the red lips. One trend at a time is the best way to go here.

--Smoky eyes. Whether it's brushed in blue or rimmed in bronze, the smudged eye is still a popular statement. However, this season, the smoky eye glows with softer shadows that have more of a luminous glow for warmer weather. Try metallic tones of lighter browns with gold and bronze.

--Bold brows. A complement to the darker eye shadows, the strong brow is making a comeback. But don't think you can just throw out the tweezers. This season, the brows are striking and structured. Keeping them well groomed is a must.

--Long lashes. Another way to bring all the attention to your eyes. Lush lashes are batting a thousand this season as one of the best ways to improve your outlook on life, whether you add a pair of luxe false eyelashes or do it yourself with a thickening mascara that adds length. Try one of the new volumnizing mascaras for more oomph.

--Mute it. If ruby red lips are not for you, not to worry; the bare face is on the opposite spectrum of the trendy beauty scale this year. This "minimal" face features matte foundation and nude lips. However, beware of this trend. You can easily look washed out if you don't balance the pale face with a darker eye shadow or bolder brow.

--The straight and narrow. The sleek look of long hair took over the runways for spring 2013. Whether it was parted in the middle and hanging down in flat-ironed waves or starkly pulled back into knotted buns, many of the styles this spring are architecturally inspired to complement the geometric silhouettes of the clothes.

--Big bang theory. There has been lots of news with the new do of first lady Michelle Obama, but bangs ruled the spring runways, too. The slicked-back bang with long straight hair was another way to inject a new look into spring hairstyles.

--The new wavelength. On the opposite side of the long and sleek hair trends are curly and bouncy styles. Hairstylists give a nod to the romantic twist on hair with tousled back-combed updos (think 1960s) and messy chignons (think Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars). Take your pick, or combine both with the new trend of combining textures -- straight hair and crimped waves at the ends.

--Wigging it. Want to really transform yourself for the spring? Easy. Create a whole new you with a wig. Currently experiencing a major revival, wigs are a great way to check out new hairstyles, not to mention a new hair color. And who knows, you might even like to fake it out with a wig that matches that frosty blue eye shadow.

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