High Shine

By Sharon Mosley

March 6, 2009 4 min read


Sparkles and shimmers aren't just for nighttime

Sharon Mosley

Creators News Service

Want to really make your wardrobe shine this spring? Let those sparkling sequins and shimmering satins see the light of day. Don't save them for a night out on the town -- it's time to dazzle all day long.

Tia Cibani, creative director for Ports 1961, takes a shine to all fashion that glows in her spring collection, complete with shifts in lame fabrics, sequined jackets and patent belts.

"Why limit yourself to the old rule of wearing shiny clothes only at night?" asked Cibani. "It's much more fun to mix things up. I love to use what would normally be considered precious items in a non-precious way."

Sparkles and shimmers dotted the runways in many designers' collections for the spring. However, anyone can bring on the shine. Here are some tips on glimmering during the day or night this spring:

* Consider shiny textures in the same category as light colors and matte the same as dark. Use them to highlight or camouflage appropriately. For example, if you want to camouflage a large bust, a light-colored skirt with shine and dark-colored matte top is for you.

* Keep it simple. A solid-colored dress in a shiny fluid fabric that grazes the body is likely to become a favorite. For day, tone it down with chunky sandals. For night, punch it up with a pair of strappy heels.

* If you're new to this trend, stick with fabrics with neutral-colored sheens first. Then add brighter colors in sparkly or glossy versions.

* One shiny piece is all you need -- otherwise your whole look can start to look tacky. As much as we might love that slinky gold cardigan, skirt and tank top, it only takes one fashion piece to make you glow.

* Be adventurous. Don't be afraid to having a few shining moments -- even at work. A classically styled trench coat in a glowing metallic fabric can become one of your wardrobe staples, worn over a suit for work or a cocktail dress for an evening out. However, no matter how daring you may be, skip the gold harem pants.

* Have fun with laid-back glamour. Instead of wearing your usual little black dress to an informal party, slip into a beaded skirt topped off with a simple T-shirt. For a serious black-tie event, switch your top to a silky shell.

* Avoid anything too flimsy when it comes to shiny fabrics. Delicate fabrics such as chiffon or lace look their diaphanous best when laid over a controlling base like a tank top or slip.

* Bright accessories can brighten up any outfit day or night. A pair of glowing snakeskin sandals can transform a workday suit or a pair of jeans. Ditto for a shiny leather handbag or clutch. A statement accessory in a high gloss color will add glamour to any outfit.

* Want only a flash of sparkle? Try nail polish with a touch of shimmer in white or black. For an elegant day or nighttime look, stick to rounded tips on short nails. Or try a lip gloss with pearlescent shine or a luminescent cheek color for a soft glistening glow.

* Don't worry about mixing your metals. Whether it's fabric in clothing or accessories, gold, silver and bronze are all much more interesting if you aren't afraid of experimenting with mixing and matching.

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