Time For A Pro?

By Chelle Cordero

February 24, 2017 5 min read

Gardening is relaxing and therapeutic for many, and that green thumb is a pride and honor once you achieve it. Most projects need little more than patience and common household tools. However, there are times when even the most talented do-it-yourself gardener wants or needs professional help.

*What Can a Professional Landscaper Do for You?

Professional landscapers offer a variety of services from lawn mowing to fertilizing and design. Depending on your needs and budget, you can find the right service to complement your green thumb. If you choose, you can have the enjoyment of planting and cultivating your prize flowers while having a service do the tedious task of mowing and raking the rest of the lawn. You can also always hire someone to give you a prize-winning-worthy garden.

A complete professional landscape maintenance program is more than mowing, edging and blowing leaves away. You will often find a staff of horticultural experts, designers, pest control specialists, weed control and general lawn maintenance. Since a professional landscape maintenance program requires more time and visits from specialists in their fields, the price tag is higher than basic maintenance. Professional landscape companies are commonly hired to maintain the yards around large corporate enterprises.

If you are a homeowner who is simply interested in keeping your yard neat and manicured while you are busy with other pursuits, then a basic lawn maintenance program may be the right fit. Your grass will be kept trimmed and cut grass and other debris will be removed. Periodic fertilizer applications and pest control can be scheduled to keep your lawn looking green and healthy. Your neighbors will appreciate your efforts to support property values. This is also ideal if you travel frequently, and will help to keep your property looking inhabited and serve as a deterrent to would-be thieves.

The consideration of a professional company to care for your yard should go beyond just the very basic services you now require. Some mowing companies, while they can do the job well, will offer only those simple services, and you may have to hire different companies for that unexpected need such as pest or weed control. Full-service landscape maintenance companies will often offer varying packages based on your needs and the flexibility to upgrade, or downgrade, components to keep your yard in tip-top shape.

When you are selecting professionals to for individual projects or regular maintenance ask to see jobs they have already worked on, ask neighbors for references, and interview the person responsible for service contracts; ask to see package deals and specific terms about any changes made to your plan. Be sure to:

--Define your expectations.

-- Set a realistic budget.

--Communicate any changes to your landscape goals to the provider so they can tweak the service.

*When to Go Pro:

Even if you are adept at maintaining your own yard and you have the time and knowledge, some jobs are still more than you want to tackle. You probably could use help for tasks such as digging, contour sloping of the land, if underground wiring or plumbing needs to be laid, or depending on your local regulations if special permits and certifications are required. If your yard is prone to flooding or is too dry or rocky, a horticulturist can help plan and maintain the right types of plants that will flourish in that setting.

If you want to install permanent outdoor lighting for nighttime backyard entertaining, a professional landscaper can design the placement for attractive effectiveness and subcontract the job to an outdoor lighting expert who can install to local codes and ensure a safe result. Many outdoor water features begin with deep excavations, insulating pipes and ensuring that they don't leak, and allowing for proper drainage. Water feature designers work closely with landscapers to install the right feature for your garden. Home pools and spas require the use of large excavating equipment and compliance with local ordinances. A pool services contractor can help provide a safe, functional and attractive home amusement area. Decking and concrete contractors understand the proper construction needed to ensure a safe and eye-catching outdoor entertainment area in your yard.

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