There's An App For That

By Julia Price

May 21, 2018 5 min read

Smartphone apps are often used for entertainment, social media and simple day-to-day activities, such as getting driving directions, playing music and checking the weather. However, there is an entire group of apps designed specifically not only to help seniors keep their minds active but also to help make their daily tasks a little easier to achieve. Here are 20 apps that you can download immediately to help make your life smoother.

--Lumosity is an app developed by a team of researchers who create brain training games that keep your cognitive abilities intact. This is great for keeping a sharp memory and also helps you stay on top of your problem-solving skills.

--Skype is a webcam service that allows you to talk face-to-face with your loved ones. If you have an iPhone, an iPad, an iMac or a MacBook, you can also use FaceTime.

--Audible is an ad-free, uninterrupted audiobook service with all of the latest books, plus your favorite classics. Membership is $14.95 a month.

--WebMD's Symptom Checker app allows you to get more information on your condition, get health information updates and find health listings based on your location.

--Spotify, iTunes and Pandora are music apps. You can make a playlist or purchase your favorite songs, creating a mood to either relax you or get you motivated for some physical activity.

--Medisafe allows you to establish a Medfriend -- a family member, friend or caregiver -- and if you forget to take your medication, that person will be notified and can follow up with you.

--Pillboxie was created by a registered nurse. It shows you which pills you've taken and keeps you on schedule with taking them.

--With Park'n'Forget, once you park in a lot, you can hit a button and it will automatically save the location of your car. This can be especially helpful if the parking area is very large.

--Find My iPhone allows you to locate your Apple devices. You can track their locations and also send sound signals to lead you to them.

--Voice Reading is a text-to-speech app that you can use to hear what is written on the internet and in text messages; however, the user reviews are mixed.

--Netflix and Hulu are both subscription services that grant you access to their databases of movies and TV shows.

--Instant Heart Rate detects your heart rate from your finger.

--Eye Reader makes text larger when you hold your phone over it.

--Mint and Venmo keep track of your finances. Mint will tell you exactly how much money you spent on what every month. With Venmo, you can send money to friends and family. For example, you could give your grandchildren little surprises of cash if they do well on tests.

--With AARP's app, you can find events in your area, plus get notified about senior discounts and keep up on all of the latest news specifically geared toward your lifestyle.

--Life360 tracks the whereabouts of your friends and family.

--Red Panic Button has a red icon that you can push in emergency situations. When you press the button, your GPS coordinates are sent to your preselected emergency contacts.

--With Pill Identifier and Drug List, you can figure out the type of pill you have by taking its picture.

--GoodRx compares pharmacy prices on drugs and more.

--Moves tracks how much you move in a day.

Though these apps can be incredibly beneficial to your overall quality of life, it's just as important to spend as much time as you can having human interactions, as well. Social isolation increases our chances of premature death and depression, so use the apps but remember to prioritize connecting with your local friends and planning activities together. You can also reduce loneliness by spending time with animals. If you're unable to get to these activities yourself, check out the AARP app to see whether there are any options for those activities to come to you, or if you're in a retirement home, you can get involved and organize something like that yourself. Remember that these apps are to supplement your life and help you out, but don't let them distract you from the joys of living.

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