Decorating Your Mobility Scooter

By Sharon Naylor

June 12, 2013 5 min read

If you use a mobility scooter, consider adding a touch of your own personal style to it with decorative accessories. Doing so makes your "ride" easier to identify when you've parked it outside of a store among other scooters, and it's just fun to accessorize and accent your basic black, blue or other solid-colored scooter.

"I asked my grandchildren to help me jazz up my scooter during their last visit, and they loved it," says Masha Carrigan, a resident of a retiree community who has ridden a scooter for 10 years. "Now my scooter has some flair, and it makes me happy to see the stickers my grandchildren chose for me."

There's also a safety element to adding accents to scooters. Since scooter users can ride on sidewalks (and sometimes even in bicycle lanes depending on state laws), it's a smart idea to add reflective strips, stickers or press-on light-emitting diodes to ensure that you are visible to motorists, bicyclists, runners and skateboarders. Your scooter decor can keep you from physical danger during sunset, evening and foggy times with the addition of a reflective strip of tape that only costs a few dollars. And of course, the more visible you are to drivers who are speeding, passing or gliding through stop signs, the safer you are.

In addition to reflector strips, several scooter accents can also provide reflective features:

--Wheel rims

--Back of scooter chair totes

--Reflective fabric flags

Headlights and LEDs affixed to the back of the scooter are also wise accessories for safety and style, and lights are best kept to standard white lights. Of course, small colored lights can be affixed to the sides of the scooter for a light-up effect that's more stylistic than safety-specific.

Additional scooter decor ideas include:

--Stickers. At, you'll find round, oval, square, rectangular and heart-shaped stickers in a wide range of styles. From vintage roses to more modern zigzag stripes, smiley faces and antique Parisian designs, your scooter can even have an overall theme. At this site, you or your loved ones can also create custom stickers, including those with photo images.

--Bumper stickers. At, you'll find those longer bumper stickers with an array of motifs, including cute and funny sayings, pet-owner designs, flags of countries and states, quotes from your favorite movies and more.

--Bejeweled accents. At the craft store, you'll find stick-on crystal accents for an artistically applied design your kids and grandkids might call "blinged-out." These crystal stick-ons can create a pattern, spell out a word or saying or create the outlines of hearts, butterflies and other shapes.

--Charms on cords. Since charms "tell a story," like those Pandora bracelets that are all the rage in fashion accessories, you can create your own scooter charm bracelet with an attached cord holding charms of your wishes, in styles that tell a story about you, your family, your hobbies, your favorite things and favorite places.

--Basket liner. If your mobility scooter features a handy front basket, add some color and pattern to it by fitting in a decorative basket liner found on, or make it as an easy DIY sewing project. Etsy artisans also make basket liners, and some artisans create eco-friendly versions. You can line both your front basket and backseat tote with matching fabric for a coordinated look.

--Flag. A decorative flag rising up from your scooter can show off your team spirit, or it can show your fashionista side with a floral or safari design. Military veterans often display their branch of service with pride on their scooter flag.

Invite your loved ones to help decorate your scooter. It may not be something they expect you're interested in, but when you mention it, a world of new gift ideas opens up. You may get a stylish new gel seat cushion that matches your color scheme, stickers from the grandkids, magnetic signs for interchangeable decor, humorous pieces that are very "you" and much more. And add to your wish list a cool pair of sunglasses, perhaps colorful cat-eyes or dark mirrored glasses, to look ultra-stylish while showing off your newly decorated scooter around town.

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