What’s Cookin’

By Teresa Curto

October 5, 2018 4 min read

With the flood of photos showcasing drool-worthy meals on social media, it's likely that there is a self-proclaimed "foodie" in your life. Read ahead for perfect gift ideas at every price point that will delight aspiring chefs.


Veggie Bullet: The Veggie Bullet is a food prep system that makes some of the more tedious kitchen tasks take mere seconds. With attachments for slicing and shredding, a cutting board and knife are not required to end up with perfectly sliced potatoes. Perhaps the most novel of the Veggie Bullet's abilities is the spiralizing function. Spiralizing different types of squashes for a low-calorie substitute for pasta is all the rage for people looking for ways to slash calories from their diets.

Vitamix: The Vitamix is a high-powered blender that boasts the ability to do much more than make smoothies. It has the power to create nut butters, pestos and soups without burning out the motor or clogging up the blades. The Vitamix has gained popularity in its ability to prepare many of the trendiest food items. Riced cauliflower is a healthy alternative to other starches and is easiest when prepared in a high-speed blender such as this one. Pureed cashews mixed with a few different seasonings and nutritional yeast takes on a likeless to nacho cheese and is a tasty alternative among those looking to incorporate more plants into their diet.

Kitchenaid mixer: The image of the colorful Kitchenaid stand mixer sitting on the gleaming kitchen counter is iconic. Luckily, the Kitchenaid stand mixer is not only pretty but also extremely useful. Of course, whipping up cookie dough, cupcake batter and cake frosting is a breeze with this mixer. However, Kitchenaid mixers also come with a number of attachments that enable them to be used for more than just baking. Pizza dough, bread and pasta can be created with this handy mixer as well. The options are overwhelming, and it's sure to be loved by all.


Immersion blender: For those who do their cooking in a small kitchen or are cooking meals for one or two, finding modestly sized alternatives to large kitchen appliances can be a challenge. An immersion blender is significantly more compact than the traditional blender, and does many of the same functions efficiently. An immersion blender can be used directly in a pot to create smooth soups and can also be used to make a smoothie for one, leaving less mess to clean up.

Rice cooker: These days, a rice cooker can do much more than just cook rice. With additional cooking settings, such as oatmeal/porridge, slow cooker or steam, a rice cooker can cook an entire meal. There are many brands and models of rice cookers that are relatively affordable, too.


Salad spinner: Mason jar salads are trending. Yet preparing all of the ingredients needed for these picture-worthy meals can be time-consuming, especially when it comes to preparing the main ingredient, the lettuce. Rather than waste too much time -- and paper towels -- washing and drying lettuce before cutting it up, get a salad spinner to do the work with very little waste. The rinsed lettuce is simply placed inside the bowl and the centrifugal force from making the bowl spin removes the excess water from the leaves. No more soggy salads for your friends and family!

Fruit slicer: There are a number of tiny kitchen gadgets available on the market that were created to make cutting fruit less difficult -- and messy. In fact, there are tools that can slice strawberries and bananas, core pineapples, and even peel those tough oranges. Apple corers are some of the most popular of these gadgets. Having a freshly cut apple in seconds is a gift that most would smile about!

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