Presents For Pet People

By Kristen Castillo

September 29, 2017 4 min read

Thinking about what to give that pet lover in your life? Celebrate their furry family members with a stylish and creative present that's as personal as it is practical.

*Tail-Wagging Tech

--Activity tracker. Track how healthy cats and dogs are with pet wearables. Pets can wear fitness trackers much like humans do. GPS collars and pet trackers -- such as FitBark, PetPace and AKC Smart Collar -- can help owners monitor a pet's whereabouts and activity levels. Prices range from $25 to over $200, and some devices requires a subscription service.

--At-home camera. Pet enthusiasts enjoy checking in on their animals, so an at-home camera is a great gift idea. The Furbo dog camera, for example, sends owners text notifications when their dogs are barking. Owners can check in anytime. The camera, which is housed in a cylinder, allows pet owners to talk to the animal from afar. It can even reward dogs for good behavior by tossing treats and emit a clicking sound to reinforce positive behavior.

--Best walk ever. Know a pet owner who enjoys walks with her furry friends? She might like a subscription to an app detailing the best dog-friendly trails across the county. A subscription to AllTrails costs under $30 a year and provides information on 50,000 trails, such as trail difficulty, whether leashing is required and what amenities and sights are nearby.

--Selfie time. What pet lover hasn't struggled to take a selfie with his or her beloved animal? Dogs and cats typically squirm in photos, which is why a pet-distraction tool makes taking photos a lot easier. The Grommet's Pooch Selfie is billed as the "closest thing to a dog selfie stick." The $13 phone mount features a squeaky ball, which is ideal for pets to look at while owners snap selfies.

--Bright idea. Nighttime walks can be dangerous for pets and owners. Improve visibility with a bright light collar and leash. The LED collar and leash from the "Dog Whisperer," Cesar Millan, are sold separately, or you can purchase the two as a set for $44.

--Cute cases. Customize a phone case with the pet's picture and name. Websites such as CafePress ( allow you personalize covers for a variety of phone brands and models. Prices typically start around $20.

*D?cor and More

--Smile! Pet lovers know pets are members of the family. That's why they take so many photos and videos of their furry pals. Order a custom painting of a pet. For example, artist Kate Guscott can paint an acrylic portrait based on photos submitted with your order. Prices start just under $200.

--Lap it up. Surprise the pet enthusiast in your life with a fun and functional mug. Retailer features mugs with the slogans "Life Is Better With Cats," "Dog Hair Don't Care," "I Prefer Cats Over People" and more.

--In the bag. Tote bags are more ubiquitous than ever. Order a custom tote with a pet's picture. Or buy a preprinted bag with a cute graphic, such as "Cats Are My Bag" tote from Xenotee.

--Book club. Pet lovers who enjoy literature might like to curl up with books where pets are the main characters. For example, "Why Did It Have to Be You?" by Allyson Charles features a goat named Milo. "Dial Meow for Murder" by Bethany Blake follows a pet sitter who's trying to solve a murder.

--Always purr-fect. Still stumped about what gift to give a pet owner? Try a gift card. "While it seems a bit impersonal, a gift card to a pet store, or to the doggy day spa, is a great gift for a pet owner," says Mary Grace Donaldson, founder and editor-in-chief of Not Another Millennial Blog, who reminds gift givers that pet owners spend a lot of money on supplies, food, grooming, vet services and pet toys throughout the year.

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