Money And Muscle

By Jeanelle D. Horcasitas

December 4, 2015 5 min read

Working out and committing to a healthy lifestyle can be tough, especially if it means changing your routine. Jogging or cycling early in the morning or after a long day of work can take some getting used to. However, if you do not make exercise an active and necessary part of your schedule, it just won't happen. Sure, you can use the excuse that you're too busy -- but a one-hour workout is actually only 4 percent of your entire day!

OK, but what about those expensive gym memberships or recreation classes? Even if you have the time, do you have the money to pay for a membership fee every month? Although some people may consider it an investment and motivation to make sure they go to the gym regularly, you really don't need to pay a dime to be healthy and fit. There are plenty of free resources out there to keep you motivated, accountable and, more importantly, active, strong and healthy!

*The Incredible Nike+ Training Club App

Sometimes making the trip to attend a class or go to the gym can be a drag. However, with the NTC app, you have the option of working out from the comfort of your own home, or even going to the park or beach to get in a quick and fun workout. If you have a smartphone, you can download the app now and sign up for free!

You can find countless types of workouts under one of the following categories: "popular," "get lean," "get toned," "get strong" or "get focused." A few examples of workout options are high-intensity interval training, lifting light weights to build definition and specific, targeted workouts (abs, arms, legs).

Additionally, you can start at whatever level you feel most comfortable with: beginner, intermediate or advanced. You even have the option to customize the workout with more or less of a specific exercise. You can also check out the workout review and get a breakdown of each circuit and how long you will be doing each exercise for.

With countless, free workouts at your fingertips, it couldn't get much better -- right? Well, it can. Not only do you have a voice guiding you through each step of the workout, you also have the ability to pause on one of the circuits and watch a clip on how to appropriately do the exercise and then resume the workout. This component is wonderful for beginners who may not be familiar with what the workout is, and it can show you proper way to position your body to get the most out of the exercise!

This app also approximates the number of calories you burn in the workout and adds to your NikeFuel. NikeFuel is awarded once you've completed a workout, and it gets added to your profile. Watching your NikeFuel bar rise higher and higher with your progress is an amazing feeling!

You can also add friends using this app and keep each other accountable, or even create your own four-week program to ensure you meet your goals. I love the NTC app because it encourages you to push yourself to the next level and be the very best version of yourself.

*The Nike+ Running App

Another favorite is the Nike+ Running app. Similar to the NTC app, the Nike+ Running app keeps track of your runs. It tracks how many miles you've run total to date, shows a graph of your activity each week, tells you your average pace and the total calories burned from the run.

Additionally, this app is great because you can start challenges with your friends. This is a great way to add some friendly competition to the mix and motivate each other to meet the mileage goal. You even get a virtual trophy if you win first place! You also get small reminders throughout the week to go on a run and stay in the race with the other competitors. The NTC and Nike+ running apps are a match made in heaven -- especially if you like to mix up your workout routine and stay on track.

Although these apps are great resources for workouts, simply taking a 20- to 30-minute walk outside every day, going on a hike or even taking the stairs instead of the elevator all contribute to a happy and healthy lifestyle. So make the time to take care of and love yourself by keeping your body fit. And now that you know working out can be free and as simple as a click on your phone, there are no more excuses. It's time to get out there and work!

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