Exterior House Painting

By Mark J. Donovan

July 23, 2018 3 min read

Exterior house painting is one of the most difficult projects to schedule and complete, from a weather perspective. Exterior painting requires an ambient air temperature of about 50 to 90 degrees. In addition, the humidity should be low, and there should be little to no wind. If you decide to tackle an exterior house painting project outside of these weather conditions, chances are the paint will not hold up well.

Consequently, the window of opportunity for exterior house painting is dictated by the climate in your area. In general, July and August are the worst months of the year to paint a house, because the siding is often too hot to paint. And winter is an impossible time of the year for exterior house painting if you live in a cold climate. The fall season is usually the best time of the year for exterior painting, followed by spring, although spring weather can be quite rainy and humid.

Often, the do-it-yourself homeowner who chooses to paint his or her own house finds himself or herself tackling it in a way that resembles guerrilla warfare. This approach involves painting portions of the home over an extended period of time as weather conditions permit.

Another approach used by DIY homeowners is to have a weekend painting party, to which they invite friends and family for a weekend of painting and cookouts. A problem with this approach is that often more than just the house is painted. There are also some liability concerns. For example, someone could fall off a ladder.

For the best results, it is usually wise to hire a contractor who has a team that can quickly paint a home. Although they are also at the whim of Mother Nature, they at least have the ability to rapidly paint a house. In addition, they won't paint your car and themselves in the process.

Another solution, particularly when building a new home, is to use pre-primed or -painted house siding. This way, the weather window for applying a final coat of exterior paint is wider. Also, there is always the alternative of using vinyl or brick for the house siding, which would eliminate the need for any significant exterior house painting.

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