Five-star Bathroom

By Joseph Pubillones

August 12, 2016 4 min read

As Americans hustle and bustle to make ends meet and the work hours extend well beyond 40 hours per week, stress is an all-time high. Stress is responsible for triggering incidents from panic attacks to illness and even cardiac arrest. This is why the spa business is booming at an alarming rate. While some business folks may get the occasional perks of downtime to book a day at a spa, most American families do not have the luxury of time. Bringing the concept of the spa to your home is becoming quite popular.

Creating an at-home getaway is the goal when transforming your bathroom into a spa. There are several factors to consider in such a home improvement project. To get your bathroom to capture the spa feeling, you will want to capture as much room as possible. You will need more room to accommodate a luxurious tub to soak in, a large shower with massaging jet sprays, or perhaps a steam unit to transform your shower into a steam bath, a bench inside the shower, and a place to sit down and relax.

Give good consideration to plumbing fixtures and hardware. These valves and controls are important because they are tactile items, which affect the way you perceive your spa-bathroom. They are also effective to express a sense of luxury and relaxation.

The colors that are used in spas are deliberately chosen to reduce stress. The colors that are most used as those inspired by the sky, ocean and earth. These colors are usually very light. While they may seem washed out, these colors that are dusty and seem to insinuate another are the best. Like a soft white with an aqua green shimmer, or a beige that reflects salmon paired. These pale colors work the best when paired with white, gray or espresso cabinetry and trim.

Today's new spa-bathroom combinations also make a statement with tiles and stone treatments. The more exotic the marble, granite or quartz, the better. Sometimes great slabs are book-matched for an incredible organic pattern on walls and floors. Mosaics are historically tied to baths since pre-Roman times, and today with advances in technology, micro tiles can be laser cut and assembled to create the most incredible and fantastic patterns and designs.

Other items to be considered in the design of a spa-bathroom:

Candles: For burning at specific times, can be soothing. I would suggest a subtle aromatherapeutic scent. Small votive around your bath area can be beautiful, but also give off a relaxing glow.

The Best Linens: Accessorizing you bathroom with a nice bathrobe, thick absorbent towels, and bathmats are both useful and make your slippery surfaces safe.

Flowers and Plants: Are a great invigorating element of nature to add to your spa-bathroom. Plants are great because they help clean the air and give off oxygen.

Music: Part of the spa experience is too soothe your body and soul. Music is the best therapy to aid in relaxation and stress reduction. Spas pipe soft music everywhere for a reason. Add a couple of new jazz CDs to your repertoire and you are well on your way.

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