Apps To Make The Ride Easier

By Chelle Cordero

August 7, 2019 4 min read

From food delivery to fitness to travel to gaming, there's an app for just about everything these days, and car care is no exception. Available on your cellphone, tablet or computer, simple apps can help keep track of your automotive service needs, diagnose mechanical issues, help you economize at the gas pump, economize at the gas pump and even save your life. Your car is an investment. Downloading any of these top car care apps, available on both Android and iPhone, is a step toward getting the most out of your car's life.

*Allstate Mobile

Many insurance companies offer an app (or a plug-in unit for your vehicle) that tracks your driving performance including speed, short stops, seatbelt usage and more. The free Allstate Mobile app with the Drivewise program measures your driving behavior and rewards you for safe driving.


Taking care of your car will be easier than ever with the myCARFAX app. Linked to the myCARFAX service, this free app keeps track of the service and repair history of multiple vehicles, and sends reminders for scheduled maintenance. In addition, it can pinpoint local repair shops and provide cost estimates for each job, saving you time and energy.


One of the fears or bothers for electric vehicle owners is running out of charge. The Edumunds website says, "The PlugShare app makes it easy by showing you the closest charge station and breaking them down by which ones are home, public, quick-charge and in use." You'll have over 50,000 stations across the country to choose from, so you can put your worries aside.


Drivvo is used in over 180 countries by 1.5 million people. It helps you manage costs. The fuel mileage calculator keeps track of fuel consumption for all types of fuel and will show your car's average fuel consumption per day, as well as your monthly expenses.


Get help in an emergency with SOSmart. The app detects car accidents and sends a notification with your location to your specified emergency contacts. A panic button can also be pressed to alert your contacts, and the app will show a list of nearby hospitals with directions to get there.

Any and all of these apps will offer convenience, safety and peace of mind. Newer vehicles are sold with built-in applications for auto maintenance, navigation, real-time diagnostics, Wi-Fi hotspots and more. By using Bluetooth, your car may know more about you than you realize. But while many cringe at the idea of an invasion of privacy, a large amount of the data is not accessible to outside agencies without a court order, and these apps and technology do benefit the owners. An event data recorder, for example, is a tracking technology installed in almost every new car that monitors and records your driving behavior and speed temporarily, so the data could be used to ascertain the cause of an accident.

From saving you money to guiding you through repairs to even saving your life, you can control nearly all aspects of driving and car care from the palm of your hand, whether you have a luxury brand, sedan or pickup truck. Download the right app for you to stay connected and have a better, cheaper and safer time on the road.

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