Auto Body Shops

By Teresa Iqbal

September 21, 2016 4 min read

Whether it's for a minor rear-end collision or it's for a brand-new car that has unexpectedly found its way to a mailbox, many drivers will experience a painful trip to an auto body shop. As it can be a pricey and stressful experience, most consumers will jump on a deal that will save them money. However, most people are hesitant to risk their hard-earned money on expensive services performed by those they are not familiar with. But no more damage needs to be done, as access to deals and coupons is abundant nowadays. With a little research and preparation, you can have a fair expectation of the work to be done on one of your most prized possessions.

Of course, lots of great coupons can be found stuffed into the Sunday edition of your local paper. Consumers also have access to a number of deals that can be found online. Such companies as Groupon and LivingSocial have become the new norm when it comes to consumers looking for deals on the fly. These online marketplaces allow customers to forgo the time-consuming task of clipping coupons by allowing users to simply enter their ZIP code, choose a category and be presented with a multitude of deals available at just a click of a mouse. Making sure these companies are reliable and reputable is another story.

Many of these e-commerce marketplaces have their own review system integrated into their website. These reviews pertain to the specific merchant that is offering the deal. This means that you can typically find feedback from other users regarding their experiences and dealings with the same company. This is useful for two reasons. It can help give some insight as to the efficiency of the service provided by the auto body shop, and because these users are taking advantage of the same deals as you, they can also offer tips regarding the specific deal or coupon. Considering that there are often loopholes and fine print associated with promotional deals, this knowledge can be extremely valuable and help you from being shocked when a deal doesn't work out as you anticipated.

Of course, reading reviews about the particular auto body shop on sites that specialize in providing such information can be a wise idea, as well. There are several websites where members can give a rating of their experience and the service they received. Some of the more popular places where you can seek out reviews are Yelp, Angie's List and Facebook. Many of these platforms even have the ability for the merchant to respond and create a conversation with a member who has left a review, which can be an indication of professionalism, an attribute that can prove to be vital in the quality of service you receive.

Another way to get an idea of a company's professionalism is to seek out its website and other marketing tools. Merchants that seem to invest time and money in the way they are viewed by the public may prove to strive to conduct themselves well with their clients. It can be a good sign if a company's website boasts a clean and updated appearance with a platform that is user-friendly. A website that appears to be outdated and lacks general information can be a sign of a company that refuses to give its customers the information they need about the services provided, a common problem at auto body shops. Having an idea of the price range and services provided upfront can be a clue that the company will remain honest and open throughout the entire process.

It's important to remember that a brand has the ability to convey its image however it chooses over the internet or with other marketing tools. It's important to take a visit to the auto body shop that you have in mind to get a feeling for the business in person. Interact with the staff and take a look around to get an idea about the quality of work that is done at the business. A busy shop may signal a successful business capable of retaining content customers.

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