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Lack of Vote-Integrity Measures Disenfranchises Voters May. 28, 2020

Laura Hollis

The political impact of the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be as unpredictable as the virus itself, an... Read More

States' Rights Are So Last Month May. 24, 2020

Debra J. Saunders

WASHINGTON — On Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump did what he does worst — he to... Read More

Mr. President, Here's How You Can 'Make America Even Greater' Jan. 12, 2020

Wayne Allyn Root

We're still just days into 2020. Now is the perfect time for President Donald Trump to drive the Dem... Read More

In North Carolina Special, National Questions Intrude on Local Issues Jul. 09, 2019

Salena Zito

WADESBORO, North Carolina — By the end of the summer, towns such as this will be flooded with ... Read More

Kris Kobach Has a Few Demands Before He'll Agree to Be America's Top Xenophobe. May. 22, 2019

Daily Editorials

Kris Kobach isn't asking much to grant America his services as President Donald Trump's new immigrat... Read More

Electoral College in Jeopardy Apr. 01, 2019

Dick Morris

Democrats, impelled by losing the elections of 2000 and 2016 despite winning the popular vote, are s... Read More

Persuasion, Power and Fraud Nov. 15, 2018

Laura Hollis

In a free democratic republic, public policy should be a matter of persuasion. That is, those runnin... Read More

Pot-Kettle Media Call Trump Insecure Jan. 27, 2017

David Limbaugh

The Associated Press reports that President Donald Trump is "dogged by insecurity over his loss of t... Read More

The Duty of Loyalty Jan. 27, 2017

Linda Chavez

Presidential appointees take an oath "to preserve, protect and defend" not the president who appoint... Read More

The 5 Stages of Losing an Election to Donald Trump Dec. 16, 2016

David Harsanyi

Though many things have changed in American political life over the past couple of years, one aspect... Read More

Donald, Julian and James Come Bearing Gifts Oct. 20, 2016

Laura Hollis

Some GOP leaders and conservative writers are convinced that Donald Trump has destroyed the Republic... Read More

The Democratic Normal Shouldn't Be Normal Oct. 19, 2016

Ben Shapiro

There's no question that this election cycle has seen a bevy of radical media double standards. Dona... Read More

Blanket Registration Invite to Voter Fraud Jun. 19, 2015

Daily Editorials

Voter fraud is not imaginary. But labeling reasonable efforts to ensure that fraud doesn't taint ele... Read More

Universal Voting an Idea Worth Debating Jun. 16, 2015

Daily Editorials

Universal voter registration is one of those ideas that makes some sense if you set aside politics a... Read More

Hillary Clinton's Phantom Menace Jun. 11, 2015

Debra J. Saunders

Hillary Clinton has a new crusade. The Democrats' only name female candidate for president sees "a s... Read More

The Many Costs of Obama's Amnesty Mar. 24, 2015

Phyllis Schlafly

Seeing as the costs will come due only after Barack Obama has left the White House, I guess he doesn... Read More

The Misinformed Case for Voter ID May. 15, 2014

Steve Chapman

The logic behind laws requiring voters to provide a government-issued photo identification card is s... Read More

The Real Vote Fraud May. 11, 2014

Steve Chapman

Many years ago, as a college Republican, I spent one summer in Austin working for a candidate in a s... Read More

Opposing Voter ID Laws in the Name of Race Is Insulting to Minorities Mar. 21, 2014

David Limbaugh

This is a headline we should never see in the United States: "Federal Judge: Yes, Arizona and Kansas... Read More

Show Me the Fraud Aug. 30, 2011

Connie Schultz

Show me the fraud. Show me the hordes of college students using fake IDs to cast votes for president... Read More