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Bibi & Hamas -- Only Winners in Gaza War May. 18, 2021

Patrick Buchanan

"Israel is Winning Battles, Hamas is Winning the War." So ran the headline in the Jerusalem Post ato... Read More

Complicit: The Left's Indulgence of Hamas Guarantees Palestinians and Israelis Will Continue to Suffer May. 18, 2021

Jeff Robbins

In a statement last week, a Hamas spokesman expressed the mentality behind the suffering in Gaza in ... Read More

Biden Is Off to a Disastrous Start May. 14, 2021

David Harsanyi

Presidents aren't supreme beings imbued with the power to dictate economic conditions, pandemics or ... Read More

Has the Backlash Arrived for Police-Bashing? May. 11, 2021

Patrick Buchanan

Within hours of Saturday's shooting in Times Square where three bystanders, including a 4-year-old g... Read More

Punishing Big Pharma for Its Success Will Cost Lives May. 07, 2021

David Harsanyi

The New York Times reports that "Pfizer Reaps Hundreds of Millions in Profits From Covid Vaccine." T... Read More

Biden's Ruinous Refugee Dump May. 04, 2021

Michelle Malkin

Ready or not, here they come. Thanks to Joe Biden, America the Weary will soon open its doors to ano... Read More

Congressman Jim Jordan Sounds Off on Fauci and Biden's First 100 Days Apr. 30, 2021

Adriana Cohen

In an exclusive interview with ranking member of the judiciary committee, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, o... Read More

Unconstitutional Debt and Future Generations Apr. 29, 2021

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

Earlier this week, President Joseph R. Biden Jr. asked Congress to raise taxes and increase borrowin... Read More

Is America Led Today By Anti-Americans? Apr. 23, 2021

Patrick Buchanan

How can America unite again to do great things if we are led by people who believe America suffers f... Read More

Joe Biden's Climate Denialism Apr. 23, 2021

David Harsanyi

In anticipation of the virtual Leaders Summit on Climate, a two-day global gathering of more than 40... Read More

Biden Bids Farewell to a 'Forever War' Apr. 16, 2021

Patrick Buchanan

"It is time to end the forever war." So said President Joe Biden in his announcement that, as of Se... Read More

Not Every Tragedy Is a Racial Lesson Apr. 16, 2021

Mona Charen

Reliving the awful details of George Floyd's slow suffocation is brutal and emotionally draining. As... Read More

Putin & Xi Have Red Lines, Too Apr. 13, 2021

Patrick Buchanan

What are Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping up to? In recent days, Russian tanks, artillery, armor, truck... Read More

Will Joe Biden's Jim Crow Big Lie Boomerang? Apr. 09, 2021

Michael Barone

The big lie works — until it doesn't. The big lie in this case is Joe Biden's charge that the ... Read More

The Tyranny of the Majority Apr. 08, 2021

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

"Which is better — to be ruled by one tyrant three thousand miles away, or three thousand tyra... Read More

For What Should We Fight Russia or China? Apr. 06, 2021

Patrick Buchanan

Last Monday, in a single six-hour period, NATO launched 10 air intercepts to shadow six separate gro... Read More

Why Putin's Pipeline Is Welcome in Germany Mar. 26, 2021

Patrick Buchanan

During a joint interview with Jens Stoltenberg, the Norwegian secretary-general of NATO, Secretary o... Read More

China Must Come Clean on COVID Mar. 24, 2021

Betsy McCaughey

If a plane goes down, there has to be an investigation. Otherwise, no one would feel safe flying aga... Read More

Why Is Biden Creating His Own Crises? Mar. 23, 2021

Patrick Buchanan

Our mainstream media largely ignored it, the world media did not. Ascending the stairs of Air Force ... Read More

Do We Not Have Enough Enemies? Mar. 19, 2021

Patrick Buchanan

Asked bluntly by ABC's George Stephanopoulos if he believes Russian President Vladimir Putin is "a k... Read More