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Responsible but Expensive Dec. 11, 2016

Dear AnnieĀ®

Dear Annie: My husband doesn't drink, for medical reasons. Recently, we were headed to a big dinner ... Read More

Freedom to Work Oct. 19, 2016

Walter E. Williams

If a person wants to go into business as a taxicab owner, what requirements should be imposed to pro... Read More

Making Money Through a Rideshare Service Is About More Than Driving Aug. 03, 2016

Ask Carrie

Dear Carrie, I'm thinking of supplementing my income by driving for a rideshare service. What's the... Read More

Uber Infuriates Regulators But Increases Public Safety Jun. 23, 2016

Scott Rasmussen

In the view of those who believe that bureaucrats know best, the only way to protect consumers from ... Read More

What does it Mean to "Gig" American Workers? May. 11, 2016

Jim Hightower

Pouty, whiney, spoiled-bratism is not nice coming from a four-year-old — but it's grotesque wh... Read More

Uber Proving a Benefit Even to Riders Who Don't Use it Jan. 28, 2016

Daily Editorials

If you have noticed that your taxi ride has become more pleasant and your driver more polite over th... Read More

The Struggle for Economic Liberty Aug. 26, 2015

Walter E. Williams

Here's my taxi question. If a person is law-abiding, has a driver's license, has a car or van that h... Read More

The Tech Industry Poised to Reinvent Regulation Jun. 20, 2014

Scott Rasmussen

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how Uber was upsetting government regulators. The ride-sharing compan... Read More

Uber Is the Future Jun. 10, 2014

Froma Harrop

As dawn creeps over New York's Jamaica Bay, flocks of wide-bodied red-eyes — overnight flights... Read More

College for Everyone Is Not the Answer Jun. 06, 2014

Scott Rasmussen

A recent study estimated that getting a college degree is worth about a half-million dollars over th... Read More

Companies Like Uber Encourage Innovation and Improve Consumers' Lives May. 30, 2014

Scott Rasmussen

For people who've ever struggled to find a taxi, Uber is great news. If you're in a decent-sized cit... Read More

Drive Free Dec. 24, 2013

John Stossel

If you saw a fat man in a sleigh distributing presents this week, he was in violation of several gov... Read More

Taxi Talk and Limo Lingo Dec. 18, 2013

The Word Guy

Many of us enjoy visiting New York City for the holidays. So, for the bridge and tunnel crowd, here... Read More