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Open Borders Dems Threaten US Health Care System Mar. 20, 2020

Adriana Cohen

Coronavirus will be the coup de grace of the Democratic Party, as sensible Americans of all backgrou... Read More

Red China's Infection of US Classrooms Jan. 29, 2020

Michelle Malkin

Dangerous menaces are spreading from mainland China to the United States. Surgical masks and Big Pha... Read More

Billionaires and Corporations Love Anti-SLAPP Laws. Why Does John Oliver? Nov. 22, 2019

Ted Rall

John Oliver recently dedicated his HBO show to why we need a federal anti-SLAPP law. Like most of hi... Read More

Democrats Aren't Losing Faith in Our Constitutional System. They Just Don't Like It Nov. 09, 2018

David Harsanyi

In liberals' imaginations, there are only four ways to lose elections — and none has to do wit... Read More

The System Doesn't Need to Be 'Fixed' Every Time Dems Lose Jul. 06, 2018

David Harsanyi

If you're under the impression that the system exists merely to facilitate your partisan agenda, it'... Read More

Don't Make Matters Worse When Fixing DACA Jun. 15, 2018

Linda Chavez

For more than a decade, Congress has refused to deal with a broken immigration system. Year after ye... Read More

Capitalism vs. Socialism May. 30, 2018

Walter E. Williams

Several recent polls, plus the popularity of Sen. Bernie Sanders, demonstrate that young people pref... Read More

Trump's Greatest Generation Jan. 15, 2018

Marc Dion

I believe the newspaper columnist's job is to take a step to the side, to take a look at things from... Read More

Our Tax System Oct. 04, 2017

Taking Stock

Dear Mr. Berko: This is our third request for a copy of your column. Two years ago, our investment c... Read More

A Polarized Public? No. A Polarizing System Jul. 06, 2017

Steve Chapman

American politics is a bicycle with a rusty chain, flat tires and no brakes. It's broken, and it's n... Read More

Immigration Is About to Get a Lot More Complicated Jan. 31, 2017

This Woman's Work

If you're looking to live or work in a foreign country, you may have to stand in a long line for leg... Read More

Undermining Trust in Our Institutions Jan. 13, 2017

Linda Chavez

President-elect Donald Trump conceded this week that he thinks Russia was responsible for hacking th... Read More

An Issue That Won't Be Solved With Insults or Pandering Oct. 21, 2016

Linda Chavez

No issue has generated more heat in this year's presidential election than immigration — but n... Read More

Follow the Rules Apr. 15, 2016

Linda Chavez

As a Colorado Republican, I'm not thrilled with the way my state party participates in the president... Read More

Which Leaker Is Worse, Petraeus or Snowden? Mar. 08, 2015

Debra J. Saunders

Former four-star general and CIA chief David Petraeus pleaded guilty to one count of retaining class... Read More

Never Trust a Realist Aug. 01, 2014

Ted Rall

"There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why," Robert F. Kennedy famously said.... Read More

Wizard of Id

Jun. 10, 2014

Political Fight Is Brewing on Race-Based Preferences Mar. 23, 2014

Debra J. Saunders

That ended Monday when California state Sen. Ed Hernandez was forced to put a hold on a measure to a... Read More


Mar. 07, 2014

Why the Media Is Lying About Ukraine Being a Revolution Feb. 28, 2014

Ted Rall

Mainstream news outlets in the United States, whose politics are closely aligned with those of the U... Read More