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Is Trump At Last Ending Our 'Endless Wars'? Oct. 08, 2019

Patrick Buchanan

The backstage struggle between the Bush interventionists and the America-firsters who first backed D... Read More

Who Wants War with Iran -- and Why? Dec. 19, 2017

Patrick Buchanan

In the run-up to Christmas, President Donald Trump has been the beneficiary of some surprisingly goo... Read More

A Chaotic Middle East, 10 Years Later Aug. 10, 2016

Daily Editorials

Ten years ago this summer, Hezbollah militants kidnapped two Israeli soldiers. The incident triggere... Read More

Is There Racism in the Western Response to Terrorism? Nov. 19, 2015

Ray Hanania

Is anti-Muslim and anti-Arab bigotry driving how the West and America react to the increasing violen... Read More

Let Congress Vote on Iraq War III Aug. 15, 2014

Patrick Buchanan

Last week, we were told there were 40,000 Yazidis on Sinjar Mountain facing starvation if they remai... Read More

Bombing Won't Save Iraq Jun. 20, 2014

Patrick Buchanan

The panic that engulfed this capital after the fall of Mosul, when it appeared that the Islamist fan... Read More

Slaughter in Iraq -- Bush's Fault? Jun. 19, 2014

Larry Elder

President Barack Obama, on Dec. 12, 2011, called Iraq "self-reliant and democratic." He praised that... Read More