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The Celestial Strongman May. 21, 2020


Week of May 24-30, 2020 No matter how long I study the sky, there will always be star groupings I ju... Read More

Journey from Andromeda Sep. 26, 2019


Week of Sept. 29 - Oct. 5, 2019 A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a beam of light began its... Read More

A Celestial Superstar Dec. 20, 2018


Week of Dec. 23-29, 2018 Many years ago, a friend was taking a basic astronomy course to fulfill her... Read More

How Bright Are the Stars? Dec. 22, 2016


Week of December 25-31, 2016 Talk to any astronomer and you're likely to hear the word "magnitude."... Read More

Viewing the Moonlit Geminid Meteors Dec. 08, 2016


Week of December 11-17, 2016 It's December, and with it comes colder temperatures throughout much o... Read More