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Chairman of the Board May. 08, 2019

Single File®

As a single parent (Chairman of the Board) your first loyalty is to your children. Yes, you are an a... Read More

Rebuttal Apr. 10, 2019

Single File®

For the record, this columnist needs a posting of her own. Needled by some recent reader comments &#... Read More

Protecting My Son as a Single Mom Mar. 26, 2019

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: I am a young single mom. The father and I are not together. I am lonely at times withou... Read More

Turn the Tables Mar. 06, 2019

Single File®

It's a sure bet your folks feel their job isn't over if their daughter (little ol' you) has reached ... Read More

We Know Pain, but What Is It Really? Feb. 15, 2019

C Force

According to National Retail Federation estimates, fewer people celebrated Valentine's Day this year... Read More

Quiz Whiz Feb. 06, 2019

Single File®

It's fun time — tickle time for the brain. Yep, this is another chance to peer inside and come... Read More

Freedom First? Jan. 30, 2019

Single File®

DEAR SUSAN: This is one woman's comments on the 31-year-old man (who has never been married and is s... Read More

Undependence (Part 1) Dec. 19, 2018

Single File®

As regular readers know, that's no typo. "Undependence" is my word for wholeness, the ability to be ... Read More

The Hand That Rocks The Ladle Dec. 18, 2018

The Science Advice Goddess

I'm a 57-year-old twice-divorced man. Though I never wanted to get to a point where romance wouldn'... Read More

The Toss of a Coin Dec. 12, 2018

Single File®

Yes, singleness gives the power of being in charge of your life, but what about the sadness that we ... Read More

Looking All Ways Dec. 05, 2018

Single File®

Today's "Single File" column could be headlined "Looking Back," "Looking Ahead" or "Looking Within."... Read More

From Welfare to 'Franny' Dec. 05, 2018

Classic Zig Ziglar

Eva Young teaches us some lessons in commitment, hard work and determination in her efforts to leave... Read More

One and Only You Nov. 07, 2018

Single File®

Single life is a series of challenges. But the one that leaves me breathless even as I write this is... Read More

Be Good to Yourself Oct. 31, 2018

Single File®

I just happened to be reading my book ("Single File," for you in Readerland who haven't yet done the... Read More

Sometimes You Have to Be Your Own Parent Sep. 28, 2018

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: I am a 64-year-old male with decent looks and of average height. I'm a few pounds overwe... Read More

Singleness as Adventure Sep. 26, 2018

Single File®

It's true that being single isn't all fun and dream dates; on-your-own-ness can feel downright lonel... Read More

Keep It Light Aug. 29, 2018

Single File®

"She makes me laugh. We have fun together." "Just being with him is fun." It's more than possible th... Read More

Family Councils (Part 2) Aug. 22, 2018

Single File®

All the planning and anticipation is paying off. The council is tonight. Phones turned off, young mi... Read More

Family Councils (Part 1) Aug. 15, 2018

Single File®

Catapulted into young widowhood with a small son to raise, I was totally unprepared to be a single p... Read More

Bitterness (Part 2) Aug. 01, 2018

Single File®

If you've been musing on the power of bitterness and the awfulness it can play in a life, that's a s... Read More