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Ohio the Comeback State May. 14, 2019

Stephen Moore

I recently took some flak from Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown for saying in a speech at the Heartland Insti... Read More

Goodbye, OPEC May. 01, 2018

Stephen Moore

I have argued many times on these pages and elsewhere that the shale oil and gas revolution is the s... Read More

How Environmentalists Keep Heating Bills High Feb. 27, 2018

Stephen Moore

This has been a colder-than-usual winter in the Midwest and Northeast, so many Americans are facing ... Read More

Coal's Colossal Comeback Apr. 18, 2017

Stephen Moore

Buried in an otherwise-humdrum jobs report was the jaw-dropping pronouncement by the Department of L... Read More

Population Declining in States With Relatively High Dependence on Government Jan. 17, 2014

Michael Barone

The Census Bureau's holiday treat is its release of annual state population estimates, to be digeste... Read More