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Change and a Taurus Conjunction Jul. 31, 2021

Horoscopes by Holiday

The moon's conjunction with Uranus in stubborn Taurus reminds us how impossible it is to change peop... Read More

Mars Addresses Emotional Labor Jul. 30, 2021

Horoscopes by Holiday

Mars leaving the sign of the heart to explore Virgo, the sign of work, speaks to the burden of emoti... Read More

Mars Opposes Jupiter Under Leo's Watch Jul. 29, 2021

Horoscopes by Holiday

Under these Leo aspects, our ideas of what a relationship should be continue to conflict with our he... Read More

Jupiter in Socially Responsible Aquarius Jul. 28, 2021

Horoscopes by Holiday

In the weeks ahead, with Jupiter gliding through the early stages of socially responsible Aquarius, ... Read More

Mercury Enters Leo Jul. 27, 2021

Horoscopes by Holiday

A communication tip as Mercury enters Leo: To cultivate a style of getting your message across is le... Read More

Venus Teases Out the Story Jul. 26, 2021

Horoscopes by Holiday

The Pisces moon pulling across the sky from Venus releases the art from our souls. We are all the wr... Read More

Mercury and Jupiter Oppositional Musings Jul. 25, 2021

Horoscopes by Holiday

The day features time spent in pleasant ways as well as hours in quite the opposite mode. The unenjo... Read More

Water Sign Trine Jul. 24, 2021

Horoscopes by Holiday

Mercury and Neptune align in water signs to bring about inspired windows into adjacent realities. Th... Read More

Hope Moon Jul. 23, 2021

Horoscopes by Holiday

Maya Angelou said, "Every storm runs out of rain." We can look back on past "weather systems" and no... Read More

Leo Sun's Opening Night Jul. 22, 2021

Horoscopes by Holiday

We are in for a noble show. Venus and Jupiter open a velvet curtain across the sky to herald the dra... Read More

Teapot and the Milky Way Jul. 22, 2021


Week of July 25-31, 2021 Nothing in the heavens says "summer" to Northern Hemisphere sky watchers qu... Read More

Venus Change Heralds Solar Shift Jul. 21, 2021

Horoscopes by Holiday

Venus cools off in Virgo just as the sun is headed into fiery Leo, begging the question, "What does ... Read More

Luck and the Sagittarius Moon Jul. 20, 2021

Horoscopes by Holiday

When people pay attention, pay money, pay respect, it's usually one of two things — the very r... Read More

Cosmic Foursquare Jul. 19, 2021

Horoscopes by Holiday

It's one cosmic square after another, and the dilemmas keep coming. Should you aim for a quick profi... Read More

Leo Sun Week One Jul. 18, 2021

Horoscopes by Holiday, Weekly

The productivity guru suggests time is the only thing you can't get back. Not so! There's actually v... Read More

Truth Moon Jul. 18, 2021

Horoscopes by Holiday

The truth-seeking Scorpio moon urges soul-level accountability. Instead of blindly absorbing what's ... Read More

Pluto's Taffy Pull Jul. 17, 2021

Horoscopes by Holiday

The sun and Pluto opposition is nothing to get in the middle of, as they pull apart energy like taff... Read More

Libra Lunar Vibes: Balancing the Unknown Jul. 16, 2021

Horoscopes by Holiday

"Too much planning implies that you've got it all under control. That's boring, unrealistic and dang... Read More

Ocean Voyage of the Soul Jul. 15, 2021

Horoscopes by Holiday

The sun trine Neptune in water signs recalls an ocean voyage of the soul. Were you to reach your des... Read More

Vulnerability and the Virgo Moon Jul. 14, 2021

Horoscopes by Holiday

No matter how tight the mechanics may be, the machine can only work when there is a certain amount o... Read More