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Biden Shoots for the Stars With Astronomical Spending Proposals Jun. 03, 2021

Veronique de Rugy

Some emergencies require an increase in government spending, but that comes with an understanding th... Read More

Biden's Left Feint Apr. 30, 2021

Ted Rall

If you don't dig deep, Joe Biden appears to be governing as the most liberal president since Lyndon ... Read More

Is There Any Reason to Think This Time Will Be Different? Mar. 05, 2021

Michael Barone

When public policies have produced disastrous results, and when alternative policies have resulted i... Read More

Joe Biden Doesn't Need More Time. He Needs Progressives to Demand an Ambitious Agenda Mar. 05, 2021

Ted Rall

"Give Joe Biden time." "He just got there." "Trump left him a hell of a mess. It's unreasonable to e... Read More

It's Not a COVID Relief Bill. It's Christmas for Democrats. Feb. 26, 2021

David Harsanyi

Republicans should stop referring to the Democrats' newest ideological wish list as a COVID-19 "reli... Read More

'Me, Me, Me!': Our New Theme Song Aug. 11, 2020

William Murchison

Thank the good Lord for the pandemic. Well, sort of. Up to a point. The upside of any disaster is th... Read More

The Old Political Game Mar. 31, 2020

William Murchison

Politics being politics, and politicians being politicians, Americans have figured out how, along wi... Read More