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Responsibility and Tribalism Jul. 17, 2020

Erick Erickson

In February and early March, the experts on television, the Centers for Disease Control and Preventi... Read More

Brainy Reporters Play Dumb on 'Obamagate' May. 22, 2020

Tim Graham

BY TIM GRAHAM RELEASE: FRIDAY, MAY 22, 2020 Brainy Reporters Play Dumb on 'Obamagate' President D... Read More

A Walking, Talking, Tweeting State of Emergency Feb. 20, 2019

Jamie Stiehm

WASHINGTON — Presidents Day. No need to be glum if you stick with George Washington and Abraha... Read More

Trump's Clash With CNN Reporter Shows How Polarized America Has Become Nov. 11, 2018

Debra J. Saunders

President Donald Trump and CNN reporter Jim Acosta were made for each other. Both are masters at kic... Read More

If Sarah Sanders Were to Smack the Press Feb. 16, 2018

Tim Graham

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is constantly hammered by "Gotcha!" questions fro... Read More

Bannon Among the Soi-Disant Sophisticates Feb. 02, 2017

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.

WASHINGTON — Last week, President Donald Trump's recently appointed chief White House strategi... Read More

Daily Combat at the White House Jun. 04, 2014

Roger Simon

Mike McCurry still has recurring dreams. They are like the ones people have about showing up at a fi... Read More

Washington Is Hollywood for the Ugly Apr. 30, 2014

Roger Simon

Washington is Hollywood for ugly people. That line — or a variation thereof — was first ... Read More