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Watt's Up? Sep. 02, 2020

Everyday Cheapskate

Tonight, take a tour through your house with all the lights out. See all those digital clocks and gl... Read More

Kamala Harris Cannot Be Trusted With Power Aug. 14, 2020

Adriana Cohen

Buyer beware. That's the message that needs to be sent to voters now that Joe Biden has tapped Kamal... Read More

$5 Trillion Down the Drain Mar. 24, 2020

Stephen Moore

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone should read Robert Higgs' economic classic "Crisis... Read More

What If You Were to Own Your Own Power Company? Jan. 01, 2020

Jim Hightower

About 40 years ago, a right-wing codger named Eddie Chiles became a momentary political celebrity in... Read More

Lunar Power Trip Nov. 29, 2019

Horoscopes by Holiday

Capricorn is the station that represents power, its structures and rules, its benefits and perils. W... Read More

The Dangers of an Imperial Presidency Nov. 21, 2019

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

Throughout the House of Representatives' impeachment inquiry, President Donald Trump has been pushin... Read More

Trump's Coal Plan Puts Politics Ahead of Public Health and Planetary Survival Nov. 08, 2019

Daily Editorials

The Trump administration's move to relax regulations regarding disposal of coal ash and wastewater p... Read More

Pluto Turns Around Oct. 02, 2019

Horoscopes by Holiday

The five-month Pluto retrograde ends. This ruler of profound, life-changing and often mysterious pow... Read More

How the Quest for Power Corrupted Elizabeth Warren Sep. 04, 2019

Ben Shapiro

I first met Elizabeth Warren when she was a professor at Harvard Law School, in 2004. She was fresh ... Read More

Planets Augment Power Potentials Aug. 18, 2019

Horoscopes by Holiday, Weekly

There are types of power that can be siphoned like gas, passed around like a title or inherited like... Read More

Trump Says He'd Take Foreign Election Help. Where's the GOP's Outrage? Jun. 14, 2019

Daily Editorials

Even as America continues debating whether President Donald Trump encouraged foreign meddling in the... Read More

The Hypocrites on the Hill May. 15, 2019

Joe Conason

Donald Trump will never build the Great Wall he envisioned on this country's southern border, but hi... Read More

Critical Issues in Need of Address May. 08, 2019

Daily Editorials

President Trump comes to Northwest Florida with issues like disaster aid and trade deals hanging in ... Read More

Mueller Report Indicates Trump Obstructed Justice. The Obstruction Is Ongoing. Apr. 30, 2019

Daily Editorials

Contrary to the White House spin, the report by special counsel Robert Mueller doesn't exonerate Pre... Read More

Trump's Stonewalling on Releasing His Tax Returns Shows the Need to Require It Apr. 12, 2019

Daily Editorials

Millions of Americans will soon file their tax returns with the federal government, while the electe... Read More

Finally! At Last! Protection Against EMP! Apr. 09, 2019

Dick Morris

For years now, we have been warned that rogue states — particularly North Korea — could ... Read More

Two Years, Two Months of Trump: No Going Back Mar. 20, 2019

Jamie Stiehm

WASHINGTON — There's no going back after Donald Trump threatened the American people with mili... Read More

If You're Serious About Climate... Mar. 08, 2019

Mona Charen

Do you ever wonder why people run for office? I mean, unless you're a total cynic, you must assume t... Read More

A Monument to Presidential Power Feb. 15, 2019

Linda Chavez

Mitch McConnell seems to have found a way to allow President Donald Trump to eat his cake (Mar-a-Lag... Read More

A National Emergency Might Backfire on Trump Jan. 13, 2019

Steve Chapman

If you can't stop someone from doing something you dislike, you can always hope he or she will event... Read More