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Equality Versus Liberty Jan. 08, 2014

John Stossel

President Barack Obama says income inequality is "dangerous ... the defining challenge of our t... Read More

The War on Poverty at 50 Jan. 07, 2014

William Murchison

With the 50th anniversary of the war on poverty at hand, the New York Times undertook a guided tour ... Read More

Inequality -- Crisis or Scam Dec. 31, 2013

Patrick Buchanan

When President Richard Nixon arrived in Beijing in 1972, Chairman Mao Zedong — with his Marxis... Read More

Obama's Never Run a Lemonade Stand Dec. 06, 2013

Mona Charen

If President Barack Obama has entertained an economic insight that wasn't fashionable in 1933, I hav... Read More

Is Obamacare Down for Good? Dec. 02, 2013

Marc Dion

When I came home Wednesday, a couple hours after it got dark, I spent maybe 15 minutes shooing a cat... Read More

When Not Tying the Knot Is Not Good Mar. 20, 2013

Suzanne Fields

We pay outsize attention to women at the top, about whether they lean in or lean back, about whether... Read More

Are the "Less Fortunate" Less Fortunate? Mar. 25, 2012

Dennis Prager

In his front-page-of-the-business-section "Economic Scene" column in The New York Times la... Read More

With Poverty Rising, Don't Apply Wrong Solutions Nov. 06, 2011

Daily Editorials

Our hearts go out to the poor and everyone hurting from the recession. New census figures tell us 1 ... Read More

Numbers Games Nov. 06, 2011

Thomas Sowell

One of the things that has struck me, when I have gone on luxury cruise ships, is that most of the p... Read More

Is Income Really More Unequal? Nov. 01, 2011

Daily Editorials

A Congressional Budget Office study has claimed that between 1979 and 2007 after-tax income for rich... Read More

Two Different Worlds Sep. 01, 2011

Thomas Sowell

Ideological clashes over particular laws, policies and programs often go far deeper. Those with oppo... Read More