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Germinal Idea Mar. 11, 2020


In the United Kingdom, ethicists are debating whether to allow men to volunteer to posthumously dona... Read More

WHO Cares Mar. 05, 2020


The World Health Organization has issued a list of urgent global health challenges that must be addr... Read More

December 15, 2019 Dec. 15, 2019

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: I am a 14-year-old boy. I'm on the swim team, and I take tap dancing lessons. But when I... Read More

Off the Cuff Sep. 07, 2016


This may get a rise out of you, but not in a good way. Researchers report that more than 30 percent ... Read More

My Ring Bling Thing Jul. 23, 2014


As cellphones become ever more essential (are they really "mobile" if they're permanently attached t... Read More

Live Long and Squirm Jul. 02, 2014


Over countless lifetimes, humans have sought the secret of immortality — or at least how to li... Read More

There's No Quit Here Jun. 25, 2014


And now the latest burning (as in non-electronic) news about smoking: First, researchers at Penn Sta... Read More

Sociable Seniors Have Healthier Lungs Jun. 18, 2014


Maybe it's all of that talking, but Carnegie Mellon University scientists say seniors who engage in ... Read More

It Figures Jun. 11, 2014


People who tend to be cynical and distrustful may also be more likely to develop dementia, according... Read More

Heading to the Hospital May. 28, 2014


Visits to emergency rooms for traumatic brain injuries (TBI) rose nearly 30 percent from 2006 to 201... Read More

Fed Up, Bed Down May. 21, 2014


Americans are notoriously sleep-deprived. According to the National Health Interview Survey, nearly ... Read More

Clowning Around Is a Serious Postal Matter May. 15, 2014

Treasure Hunt

There's a word in the English language known as "coulrophobia." Symptoms of the condition can includ... Read More

Good Health for All May. 14, 2014


Whatever else can be said about the U.S. health system, this point is indisputable and indisputably ... Read More

Beyond Headaches May. 07, 2014


Mice (not to mention organisms like worms, flies and yeast) are imperfect models of the human condit... Read More

Giver of Tears Apr. 30, 2014


It seems sibling rivalries may begin before there are even siblings. In a newly published paper, Har... Read More

Reality Whites Apr. 23, 2014


For millions of weight-challenged Americans, the existence of "brown fat" offered a sort of warm and... Read More

Time to Get Up, Fattyhead Apr. 16, 2014


Sleeping in may feel great, but getting up early for a good dose of morning light — sun or art... Read More

The Skinny on BMI Apr. 09, 2014


When it comes to your health, you can be too fat or too skinny. Everyone knows that obesity is linke... Read More

Motor Music Mar. 26, 2014


You know how you'll hear a song and struggle to remember who sang it? Or worse yet, you're trying to... Read More

Food for Naught Mar. 12, 2014


Given the obesity epidemic in this country, the mantra "always clean your plate" probably isn't nece... Read More