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The Toddler Toddled Off; the Mom Ended Up in Handcuffs Sep. 24, 2020

Lenore Skenazy

Vanessa Peoples was at a family picnic in Aurora, Colorado, when her toddler wandered off. She notic... Read More

Pod Regulations to Stop Parents in their Tracks Sep. 17, 2020

Lenore Skenazy

Pennsylvania parents thinking of starting a learning pod for their children should prepare to jump t... Read More

September 15, 2020 Sep. 15, 2020

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: Last summer, our family spent all of our time helping my newly widowed mother-in-law fix... Read More

6 Top Tips for Buying Baby Shoes Sep. 15, 2020

Tips from the Mommy MD Guides

What I'm about to say might be comforting, humorous or both. One of the most challenging things for ... Read More

Stick With Love Sep. 13, 2020

Dear AnnieĀ®

Dear Annie: My boyfriend and I have been dating for about a year and a half. While maintaining separ... Read More

September 8, 2020 Sep. 08, 2020

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: I am the youngest of three girls and have always been the black sheep of the family. I h... Read More

5 Top Tips for Taking Day Trips Sep. 08, 2020

Tips from the Mommy MD Guides

According to a recent survey by a business how-to and news website called Manifest, 67% of Americans... Read More

Buying Into Community Sep. 06, 2020

My So-Called Millennial Life

The place I met my husband was a small, intimate sushi restaurant. On that first date, I had to guid... Read More

Can a Breastfeeding Mom Vote? Sep. 03, 2020

Susan Estrich

No. Can you believe it? This is California. If not here, where? If not now, when? This is just ridic... Read More

Halloween and Congress Sep. 03, 2020

Lenore Skenazy

On the one holiday of the year it's traditional to wear masks, Congress is nonetheless asking the Ce... Read More

Classic Ann Landers Aug. 30, 2020

Classic Ann Landers

Editor's Note: Hundreds of Ann Landers' loyal readers have requested that newspapers continue to pub... Read More

How to Reach These Kids Aug. 30, 2020

My So-Called Millennial Life

As a green card holder, my mother never voted. My father claimed that as a member of the military, h... Read More

It Should Not Be Standard Operating Procedure to Strip-Search Little Kids Aug. 27, 2020

Lenore Skenazy

Good news, parents: If you let your kids wait in the car for less than 10 minutes on a cool day R... Read More

The Last Straw Aug. 26, 2020

Dear AnnieĀ®

Dear Annie: I am 68 years old and have been married to my husband for 44 years, and we have two chil... Read More

3 Top Tips for Shots Aug. 25, 2020

Tips from the Mommy MD Guides

From the very beginning, my sons were so different. One of them was easygoing; when he had to get a ... Read More

Do You Want a Bureaucrat, Age 20, Judging Your Parenting? Aug. 20, 2020

Lenore Skenazy

A week ago, Tennessee's Department of Education announced it was going to start conducting monthly "... Read More

4 Top Tips to Foster Hand-Eye Coordination Aug. 18, 2020

Tips from the Mommy MD Guides

My sons are teenagers: 13, 14, 15 and 16. They are all big computer game fans, and we joke often the... Read More

The Year Just Flu By Aug. 12, 2020


Parents of kids under age 5 often schedule their child's annual checkup for around their birthday. T... Read More

5 Top Tips for Tackling Tantrums Aug. 11, 2020

Tips from the Mommy MD Guides

Three is the new two. People often talk about the "terrible twos," but in my experience, the threes ... Read More

Making a List and Checking It Twice Aug. 09, 2020

My So-Called Millennial Life

Of all the things I haven't expected in my life, I didn't expect that I'd need to retake second grad... Read More