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Koi Pond Fish Kill Jun. 12, 2019

A Greener View

I was gone for most of Memorial Day. When I got home, something strange was happening in my pond. Ma... Read More

Plums, Slugs and Tulips Jun. 05, 2019

A Greener View

Q: I have a plum tree with little holes in the leaves. This happened last summer and again this spri... Read More

Pruning Details May. 29, 2019

A Greener View

Q: In last week's article, you commented that one of the factors of plant deaths over the winter is ... Read More

Select Small-Sized, Easy-to-Handle Tools May. 16, 2019

Here's How

Dear James: I want to do some outdoor projects, such as adding a deck, a trellis, etc. Being petite,... Read More

Buying Fruit Trees May. 15, 2019

A Greener View

Q: I need to replace a pear tree. The first one was planted in the fall; last spring, it didn't bloo... Read More

Pesticide Breakdown May. 08, 2019

A Greener View

Q: I have several apple and pear trees that I have treated with the fungicide Captan for several yea... Read More

The Assault on the Pursuit of Happiness May. 03, 2019

C Force

International researchers, policymakers and public health practitioners, I am guessing, were happy f... Read More

Build Your Own Bridge Through the Garden Apr. 25, 2019

Here's How

Dear James: I am planning to sell my house, so I want to improve the landscaping. I think a small de... Read More

Glamping It Up Around Mesa, Arizona Apr. 06, 2019

Travel and Adventure

By Don Heimburger Many years ago, wanting to impress my new bride with my camping skills, I suggest... Read More

Many Attractive Do-It-Yourself Patio Materials Apr. 04, 2019

Here's How

Dear James: I have a deck in the backyard, but I would also like to build a patio on a level area ad... Read More

Are Low Prices Always a Good Thing? Sep. 27, 2018

Froma Harrop

If you like exploring the great outdoors, as I do, you probably enjoy shopping (or at least looking)... Read More

Weak Environmental Policies Cost Jobs Jun. 14, 2018

Froma Harrop

"The public will no doubt be surprised at the economic importance of this industry as (we measure) t... Read More

An Outdoor Room for Summer Jun. 28, 2017

Small Spaces

It's here! The Fourth of July and all the community celebrations signal the official start of one of... Read More

Camping With Kids Jun. 17, 2017

Katiedid Langrock

"You have these lofty fantasies, and you see them as tangibles when they're really just delusional."... Read More

Summer Rooms Apr. 26, 2017

Small Spaces

Nothing is as delicious as an outdoor room for summer! Of course, if you live in mosquito country, y... Read More

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes Sep. 28, 2016

Everyday Cheapskate

Mosquitoes are nasty creatures. They bite, transmit terrible diseases, and from what I've read have ... Read More

Create Your Own Private Space Jul. 27, 2016

Small Spaces

We are smack in the middle of summer, and everyone enjoys having some outdoor respite at the end of ... Read More

Window-Box Plants May. 04, 2016

A Greener View

Q: I want to give my mother a window box full of plants, but I can't seem to get plants to grow nice... Read More

How to Squirrel-Proof a Bird Feeder Apr. 12, 2016

Everyday Cheapskate

I was recently shopping for a bird feeder for a dear friend. I learned quickly that squirrels are nu... Read More

Exercising Your Moment of Awe May. 22, 2015

C Force

As I noted last week, I believe that the key to the future in an aging society is found in not only ... Read More