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Pluto Challenges Perspective Oct. 01, 2019

Horoscopes by Holiday

When it's personal, we can't see it. This square of Venus and Pluto has us losing perspective of our... Read More

Reworking the Language of Women Jun. 13, 2019

Connie Schultz

Earlier today, I was talking to a friend I've known for more than two decades when, twice, she prefa... Read More

Confess Immediately Apr. 18, 2019

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: A few weeks ago, my best friend invited me and three other girls to a slumber party at ... Read More

It's About Time the United States Embraced My Immigration Plan Jan. 11, 2019

David Harsanyi

Judging from my Twitter feed, I'm some sort of nativist hatemonger for believing that borders should... Read More

Whitaker's Allowed to Have an Opinion Nov. 09, 2018

Adriana Cohen

Now that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is out at the Department of Justice and President Donald Tru... Read More

This Isn't the Most Important Election of Your Lifetime. Not Even Close Oct. 26, 2018

David Harsanyi

If you believe that a midterm election in a time of relative peace and economic prosperity is the mo... Read More

Politics as (Un)usual May. 19, 2018

Mark Shields

In Marine Corps jargon, a "duty station" is the military base or camp where a Marine is assigned to ... Read More

Me and Cigars May. 14, 2018

Marc Dion

I like a cigar every so often. I smoke Te-Amo cigars, a relatively cheap Mexican brand that the ciga... Read More

The Beauty of Gray Aug. 15, 2017

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: I have a gray problem — and not with my hair. I am surrounded by black-and-white-m... Read More

Dealing With a Polarized Political Climate Apr. 04, 2017

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: I need a pep talk, and I imagine millions of others do, too. I am an informed and involv... Read More

The Tyranny of the Broadway Bullies Nov. 23, 2016

Terence Jeffrey

Even though it was in midtown Manhattan and even though the people there had to pay hundreds of doll... Read More

Should Opposites Attract? Oct. 04, 2016

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: I am a soon-to-be divorced man who has suffered a great deal of pain after the collapse ... Read More

Work and Politics Don't Mix Sep. 03, 2016

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: My daughter is a college student with a part-time job. She loves her job and most of the... Read More

Look On The Always Right Side Aug. 16, 2016

The Science Advice Goddess

I'm a Harvard-educated man in my late 30s. I've had many ugly arguments with girlfriends, probably ... Read More

A Resurgence of Intolerance Dec. 01, 2015

Thomas Sowell

Storm trooper tactics by bands of college students making ideological demands across the country, an... Read More

Liberals Are Done Debating Sep. 25, 2015

David Harsanyi

Not always. Not everyone. But enough. This week, for example, while thinking about the pope's take o... Read More

How to Survive Your Holiday Dec. 24, 2014

Connie Schultz

Holidays would be so much easier if they took place around a photo wall of all of us when we were yo... Read More

Opinions Versus Facts Dec. 02, 2014

Thomas Sowell

Everyone seems to have an opinion about the tragic events in Ferguson, Missouri. But, as Daniel Patr... Read More

Health Reform or Musical Chairs? Jan. 30, 2014

Debra J. Saunders

President Barack Obama delivered a good State of the Union address Tuesday night, but he couldn't ge... Read More

I'm Not Trying to Change Your Mind Jan. 28, 2014

Alison Rosen

Over the last couple weeks, I wrote about my New Year's resolutions to be more punctual and better w... Read More