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Living Wage Is as Wrongheaded as the Minimum Wage Jan. 12, 2017

Larry Elder

What future will America have when so many of her citizens lack the ability to engage in critical th... Read More

The Obamacare Repeal Game Is a Disgrace Jan. 10, 2017

Froma Harrop

The Republican majority in Congress has voted to kill the Affordable Care Act dozens of times. It's ... Read More

Government by Faculty Lounge Subject to Repeal Jan. 06, 2017

Michael Barone

President Barack Obama went up to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to counsel congressional Democrats on ho... Read More

Petty Partisanship From an Exiting Obama Jan. 06, 2017

David Limbaugh

I don't know about you, but I feel a strong sense of optimism in the air. However, neither President... Read More

Obama Made America Cool Again: Lifted More Minds Than Hearts Jan. 06, 2017

Jamie Stiehm

WASHINGTON — The euphoria explosion at Barack Obama's inauguration eight years ago flew in wit... Read More

The Man Without a Mandate Jan. 06, 2017

Susan Estrich

It's hard to patch together a mandate out of an election that most pollsters believe could have been... Read More

The Titanic Has Set Sail Jan. 05, 2017

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

Over the New Year's weekend, President Barack Obama's chief policy adviser and closest strategist, V... Read More

The Risks of Repealing Obamacare Jan. 05, 2017

Steve Chapman

Much of politics is not about solving problems. It's about decrying problems while blaming your oppo... Read More

'Repeal and Replace' Obamacare -- With the Free Market Jan. 05, 2017

Larry Elder

One of President-elect Donald Trump's major campaign promises is to "repeal and replace" Obamacare. ... Read More

How to Repeal Obamacare Jan. 04, 2017

Dick Morris

A recent USA Today column by Heather Higgins and Phil Kerpen explains how to get rid of this obnoxio... Read More

New Year's Resolution Wish List Dec. 29, 2016

Veronique de Rugy

The new year is a time to make resolutions to improve your life over the next 12 months. This time a... Read More

Obama Crowns Himself to a Third Term Dec. 29, 2016

Larry Elder

Still shell-shocked from his party's Nov. 8 beating, President Barack Obama said, "I'm confident tha... Read More

The Myth of Pre-Existing Conditions Dec. 28, 2016

Betsy McCaughey

Democrats are warning that once Obamacare is repealed, people with serious illnesses won't get healt... Read More

Here We Are, on the Brink of What Comes Next Dec. 28, 2016

Connie Schultz

For 45 minutes on Christmas Eve, I watched love, in all of its diversity, play out in front of me. T... Read More

Blue-State Americans Can Keep Their Health Coverage Dec. 22, 2016

Froma Harrop

My liberal sister, a hospital worker, staunchly supports Obamacare on moral grounds. Marsha believes... Read More

Life and Death Choice Dec. 22, 2016

Betsy McCaughey

Going to a hospital is taking your life in your hands. New research shows patients treated at the wo... Read More

Whither Health? Dec. 21, 2016


With the new year and looming Trump administration, health experts will soon find out the fate of Ob... Read More

Trump Blows Off the Working Class Dec. 15, 2016

Froma Harrop

A friend of mine, an expert car mechanic, once told me of losing $30,000 in a commodity deal. It was... Read More

Where Are We? Dec. 13, 2016

Thomas Sowell

We are now in a kind of political no-man's-land between an administration on its way out and a new a... Read More

Let Republicans Fix What They Break Dec. 13, 2016

Froma Harrop

What if Republicans abruptly repealed Obamacare, chaos ensued and Democrats sat on their hands and w... Read More