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The News That Biden Voters Didn't Know Nov. 25, 2020

Tim Graham

Journalists have strongly slanted the "news" during the Trump era in order to destroy Donald Trump's... Read More

Richard Jewell and Badly Flawed News Dec. 11, 2019

Tim Graham

Over the last few years, journalists have responded to accusations of "fake news" with arrogant proc... Read More

Bloomberg Destroys Journalism Norms Nov. 27, 2019

Tim Graham

Billionaire "news" media mogul Michael Bloomberg is running for president. How will his Bloomberg Ne... Read More

'News' Shows Try to Beat Trump Senseless Nov. 13, 2019

Tim Graham

As the Democrats gear up for their impeachment hearings and the networks all prepare to preempt thei... Read More

Twitter Tilts 2020 With an Ad Ban Nov. 06, 2019

Tim Graham

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has announced that his platform will no longer accept political advertising.... Read More

No Truth in Washington Post Advertising Oct. 18, 2019

Tim Graham

One of the most interesting parts of the CNN Democratic debate this week had nothing to do with the ... Read More

Abortion Horrors Buried By the Press Sep. 25, 2019

Tim Graham

The grotesque nature of abortion and the industry that profits from it is routinely hidden by the na... Read More

At Harvard, Thoughtcrime on Crack Jun. 28, 2019

Ted Rall

Eventually, tech theorist Clay Shirky has argued, so many people will have nude photos on the intern... Read More

The Media's Speeding Ticket on Tagging Trump With Rape Jun. 26, 2019

Tim Graham

BY L. BRENT BOZELL III AND TIM GRAHAM RELEASE: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26, 2019 The Media's Speeding Ticke... Read More

Sarah Wins the Prize Jun. 20, 2019

Dick Morris

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has won the all-time prize for surviving, prospering and flourishing in Washi... Read More

A Farewell to My Readers May. 31, 2019

Linda Chavez

In 1987, I wrote my first weekly column, carried at the time by only two newspapers. Today, I write ... Read More

Media Gloats About Censoring Opinions of 37% of Americans May. 31, 2019

Ted Rall

Thirty-seven percent of American citizens are socialist or communist. That's far more people than vo... Read More

Immigration: Crisis or Not, It is a Problem Mar. 16, 2019

Diane Dimond

So, what is the reality of immigration into the United States? Is it the "humanitarian crisis at the... Read More

How Is Abortion After Birth Not News? Feb. 27, 2019

Tim Graham

In the wake of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's radio interview where he made bizarre remarks about ext... Read More

While National Media Carried Water for Jussie Smollett, Local Media Did It Right Feb. 26, 2019

Salena Zito

CHICAGO — The first thing that caused newsman Rafer Weigel to blink when reading the TMZ repor... Read More

The Shutdown and the Border Openers Feb. 06, 2019

Tim Graham

The government shutdown ended — at least temporarily — so the two sides could negotiate ... Read More

The 'Racist Ad' and News Judgment Nov. 07, 2018

Tim Graham

During the last weekend before the 2018 midterms, the media decided an ad by President Trump was "ra... Read More

Elites Are the Ones Who Are Dividing America Oct. 09, 2018

Salena Zito

McCONNELLS MILL, Pa. — Darcelle Slappy says Democrats and Republicans who live in places like ... Read More

The New York Times Best-Seller List: Another Reason Americans Don't Trust the Media Apr. 17, 2018

Dennis Prager

About half the American people do not believe the mainstream media tell the truth. They believe the ... Read More

The Year of Media Freakouts Dec. 27, 2017

Tim Graham

The year 2017 unfolded into a massive surprise to liberals, who fully expected that before Christmas... Read More