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The Media Is Giving Hillary Clinton a Free Pass Sep. 09, 2016

David Harsanyi

Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was finally asked a tough question during NBC's commander-in-ch... Read More

The Late-Night Pulpit for Banning Guns Jun. 17, 2016

Tim Graham

BY L. BRENT BOZELL III AND TIM GRAHAM FOR RELEASE: FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2016 The Late-Night Pulpit for ... Read More

Stephanopoulos: Still An Open Ethical Wound Apr. 06, 2016

Tim Graham

Less than a year ago, ABC's George Stephanopoulos admitted that he had made $75,000 of undisclosed c... Read More

Ratings Trump Respect and Dignity at NBC Nov. 22, 2015

Debra J. Saunders

Donald Trump is like a contagion who infects everyone around him. Once you've kissed, you can never ... Read More

What John Walsh Plagiarism Fiasco? Aug. 13, 2014

Tim Graham

This year's Senate races are the Democrats' to lose in the sense that the GOP is doing nothing to ea... Read More

Team Obama Exposes a CIA Station Chief May. 28, 2014

Tim Graham

When George W. Bush was president, a week didn't go by when the press wasn't dismissing his intellig... Read More

Whistling Past the Bad Polls May. 07, 2014

Tim Graham

In March 2006, CBS News announced that President George W. Bush had stumbled into a "record low" app... Read More

NBC's Cognitive Dissonant Hack Syndrome Apr. 23, 2014

Michelle Malkin

I've always thought entrenched left-wing journalists in Washington needed their heads examined. Much... Read More

Jimmy Fallon, Democrat Political Asset Feb. 21, 2014

Tim Graham

The Obamas have had few more obsequious media allies than NBC's Jimmy Fallon. Now that he's taking o... Read More

A Public Lesson in Personal Humility Feb. 15, 2014

Mark Shields

It probably would be fair to say that in early 1981 I was more than a little self-satisfied. Having ... Read More

Unaccountable Hillary Clinton Jan. 24, 2014

Tim Graham

CNN anchor Jake Tapper blandly admitted the obvious in a radio interview with conservative host Hugh... Read More

Soap Opera Gossip Jan. 04, 2014

Lynda Hirsch on Television

Jeff Zucker, her mentor at ABC, decided Couric would be a hit if she had her own talk show. The show... Read More

Soap Opera Summary Dec. 21, 2013

Lynda Hirsch on Television

Several people in daytime have felt the blows of the ax this week. Michael Muhney, who has played A... Read More

Avoiding Dr. Kermit Gosnell Jan. 25, 2011

Tim Graham

Once again, the "news" media yawned as tens of thousands of Americans clogged the streets ... Read More

Who Is James Eric Fuller? Jan. 18, 2011

Tim Graham

OK, so conservatives have to be accused of fostering hatred with our alleged vitriol, the kind of vi... Read More

Brian Williams: from Musketeer to Mouseketeer Aug. 31, 2010

Tim Graham

The fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina recalls a horror show on two levels. There's the actual d... Read More