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To Deter China, India Joins the 'Nuclear Triad' Club Nov. 14, 2018

Austin Bay

On Nov. 5, India announced that its first domestically made nuclear powered submarine, the INS Ariha... Read More

Turkey Should Nix Russian S-400 Missiles Jul. 18, 2018

Austin Bay

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's authoritarian behavior has further stressed Turkey's alread... Read More

Don't Repeat Hawaii's Mistake Jan. 19, 2018

Daily Editorials

"This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. This is only a test." If you grew up in the Cold ... Read More

Reining in the Rogue Royal of Arabia Nov. 14, 2017

Patrick Buchanan

If the crown prince of Saudi Arabia has in mind a war with Iran, President Trump should disabuse his... Read More

The President Is Allowed to Change His Mind Apr. 13, 2017

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.

WASHINGTON — It looks like former President Obama's national security adviser Susan Rice will ... Read More

MH17 and the Ukraine Blame Game Jul. 24, 2014

Timothy Spangler

In the days after the tragic loss of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, global indignation has ignited aga... Read More

A Hell of a World Jul. 23, 2014

Roger Simon

"If you're going through hell," Winston Churchill once said, "keep going." Last week felt like hell.... Read More

The Curious Case of North Korea Jul. 03, 2014

Timothy Spangler

It is important to not underestimate the oddness of North Korea. Last week, with important diplomati... Read More