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TV Doctors Jan. 06, 2021


The pandemic has introduced TV viewers to a host of new "experts," but relatively few are actually m... Read More

Stroke 101: Part 2 Dec. 18, 2020

Positive Aging

Last week, I shared with you the important warning signs and implications of a stroke. Today I'm giv... Read More

Stroke 101: Part 1 Dec. 11, 2020

Positive Aging

I never run out of ideas for my column because the topic of positive aging covers so many aspects of... Read More

Polyp Goes the Squeezle Nov. 25, 2020


New research suggests 1 in 8 people who undergo an elective colonoscopy (hey, is it ever really elec... Read More

Prescriptions Aren't Making Patients Safer Nov. 21, 2020

Corey Friedman

Illnesses are ignored, and chronic conditions go untreated as the coronavirus crisis conspires to ke... Read More

Joe Biden Will Be a Republican President Oct. 03, 2020

Ted Rall

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns, but there are few more reliable ways to predict ... Read More

Hospitalized During COVID Jul. 23, 2020

Susan Estrich

I was due to have a mammogram. I skipped it. I was due for a follow-up chest MRI. I skipped that. As... Read More

After Care, Women Take Care Jun. 17, 2020


Women tend to live longer than men after a major illness, and the reason may be differences in how t... Read More

Nurses Offer a Hand to Hold May. 17, 2020

Dear AnnieĀ®

Dear Annie: We hear so many accounts of sick relatives dying alone in the hospital and family member... Read More

Where Is Everyone Going? Apr. 30, 2020

Susan Estrich

I live in Los Angeles County, where new coronavirus cases are showing up as fast as anywhere in the ... Read More

March 17, 2020 Mar. 17, 2020

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: For four years, I have been trying to leave an abusive marriage. I've been working with ... Read More

What a Sane Government Would Do Mar. 05, 2020

Joe Conason

As the new coronavirus casts a frightening shadow across the nation and the world, it is glaringly o... Read More

In a Flash Sep. 19, 2019

Susan Estrich

There you are. There I am. Complaining. Deadlines and obligations. Bills and budgets. The empty nest... Read More

Drug Price Gouging: An American Story Jul. 16, 2019

Froma Harrop

To be American is a wonderful thing most of the time. There are moments, however, when it is downrig... Read More

Keeping Cool Jul. 08, 2019

Dear Doug

Q: After decades of slogging through cold winters, I am now retired in sunny Arizona. Even if I've b... Read More

Caregiver Survival Guide Jul. 05, 2019

Positive Aging

Full disclosure: Even though I've been obsessed with health issues my entire life, I've never been i... Read More

Stroke 101: Part 1 May. 17, 2019

Positive Aging


Alfie and Haleigh and Charlie and Jahi Apr. 25, 2018

Michelle Malkin

When British hospital officials tried to pull the plug on 23-month-old toddler Alfie Evans on Monday... Read More

Reluctantly Invited to Daughter's Wedding Dec. 24, 2015

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: My husband and I adopted our daughter from foster care when she was 12. We were told by ... Read More

Public Unions Share the Blame For VA Deaths May. 28, 2014

Betsy McCaughey

Encouraging vets on Medicare to use civilian care instead of Veterans Affairs' could cut the patient... Read More