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Need More To Mask Up and Germaphobes To Calm Down Nov. 06, 2020

C Force

As we enter the cold and flu season, it seems to me that there are some residual benefits from conti... Read More

'I Just Wanted to Let You Know' Oct. 29, 2020

Connie Schultz

I first heard from my old high school friend in an email in October 2011. Subject line: "Ashtabula H... Read More

Trump's Self-Serving Spate of Political Rallies Could Cost Lives Oct. 14, 2020

Daily Editorials

In a normal political world, a president who deliberately endangers thousands of his own supporters ... Read More

A Halloween Spooked by a Virus Oct. 08, 2020

Lenore Skenazy

Boo? Yes. Boo-hoo? Maybe not. This Halloween is going to be weird, indubitably. But that's just maki... Read More

The White House Under a Black Sky Oct. 01, 2020

Joe Conason

After months of unscientific experimentation, the president of the United States has completed his t... Read More

Short Takes on Coast-To-Coast Stupid Human Tricks Sep. 14, 2020

Daily Editorials

'Are These People That Stupid?' Folks in Jefferson County appear to be vying for the gold medal in p... Read More

Halloween and Congress Sep. 03, 2020

Lenore Skenazy

On the one holiday of the year it's traditional to wear masks, Congress is nonetheless asking the Ce... Read More

Unmasking Our Social Contracts Jul. 26, 2020

My So-Called Millennial Life

I'll admit it; I had been holding out on wearing a mask in one situation — walking around my n... Read More

This Fall, Let's Get the Kids Back in School Jul. 09, 2020

Daily Editorials

The American Academy of Pediatrics has released a needed opinion that is strongly in favor of gettin... Read More

Virus Deaths Aren't Rising With Infections. Mask Up to Keep It That Way. Jul. 06, 2020

Daily Editorials

There's a silver lining in the national spike of coronavirus infections, but it may be a temporary o... Read More

Pence Unmasked: Before the Fall May. 13, 2020

Jamie Stiehm

WASHINGTON — The vice president's refusal to wear a mask in the Mayo Clinic began a big reveal... Read More

Is Your Daughter, Husband, Grandparent Worth Sacrificing for a Hasty Reopening? May. 08, 2020

Daily Editorials

Nationwide coronavirus deaths are now forecast to reach roughly double their current daily number, a... Read More

A Different Love Language Apr. 24, 2020

Dear AnnieĀ®

Dear Annie: I am a widow. I have three adult children, two daughters and one son. I am fortunate tha... Read More

Coronavirus Risks Reward Some Mar. 06, 2020

C Force

Something appears to be outpacing the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19, commonly known as th... Read More