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Freedom of Association Is Great ... for Liberals Jan. 06, 2017

Tim Graham

The secular-left website Slate recently warned on Twitter that "'Religious Freedom' legislation will... Read More

Cultural Winners and Losers of 2016 Dec. 30, 2016

Tim Graham

Populism took the elites by surprise in 2016, so a review of this year's cultural winners and losers... Read More

Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore Dec. 16, 2016

Tim Graham

Conservative Twitter wit Stephen Miller unleashed his latest "President Ash Carter" joke recently wi... Read More

On Men Viewing Women as Sex Objects Dec. 13, 2016

Dennis Prager

My last column was titled "Is Donald Trump a Misogynist?" After reading reactions throughout the int... Read More

Check Your Soul at 'The Daily Show' Dec. 02, 2016

Tim Graham

Liberals in the press have spent weeks trashing "fake news" purveyors — which is to say, those... Read More

'60 Minutes' Grills the New President Nov. 16, 2016

Tim Graham

Donald Trump is a persistent critic of the media and is attacked for not granting them enough access... Read More

Media Bias Is One Thing; Its Complicity Is Another Oct. 28, 2016

David Limbaugh

We keep reading that if Donald Trump's personal issues weren't sucking up all the media oxygen, his ... Read More

YouTube vs. Conservative Speech Oct. 25, 2016

Dennis Prager

Last week, The Wall Street Journal wrote an editorial about YouTube restricting access to 16 videos ... Read More

Time for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Retire Oct. 22, 2016

Diane Dimond

U.S. Supreme Court justices are appointed to the highest court in the land for life. But I believe i... Read More

The New York Times Savaging Its Enemies Oct. 05, 2016

Tim Graham

On Oct. 2, The New York Times published an admittedly "fragmentary" front-page story about Donald Tr... Read More

Draining the Poison Sep. 29, 2016

Laura Hollis

I was at O'Hare Airport a few nights ago, waiting to pick up family members returning from out of to... Read More

Time Cheers Comedians 'Ditching Balance' Sep. 23, 2016

Tim Graham

The Sept. 26 issue of Time magazine cover featured the heads of comedians Stephen Colbert, Samantha ... Read More

Moderators: Are They Referees or Fighters? Sep. 21, 2016

Tim Graham

The latest Gallup poll confirms that the level of trust in the media has reached another new low. Th... Read More

After Reagan Comes Trump? Sep. 15, 2016

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.

WASHINGTON — Norman Podhoretz, the former longtime editor of Commentary Magazine, is no longer... Read More

On Hillary Clinton as a Model for Young Girls Aug. 30, 2016

Dennis Prager

One of the most oft-heard claims made by supporters of Hillary Clinton is what a positive role model... Read More

Is Comedy Central Racist? Aug. 26, 2016

Tim Graham


Hillary's Corruption Is Overwhelming Aug. 24, 2016

Ben Shapiro

After over two decades in the heart of America's spotlight, Hillary Clinton is still an unknown quan... Read More

Hillary Clinton's Cakewalk With the Press Aug. 24, 2016

Tim Graham

The media coverage of the presidential race is so tilted to the Democrats that even liberal analysts... Read More

The Melancholy Summer of '16 Aug. 19, 2016

Suzanne Fields

The crickets, whose melancholy chirping is always the knell of the sunniest season, sound particular... Read More

The New York Times and the Left Have Blood on Their Hands Jul. 12, 2016

Dennis Prager

It was very appropriate that on Friday, the day after the massacre of five Dallas police officers, T... Read More