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Why No Sale Apr. 21, 2019

House Calls

Dear Ms. Lank: Hope you can help us. We have been trying to sell our house for three months now R... Read More

South Africa Question Sep. 05, 2018

Walter E. Williams

South Africa has been thrown into the news because of President Donald Trump's recent tweet that he ... Read More

Worried About Transfer on Death Feb. 19, 2017

House Calls

Dear Edith: When my parents died, my brother and I inherited their house. I live in it now. I'm 70 y... Read More

The Panderer in Chief and the 'War on the American Farmer' Nov. 03, 2016

Veronique de Rugy

Auditioning for the title of panderer in chief during this election cycle are two potential masters.... Read More

Investing in Land May. 08, 2016

House Calls

Dear Ms. Lank: My wife and I have thought for some time about becoming real-estate investors. Do you... Read More

A Little Piece of Land Mar. 09, 2016

Taking Stock

Dear Mr. Berko: My dad died several years ago, and I found 72 individual share certificates for a la... Read More

Conservatives Taking Hunters for Granted Oct. 27, 2015

Froma Harrop

The Durfee Hills contain some of the finest elk hunting grounds in Montana. Some 2,700 acres of this... Read More

The Odd Politics of Fighting Wildfires Aug. 27, 2015

Froma Harrop

As wildfires plague much of the American West, one must ask, Who is paying to put them out? The answ... Read More

An Eye for an Eye Leaves the World Blind Aug. 06, 2014

Roger Simon

Rafi Horowitz pulled the car to the side of the road, reached across me, opened the glove compartmen... Read More


Jun. 15, 2014

Pope Francis Makes Symbolic Gesture to Holy Land Christians May. 29, 2014

Ray Hanania

The visit of Pope Francis to the birthplace of Christianity sparked more of a political debate than ... Read More

Liberate the West Apr. 23, 2014

Betsy McCaughey

Senators and governors from nine western states held a first-ever summit on Friday, April 18, in Sal... Read More

What Occupy Wall Street Gets Wrong Nov. 05, 2011

Steve Chapman

If you want to know what motivates the people involved in Occupy Wall Street, you can get a good ide... Read More

November 3 Contract with America, Part 2 Nov. 30, 2010

Larry Elder

President Obama's fiscal commission supposedly offers an "aggressive prescription" to redu... Read More