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Hillary's Headhunter: Sleazeball Ken Salazar Aug. 17, 2016

Michelle Malkin

The Loathsome Cowboy rides again. Ken Salazar, President Obama's disgraced ex-interior secretary and... Read More

Liberal Plutocrats and Their Personal Campaigns Feb. 20, 2014

Debra J. Saunders

Let the reader beware. At a recent confab at a billionaire's ranch, an elite gathering of business t... Read More

Obama at Wheel of Father's Oldsmobile Mar. 14, 2011

Debra J. Saunders

At Friday's news conference, President Obama tried to connect with the common man coping with rising... Read More

Don't Save Us from Oil Wells, Mr. Obama Jul. 15, 2010

Daily Editorials

Please, Mr. President, don't take drastic measures to save us from oil wells. Valuable human endeavo... Read More

Ken Salazar Needs Another Behind-Kicking Jul. 15, 2010

Michelle Malkin

When President Obama picked former Democratic Sen. Ken Salazar as his Interior Secretary last year, ... Read More