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Keep Your Eyes on the Race: Carly Fiorina's Prepared to Fight Sep. 20, 2015

Debra J. Saunders

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. — Who is this Carly Fiorina? In the press filing center at the CNN Republi... Read More

The Importance of the 'Like' Factor Jul. 25, 2015

Mark Shields

Bill Cohen, the former three-term Republican U.S. senator from Maine who served as secretary of defe... Read More

McCain Deserves Fame? Trump a Chump? Jul. 22, 2015

Roger Simon

I come not to bury Donald Trump but to praise him. He hath told you that John McCain is a dummy and ... Read More

Don't Be Fooled by the Media; This Isn't About Trump Jul. 21, 2015

David Limbaugh

Is anyone concerned that the media have succeeded in using a flap between Donald Trump and John McCa... Read More

Will the GOP Kick It Away? Mar. 17, 2015

Patrick Buchanan

With Hillary Clinton scrambling to explain her missing emails, much of America is wailing, "Please d... Read More

Je Suis Brian Williams! Feb. 10, 2015

Roger Simon

Ask Dr. Politics! You are fair, and we are unbalanced: Dear Dr. Politics: I say NBC News anchor Bria... Read More

Consider the Source Dec. 13, 2014

Mark Shields

On election night in 1986, when John McCain won the U.S. Senate seat in Arizona long held by Republi... Read More

Republican Reaction to Obama Speech Reveals Much -- About Them Sep. 12, 2014

Joe Conason

Minutes after President Barack Obama concluded his strong and sensible address explaining how he int... Read More

Their War, Not Ours Jun. 17, 2014

Patrick Buchanan

As the Islamic warriors of ISIS rolled down the road from Mosul, John McCain was an echo of French P... Read More

The Hero and the Bad Guys Jun. 06, 2014

Susan Estrich

On Saturday, Bowe Bergdahl was a hero, and the five members of the Taliban being freed in exchange f... Read More

Our Irrelevance in Ukraine Mar. 06, 2014

Steve Chapman

The Russian invasion of Crimea occurred in a place little known to Americans, for reasons rooted in ... Read More

OK to Feel Sorry Jan. 22, 2014

Walter E. Williams

At one time in our nation's history, blacks feeling sorry for whites was verboten. That was portraye... Read More

2014 Resolutions and Predictions Dec. 28, 2013

Mark Shields

As the first (and maybe still the only) individual with a press pass to have boldly predicted that a... Read More

Obama Needs Legacy; GOP Needs Votes Nov. 13, 2013

Roger Simon

In fact, even if you don't like your president, you're going to keep him. He's not like health insur... Read More

Still Dodging Our Harsh Budget Reality Nov. 02, 2011

Steve Chapman

For the next 12 months, Americans will be in suspense waiting to find out who will win the president... Read More

Feingold Versus Johnson Oct. 11, 2010

Thomas Sowell

One of a surprising number of old, well-established politicians being challenged in this year's elec... Read More

A Little Slack for John McCain Aug. 27, 2010

Mark Shields

Let's be blunt: John McCain's winning campaign over former GOP Rep. J.D. Hayworth in the recent Ariz... Read More

The Price of Victory Aug. 26, 2010

Linda Chavez

Sen. John McCain won the Arizona Republican primary against former congressman J.D. Hayworth this we... Read More

Palin Looks Prescient in Primaries Aug. 26, 2010

Daily Editorials

Weak tea was served up Tuesday in elections across the country. Small-government, anti-incumbent tea... Read More