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A 'Change Election'? Just the Opposite Nov. 24, 2016

Steve Chapman

Was this a "change election"? Donald Trump's victory is widely attributed to the public's thirst for... Read More

Trump's Infrastructure Illusions Nov. 17, 2016

Steve Chapman

"We've got shovel-ready projects all across the country. And governors and mayors are pleading to fu... Read More

Let's Help President-elect Trump Fix Immigration the Right Way Nov. 11, 2016

Linda Chavez

Immigration was clearly the issue that galvanized many of Donald Trump's supporters. But if he is to... Read More

A Political 9/11 Changes Our World Nov. 10, 2016

Froma Harrop

Like the 2001 terrorist attacks, the Donald Trump upset win threatens Americans' sense of safety and... Read More

The Forgotten Man Nov. 10, 2016

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

The forgotten man decided the presidential election. Donald Trump persuaded the forgotten man to rep... Read More

Discrimination and Segregation Oct. 05, 2016

Walter E. Williams

I was invited, along with several other American professors, to deliver lectures at South Africa's U... Read More

Aborting the Trump Revolution Oct. 04, 2016

Patrick Buchanan

In taking that $915 million loss in 1995, and carrying it forward to shelter future income, Donald T... Read More

Hillary's Red Army March of Tax-Hike Destruction Oct. 01, 2016

Lawrence Kudlow

You've got to hand it to Team Hillary Clinton. Its message discipline is awesome — at least in... Read More

Juggling Parenting and Careers Sep. 20, 2016

Dear AnnieĀ®

Dear Annie: My wife and I have been married for 10 years and have two children, ages 5 and 3. My wif... Read More

Trump's Economic Fraud Sep. 18, 2016

Steve Chapman

A big part of Donald Trump's appeal is the unsatisfactory performance of the U.S. economy and the pr... Read More

Naughty Language and Choosing a Career Path Sep. 09, 2016

The Family Coach

Dear Family Coach: I recently overheard my 13-year-old daughter and her friends talking, and they we... Read More

Waking Up From Minimum Wage Fairy Tales Sep. 07, 2016

Star Parker

The minimum wage persists as a fixture in public policy discussions because the idea remains popular... Read More

A Blue-Collar Affair Aug. 17, 2016

Dear AnnieĀ®

Dear Annie: Two of my friends recently got married out in the countryside. Although the three-day we... Read More

Hillary's Headhunter: Sleazeball Ken Salazar Aug. 17, 2016

Michelle Malkin

The Loathsome Cowboy rides again. Ken Salazar, President Obama's disgraced ex-interior secretary and... Read More

Hillary Would Give Us a Disastrous Third Obama Term Aug. 12, 2016

David Limbaugh

When it comes to unity, the Democrats talk a good game — but in the end they promote disunity ... Read More

No, Barack Obama Isn't a Feminist -- He's a Self-Aggrandizing Tool Aug. 10, 2016

Ben Shapiro

This week, President Obama penned a ridiculous piece in Glamour magazine. It dripped with self-regar... Read More

In Manufacturing, Americans Are Back in Action Jul. 07, 2016

Froma Harrop

Reports of NASA's Juno spacecraft's entering the orbit around Jupiter lit a sparkler in this America... Read More

Thinking Beyond Stage One Jul. 06, 2016

Walter E. Williams

A recent ruling by the U.S. Department of Commerce dramatically increased tariffs on some Chinese st... Read More

Summer Jobs and Playing With the Big Kids Jul. 02, 2016

The Family Coach

Dear Family Coach: My wife and I are trying to instill a sense of financial responsibility in our ch... Read More

On Trade, Trump Is an Encyclopedia of Error Jun. 30, 2016

Steve Chapman

Donald Trump is not a professor, but for years he will be yielding insights to every student of econ... Read More